[Update] Release status for Roommate Omega & Tribe

Hey guys, this is a brief update regarding the current release for the two novels mentioned above.

In case people are wondering whether Banana died or something, I just wanna inform that I’m still alive lol. But RL is hectic this month, well it’s already hectic by itself but my colleague went and injured herself, ending up homebound for a month. So her work piled on top of my work… yes, life sucks _(;3/

For the release (which will be around July) :

Roommate Omega is going to end soon, so I planned to finish translating this novel first before resuming Tribe. For Tribe, I planned to release 2 chapters a week, or 6 chapters a month if I’m busy.

I hope you guys are still with me yo~! That’s all for now! :3

– Banana

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