[Random] Still looking for a good novel _(;3/

Hey y’all~

Just wanna drop by and let you guys know that Banana is still alive lol XD

It’s just Banana has read at least 150 novels by now and couldn’t find a nice one to translate. Feel free to suggest novels with below genre and who knows, maybe Banana likes it and we can get it translated XD But Banana would have to finish the novel first before starting the translation yo.

Looking for genre/category (BL):
– Interstellar
– Infinite style/Unlimited Flow
– Horror with romance


4 thoughts on “[Random] Still looking for a good novel _(;3/”

  1. All the ones I want to recommend had someone start it and stop (but they didn’t officially drop it) 😕

      1. I don’t know if you like cutesy stories, but I just saw this on Shubao some time ago when browsing.
        I forgot which one of these I totally like but I think you can give them a go💜 They are all novels with mc as non-human by the way

        星际第一暴力兔 / Interstellar no.1 violent rabbit
        全星际最萌的蛇/ The cutest snake in the universe
        穿成反派的贴身猛禽 /Dressed as a villain’s close-fitting raptor (owl or eagle mc)
        才不是小水怪/ Not A Little Water Monster (snake mc)

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