[Random] Abandoning Disqus

Hey guys, this is random but just to let you know, I’m not going to use disqus in my site anymore (at least for now) because they have too much ads and readers are getting put off by it in mobile view that they don’t even know that I have disqus ==

After searching the web the whole day yesterday, I found that people say it’s easy to import comments into Disqus but hard as hell to export it out. Sure they have a button for you to click to export comments. But it’s in .xml form and wordpress don’t accept that.

Most of the advice found online is to use disqus plugin to sync the comments back to wordpress but mine keep getting stuck and nothing helps. I decided to just deactivate my disqus plugin and leave it as that. I’m going to lose a lot of comments from year 2019 and 2020 but that can’t be help _(;3/

Hope you guys is okay with this change (though I don’t think many people will care since I barely gotten any comments recently lol) 😛

  • Banana

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