Why Banana doesn’t want an editor?

Hi, this page is made to explain the absence of an editor in my translation and why I refused to get one. No, I’m not being an arrogant prick who refuses other people’s help despite having bad English. Yes, I know I have bad English, it’s not my first language btw _(;3/

First, I would like to give my thanks to those who tried to apply as my editor and even offered to do it for free. But I have my own reasons and I think I should list them here so that I won’t have to repeat the same words of rejection to everyone who tries to contact me.

So, here are the reasons:

1. I have a job in RL, which means I’m quite busy with work during weekdays. I don’t translate every day.

2. I like to post my translation at random times, often right after I finished translating a chapter. Or, I felt generous and release 2 chapters at the same time lol. With an editor, I won’t be able to do this as I will have to wait for the editor to finish editing my translation. Also, I can’t rush them as they are doing it as a hobby/for free and they will have personal things to do in RL.

3. Referring to point #1, I am busy so I don’t want to spend extra time to re-read the edited version to make sure the editor keeps the meaning of my translation. To add to this, I had a bad experience with an editor before.

I had an editor a long time ago and that person is my first and last editor. I think we only cooperated for 2 chapters before deciding that things are not working between us three. Yes, three. I had an editor and a ‘manager’ trying to edit my translation at that time.

Below are examples of our differences:

1. 在森林里疾跑时 – I wrote ‘while running in the forest’ but the ‘manager’ insisted to use ‘while running into the forest’. It’s incorrect and my opinion was not accepted in the end as the ‘manager’ reluctantly admits that they are wrong and proceed to use ‘ran inside the forest’ instead. Can’t tell how much different is his final decision with my translation in the first place1 ==

2. I wrote ‘eerie’ but the editor changed it to ‘eery’. Still can’t tell how much is the edit different from my choice of word.

3. I wrote ‘praise’ but the editor changed it to ‘thankful’.

4. 废柴 – Because the editor doesn’t read Chinese novels and doesn’t understand Chinese words, he/she changed my ‘Waste’ to ‘weakness’.

Finally, this Banana can’t take it anymore and we went our separate ways. And that’s why, Banana doesn’t want an editor.

Thank you~ _(;3/

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