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Hi all~ I will be a part of the Webcomics translation team for the manga version of Prince, You Are So Cheap~ (0w0)/
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Chapter 60 – 86 will be in dropbox. The pdf were saved before spell-check so there will be mistakes.

Chapter 1 : Passing through

Chapter 2 : At the crime scene

Chapter 3 : Untitled

Chapter 4 : Lifesaver

Chapter 5 : A lot of strange things happened this year

Chapter 6 : It’s too obvious I’m beautiful

Chapter 7 : Sin

Chapter 8 : Handsome man arrived

Chapter 9 : Young Master HongSan

Chapter 10 : Changed after waking up

Chapter 11 : Eldest Zhu

Chapter 12 : Nothing to do, so look for trouble

Chapter 13 : Flogging

Chapter 14 : Holding grudges

Chapter 15 : Engagement gathering (i)

Chapter 16 : Engagement gathering (ii)

Chapter 17 : Engagement gathering (iii)

Chapter 18 : Kneeling to apologize

Chapter 19 : Imperial House’s face completely thrown away

Chapter 20 : Pent-up frustration

Chapter 21 : Fortunately, you are here

Chapter 22 : I will live to see them cry

Chapter 23 : Can’t you just abuse me lesser

Chapter 24 : That person seemed familiar

Chapter 25 : She is in big trouble

Chapter 26 : Lackey Eldest Chu

Chapter 27 : Could it be she have been done away

Chapter 28 : Help!

Chapter 29: Quickly took off clothes

Chapter 30 : Baring back

Chapter 31 : I was wrong about you

Chapter 32 : Untitled

Chapter 33 : You are not as what they said

Chapter 34 : Who want to meet me

Chapter 35 : Every road leads to Hell

Chapter 36 : The old rooster in cockfight

Chapter 37 : If you can’t eat it all, you’ll have to take it home

Chapter 38 : Love can’t be forced

Chapter 39 : Disaster movie right in front

Chapter 40 : Secluded place

Chapter 41 : Untitled

Chapter 42 : Untitled

Chapter 43 : Collections over hundred and more

Chapter 44 : Forty eight style of O X

Chapter 45 : The more it’s prohibited, the more the urge to do it

Chapter 46 : Untitled

Chapter 47 : Don’t play dumb

Chapter 48 : Be my concubine

Chapter 49 : Why like to act so much?

Chapter 50 : I want to work

Chapter 51 : The master with brain problem

Chapter 52 : Suffocated to death by fart

Chapter 53 : None of his damm business

Chapter 54 : The world most handsome person

Chapter 55 : Being tied up

Chapter 56 : Why need to transmigrate again

Chapter 57 : Rather die than going to male brothel

Chapter 58 : Encountering flower thief

Chapter 59 : Untitled

Chapter 60 – 86 : Dropbox

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  1. I came all the way to read this from the source. Yet I found out you make it hard for people to read in BTW pop up ads and locked chapters….. This may be to stop piracy, but also makes others encourage piracy…. I’m out.

    1. Hellooooo? It’s not my fault if you don’t have the ability to read proper English. You can check back the notice which I have specially bolded and highlighted in red for you.
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    1. Thank you so much for your comment and support _(;3/
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  2. Ha… i finally found a blog with banana in it.. just started reading bl novels and love your translations. Especially those end of the ch coversations in ‘let me tease you’ ..😍

  3. Ahh, I’m so happy I found this. I had only found until ep 82 and then couldn’t find anymore. Are you going to continue translating more episodes?

  4. Hi, thanks for the translate this comic I’ve finished read chapter 86 already do you still keep going translate this comic again please say YES cos in webcomics so far behind from this #fingerscross

  5. Um, SO sorry but all the links are not in use? I actually don’t understand how to get to the first chapter.. I just finished reading on WebComics and have come here to read the translation. Could anyone help guide me?

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