[Asking for suggestions] Future translation project

Hey guys~~

I’m currently translating ‘Way of Transmigration’ and also ‘Evil cult undercover’ at the moment. After ‘Evil Cult undercover’ is done, I’m thinking of translating a apocalypse novel. As of now, I have yet to find a good one to translate _(;3/

So, I am wondering if someone can recommend one to me? It can be BG or BL, I’m fine with it. Just not GG/Yuri/Lily, I don’t like GxG action 😛

I will try to read your recommendation before making my decision. Please don’t get angry if I don’t choose your suggestion _(;3/


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  1. Haaa~ _(:’3 」∠)_ I dunno.
    (I’m just a poor thing waiting mercy from traslators since I don’t know much about Daimeis~ but I love so much reading them) I gonna look for some In Novel updates forum, But I like the Epocalypse themed~

  2. There’s Returning to the end of the world (重回末世之天罗惊羽), MC has a game system and he goes through the apocalypse with three psycho kiddies (1 of them is the ML, and the remaining 2 are the side CPs). Saw it on an NU spoiler thread. Its completed with 78 chapters~~

  3. The only apocalypse novel I’m interested in atm is Number One Zombie Wife but not sure if it has enough of the theme for you to consider it.

    But another translator is supposed to pick this up even though his translation isn’t the best 😡

    There’s not many apocalypse novels I consider interesting, just weighing in on my top choice.

    Best Regards ❤️

    1. Ah, read the raw but unfortunately I couldn’t accept some of the plot holes so I dropped the novel ;(

      1. hmmm, am not sure. but there hasn’t been any updates since the end of feb. but we shall see…,,
        o)-( i hope the translator is doing ok

        and my heart weeps, bc it was such a good plot development. (it’s at zombie arcccc wwww)

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