[Random] Original – Paradise, from The Other Side (Part 3)

Part 3

Meanwhile in the guild chat,

5 minutes ago…

Jen : People, Ryan said he’s bored of staying in this field. lol
Me : Lol, what did he said … actually? XD
Rob : I bet he said “I’m tired of this shit”
Jen : Wrong. It’s “Let’s roll!”
Me: Lol
Rob : Lol
Yuki : Why are you people chatting here? Who’s getting the paw?
Me : Oh oh, I have 3 now~
Rob : I have 3 too! Haha =D
Kitsune : I have no idea what are you doing.
Rob : Wb Kitsune
Me : Wb
Jen : Ryan said hello
Yuki : The bodyguards said hello =P
Me : Lol, why don’t the bodyguards say hello by themself?
Kitty : We’re busy lo. Ryan said we needed challenges so he stand right on the spawning spot of Mushroom soldiers… ==
Rob : Lol, I see
Me : XD
Me : I’m coming back now, the rest of them should be getting the paw too… wait, saw another Griz. Gonna get this too~!
Jen : Rob, you should come back too then. Ryan want to go to the city square.
Rob : Sure, running over now.
Kitsune : …

<< Kitsune logged off >>

Kitty : What is she/he doing here again?
Jen : Rob said she/he isn’t much of a social person
Kitty : Well, there are many types of people in this wor…
Me : OMG!
Kitty : ?
Jen : What is it?
Rob : What happened?
Me : Remember yesterday I said I was insulted by a bunch of noobs? They are right in front of me. #

Meanwhile, at the forest…

Quartet noob no.1 who attempted to shake my hand, is staring at me with sparkly eyes.

QN1 : Hi, you have nice skill.
Me : …
QN2 : What’s your level?
QN3 : Idiot, we can check it ourselves!

QN3 pointed his finger to me and said [Info Request]

QN3 : Level 83? Whoa, nice.
QN4 : What are you doing here? Helping friends?
QN1 : If like that, let’s do it together.
QN4 : Yeah, we’re going to Svre Village.
Me : … *smirked* My friends? *points* Behind you.

I told the guild about my encounter with the noobs and Jen snapped.

Jen : WTH? Is being a girl bad?! Is girl playing games bad?! Is being saved by a girl bad?!

So the girls from Ryan bodyguard team came to ‘meet’ the noobs. Ryan tagged along because he’s a ‘girl’ right now. Plus he said “What?! No one mess with my members!”

The noobs turned around to find a bunch of angry girls glowing with different types of color (from the activation of their buffer skills). Confused, they looked back to me.

Smiling, I said “Remember the tanker gurl you guys met yesterday? That was my second character.”

Looking a bit pale, the noobs stared at me.

“Oh, just now you said you wanted help, right? We wanted to help you with the quest.”

“Yeah, you need 10 paws from Griz…” Jen chipped in and looked at Kitty.

Kitty chuckled and nodded. “Yeah, so we got the Griz here for you~”

Griz appeared from different directions, closing in. They ignored us because of the level range. One of the Griz swiped QN1. Two surrounded QN4. Jen casted a barrier around Ryan/Snow Apple so the attacks will not hurt him.

We slowly retreat from the noobs and watch. Standing nearby, Jen waved her hands to prepare for spell casting. She said, “And oh, I will heal you so that you won’t die in the battle~”

Four of them logout on the spot.

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