[Random] Original – Paradise, from The Other Side (Part 1)

This is random but Banana dug out something I wrote 7 years ago and felt like putting it out here hehe. Just realized I wrote in first person when I read back recently _(;3/ will edit it again when I have time.

This short story (3 short chapters) is a random idea I thought of, using my experience in playing Trickster Online and some inspiration from Half Prince <3

It is always nice to laze around at the field full of aggro monsters…. when your level is a lot higher than them~ The system have set that the monsters will not bother anyone 50 levels above theirs. That’s what I’m doing currently. The weather is nice and the work is depressing so I logged into the game just to relax at the field watching newbies running for their life.

Yup, running for their life. This game is cool, huh?

Let me explain. The game is called The Other Side (TOS). With so much virtual reality games out at the market, the company try to make it interesting to capture the gamers’ attention. And so, one of it is to make the newbie field full of aggro monsters (and a few bosses wandering around too).

All those unofficial guides of the game always mention the same thing :

RUN! As soon as you arrive into the game, RUN! Scream [System : Map] as you run and go to the nearest red dot on the map you can see. Those are city points or save points. If you die before reaching the save point, you’ll revive on the same damm spot you stood just now. If you manage to get to the city, everything will be explained to you. Good luck, mate~

Cool guide, huh? By the way, the field is called Paradise (overkill, but who cares? They are too busy running anyway.)

Okay, back to my story. I was rolling on the ground when I heard scary screams (it’s scary because it was made by guys) so I have to see what’s going on. Peeking around a bush, I saw 4 guys and 1 boss. Ahaha, stubborn newbies. Instead of running, you decided to take on the monsters, huh? This kind of players need to learn through their mistakes so I let them be and walked away. But then half an hour later, I nearly get stampeded by them and some monsters. All right, just go die. All of you.

Grabbing my claymore, I swung it at the blobs of monster. *sliceslicechopchop* After the monsters are done, I turned to the newbies. Was debating whether to say “No need to thank me” or “Damm noobs! Didn’t you read the guide? RUN to the nearest point!” when one of the guy yelled, “Damn you!”

Shocked, I stared at them. I meant to say “Uh, you mean me?” but it came out as “WHAT?!”. The guy looked at me and said “Yes, you. Who ask you to butt in? We don’t need help from a GURL. ” Then, he paused for a moment and sneered, “And your attacks emits yellow glow, you’re a Charm type. We don’t need help from a girl and a tanker”

The retard level was too high, it rendered me speechless. The guys laughed because I stood there silently without any comeback. It was because I just saw something behind them. Then, it was my turn to laugh. I gave them the finger and said “Enjoy your death, moron” Their screams as the boss monster pummeled them to the ground sounded awesome-ly nice~

Sidenote :
1. Your EXP points will decease every time you die so it’s not recommended to attempt suicide in the game.
2. It’s a virtual reality game, so you’ll feel the pain of getting hurt but not completely. You will only feel 50% of the pain.
3. Players are not allowed to attack each other except in the Coliseum.
4. Type of classes are recognizable by the color/glow of their attack.
Red : Power type – Warrior / Swordsmen / Knight
Blue : Magic type – Mage / Warlock / Witch / Priest
Purple : Sense type – Thief / Assassin / Archer / Gunslinger
Yellow : Charm type – Melee type tanker

Inspired by TO and Half Prince

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