[Random] Original – Paradise, from The Other Side (Part 2)

Part 2 ~

Our guild leader declared in the guild chatroom that he will be making a new character and it will be a female mage called Snow Apple. All of us mentally groaned. “He finally did it” I’m sure this is what on our mind at the moment. Ryan said he’ll need bodyguards to help him past through Paradise and also help collect quest items along the way.

One of the member replied ,”Okay Ryan, count me in. Just…. just don’t act girly or I’ll have to beat you up.”

And so any member who are free at the moment went to Paradise to help Ryan… urm, Snow Apple. *shivers* I went to help of course, since I was already in Paradise yesterday. The members who turned out was more than 5 (the limit of players in one party) so the rest of us just tagged along, acting as extra bodyguards. Coincidentally, all of us were using male characters so Snow looked really amazing, like a newbie is commanding a group of harem fighter/bodyguards (well, technically she IS our leader)

In the middle of the forest, Paradise…

“Guys, those who are in my party go kill some monsters and help me level. The others help me get the quest items. For the moment, I need 10 Bear Paws from Griz (level 5)”.

“Roger that!” We answered and started searching around for some Griz. Rob, one of the guild member chuckled as we run alongside into the jungle.

“The newbies today is sure lucky. Because we’re gonna clean the area for them” Rob said and swung his blade at a group of monsters.

“Yeah, but they still have to run because the monsters spawn back in another 15 minutes” I said and launched an Earthquake skill to a Griz lumbering nearby. It didn’t drop any items.

“Aww, this is gonna be a slow one” Rob said and head to the other direction. “See you later!”

Half an hour later,

[Bear Paw acquired. Current : 3 pcs]

Hmm, I think we should have more than enough. One more Griz and I’m going back to the group. Right then, I spotted the fluffy white back of a Griz. Oh, a chance of suprise attack~ – that is what I thought before someone’s scream rang out. Heh, you’re in luck newbie! I ran towards the Griz and jumped, plunging my sword at its back.

ROAR! The Griz flailed for a bit and disappeared.

[Bear Paw acquired. Current : 4 pcs]

Atta, girl~

Suddenly, someone grabbed my hand and furiously shook it. Well, attempted to furiously shake it because I jerked my hand away out of reflex. Then, I saw them. No, not them, it’s THEM them. The quartet noobs!

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