[Random] Still looking for a good novel _(;3/

Hey y’all~

Just wanna drop by and let you guys know that Banana is still alive lol XD

It’s just Banana has read at least 150 novels by now and couldn’t find a nice one to translate. Feel free to suggest novels with below genre and who knows, maybe Banana likes it and we can get it translated XD But Banana would have to finish the novel first before starting the translation yo.

Looking for genre/category (BL):
– Interstellar
– Infinite style/Unlimited Flow
– Horror with romance


[Random] A casual NP project

If anyone doesn’t know about it, Banana is translating a casual NP novel for the thirsty ones out there σ(≧ε≦o)

It’s actually a 4P btw. If you don’t mind seeing the top being the bottom (sometimes) and the bottom being the top (sometimes), please by all means, take a look~ :3

It will be in my Wattpad here – 前炮友的男朋友是我男朋友的前炮友 / Ex f-buddy’s boyfriend is my boyfriend’s ex f-buddy

Thank you~ m(_ _)m

[Random] Original – Paradise, from The Other Side (Part 1)

This is random but Banana dug out something I wrote 7 years ago and felt like putting it out here hehe. Just realized I wrote in first person when I read back recently _(;3/ will edit it again when I have time.

This short story (3 short chapters) is a random idea I thought of, using my experience in playing Trickster Online and some inspiration from Half Prince <3
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