Permission to re-translate

Alright, so there are people asking to re-translate my translation to other language. It’s fine but the thing is I forgot who asked and what language they asked to re-translate to.

It’s not fun to translate something just to find out it had been translated to the intended language already. So I went back and check my emails and messages, then came up with the list below.

This list is not long at all and you might wonder why this Banana cannot remember em. Well, I actually have trouble remembering names, faces and numbers :v

And there are already 3 different people apart from the first person asking to translate the same thing to the same language _(;3/

PS : I might have missed someone from this list if they didn’t use email to ask for permission. And if you wanted to re-translate my translation into the language not mentioned below, please contact me in my Contact page.

Important :
You CANNOT re-upload my translation into Wattpad regardless whatever freaking reasons you have.

Sharing Rain and Dew
Brazilian PortugueseStargirlfall

Let Me Tease You
ThaiMerris Apparently it’s licensed in Thai … oh whoa (0 _ 0)
Brazilian PortugueseXiao Ning
Myanmar Burmesexylusram1

Big God, Your Wife Went Offline!
VietnameseThere is already a Vietnamese version in wattpad before my English version

Evil Cult Undercover Getting Exposed Everyday
ItalianKitolina Chan

Interstellar Super Doctor
IndonesianByu (pending)

Way of Transmigration
– Not open to be re-translated.

Transmigrated into a Beast tribe
– Not open to be re-translated.

My roommate probably is not an Omega
– Not open to be re-translated.

19 thoughts on “Permission to re-translate”

  1. Hello!
    I love your translations and I would like to translate Prince u r so cheap into Spanish.
    I would be very grateful.
    Can you send me an email to find out how I should proceed?
    Thank you!

  2. Hi, I’m Xiao Ning and I’m a beginner translator! I translate novels into Brazilian Portuguese so that those who do not understand other languages ​​can read and know the beautiful novels! I would like to translate the novel “Let me tease you” into Brazilian Portuguese. Would you allow it?
    as the other comment says: Can you send me the email to know how I should proceed? if you allow
    and sorry my english is not so good.

    1. Hi, you have my permission to translate ‘Let me tease you’ from my English translation. Please remember to credit the author for the story and me for the English translation.
      Btw, I never email anyone for this so I’m not sure what other info you need. You can proceed.

    1. Lol, did you ask permission via wattpad? I forgot to check that channel _(;3/
      I’ll amend it after I’m back from holiday

    1. Hello, Concubina Chú. I just checked my record and saw that there are actually 2 different translators asking to translate the novel to spanish last year but none of them came back to me to inform if they published it. I’ll check with them first. You should hold up just in case one of them have translated the novel, so that you won’t waste your time yo.

    2. Hiya, no replies from the previous askers. I guess you can go ahead yo. Just inform me after you published at least 3 chapters and I’ll add you to the list.

  3. Hello!! I wanted to ask if I can translate “Sharing Rain and Dew” into Spanish? Since no translation has been finalized. I will give the corresponding credits. Thank you.

    1. Hi Storm, sure go ahead. Please inform me again after you published at least 3 chapters ya.

      The credit would be to me for the English version, and the author for the novel. Thanks.

        1. Hi Storm, I’m replying in this comment instead of your latest one because your email is missing an L at ‘gmail’ there. Noted on the chapter release. I have listed your name above 😀

      1. Hello!!! I wanted to let you know that I have uploaded up to chapter 5, I only need the extras.


  4. Hiii~byu is here~ i want to re-translate “interstellar super doctor” to bahasa(Indonesia), is it allowed? Thanks for your attention😘 btw, sorry for my bad eng:(

    1. Hi Byu, I didn’t notice that I didn’t put ‘Interstellar Super Doctor’ up the list lol (because no one asked for it before :P)

      Sure, you can re-translate to Bahasa Indonesia. You just have to credit me for the English version, and the author for the story. FYI though, I only roughly MTL-ed it and edited the wording for the correct meaning. The grammar is mostly from Google XD

      Tell me again when you published at least 5 chapters online and I’ll put your name in the list.

  5. Dear Iambanana, many thanks for all your translations ! I would like to translate evil cult undercover into French, would you agree with that? i will put the proper credits of course (author and you translator with the link to your site). I find this short story absolutely funny and entertaining. Many thanks in advance

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