[Random] A casual NP project

If anyone doesn’t know about it, Banana is translating a casual NP novel for the thirsty ones out there σ(≧ε≦o)

It’s actually a 4P btw. If you don’t mind seeing the top being the bottom (sometimes) and the bottom being the top (sometimes), please by all means, take a look~ :3

It will be in my Wattpad here – 前炮友的男朋友是我男朋友的前炮友 / Ex f-buddy’s boyfriend is my boyfriend’s ex f-buddy

Thank you~ m(_ _)m

[Random] Original – Paradise, from The Other Side (Part 1)

This is random but Banana dug out something I wrote 7 years ago and felt like putting it out here hehe. Just realized I wrote in first person when I read back recently _(;3/ will edit it again when I have time.

This short story (3 short chapters) is a random idea I thought of, using my experience in playing Trickster Online and some inspiration from Half Prince <3
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