我的室友可能不是omega/My roommate probably is not an Omega Chapter 16-18

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Ex-roommate : “So you finished ‘finding out more of his inner beauty’? Do you like him?”

Me : “Mhmm.”

Ex-roommate : “What does that mean?”

Me : “Very ashamed but quite confirmed.”

Ex-roommate : “…………………………”

Ex-roommate : “You have changed, you beach! Where is my little pretty boy?!”

The two of us bantered with each other for a while, then my ex-roommate left with his little boyfriend, leaving me dazing alone at the side of the basketball court. The court was empty but there seems to be another scene in my eyes…

German took the ball through the heavy defense, and after a beautiful dunk, he turned back and ran towards me, like a big golden retriever…

Ah yes, I was having ‘spring’1 fantasy. Thinking about it, I couldn’t help laughing ‘hehehehehe’ in my heart. On the outside, I still looked reserved, just showing a smile.

“What are you thinking, laughing so stupidly?”

I turned my head, “…Big Bear.”

As expected, those scenes in Mary Sue novels where the one in your mind will appear in front of you whenever you think of them are not reliable at all.

“What with the obvious disappointment in your expression?”

I weakly and perfunctory replied, “No no, you guys have a game later?”

Big Bear : “Yup.”

Me : “Oh, I have nothing to do, so I came over to watch.”

Big Bear : “That’s nice, come and sit at my VIP area. The view is good.”

I was looking forward to see German’s heroic appearance on the court. But in the end, he never come. Although the game was also very exciting, but ‘ the wine-lover’s heart is not in the cup’2ah. After a while, I sneaked a few words to Big Bear and prepared to go back to the dormitory. But then, someone suddenly tugged my collar. I turned my head and looked back. It was an Alpha from a team that I didn’t recognize. I was stupidly dragged by the collar to the middle of the court until another Alpha stood up under the others’ jeering and cheering.

… Wait, it couldn’t be what I think??

“Alvin Miller, I… can I call you Al?”

I was very embarrassed and unconsciously said, “Ah, sure ah.”

“A, Al,”

… h, he, he, he blushed!!!

“…can I pursue you?”

“Woot~~~ be together~~~~~~”

The crowds passionately cheered!!! My declination was drowned under that volume!!!

“No… I… hey, listen to me…!”

“Al!Al! Together~~~~~~”


Though I was obviously in a flustered situation, I was able to recognize his voice right away. I looked at German Garcia. The passionate crowd has yet to calm down but they subconsciously opened up a path for him. He frowned and walked into the middle, his back was straight. His face was very handsome, and his figure was very tall. I was immensely grateful for his appearance… In my eyes, he almost looked like a hero coming to save me.

German took my hand and answered a word on my behalf to the public.



Everyone was dumbfounded.

I was blankly led by German until we returned to the dormitory, then he let me go. He leaned against the wall, and lowered his head to look down at his ankle.

At that moment, I found that his forehead was sweaty… Mixed feelings like joy and distress swelled in my heart until my face turned red.

German glanced at me and calmly said, “Look at your silly face. I have helped solved a problem for you. How will you thank me?”

Suddenly, he seemed to think of something and he quickly added, “I didn’t do anything except saying ‘cannot’. I will clarify it later, and will not hinder you from making friends.”

Me : “…?”

He looked at me and said very seriously, “Roommates help each other. I know that you are straight, so don’t think too much.”

I knew that I will definitely looked silly with my mouth hanging.

This was not the answer I want.

… Does he not like me?

My brain can’t turn around completely, only sluggishly and sadly repeating the question over and over again, does he not like me?

Did I….. think too much?

In the panic, I left a sentence ‘I’ll go to the infirmary to take a treatment device for you’ and ran away.

What I don’t know was after I talked to my ex-roommate, he immediately sold me to German. That’s why German who had a foot injury would go to the court and happened to rescue me out from my predicament. Then when I left the dormitory (to get the treatment device), I was sold again, this time by my smart device. I left too hurriedly that I forgot about my smart device, which has fallen onto German’s bed through the gap between the bed frame. My virtual pet recognized German, and automatically displayed everything from my smart device containing the keyword ‘German Garcia’. Hence, my browsing history, all the photos I’ve saved, and the dream I recorded… were all seen by German.

Ah, this world is really despairing.

At this moment, I still didn’t know about this. Gasping, I ran back to the dormitory with a one-time usage treatment device. When I pushed the door open, I saw German sitting on the bed, half-neked and in the midst of taking off his pants. My face turned red, and I sneaked a few glances at his chest and firm abdomen muscles before immediately turning around and pretending to be a pure-minded person; I will remember this to enjoy it in my mind.

He asked innocently behind my back, “What’s wrong? Aren’t we both guys, why are you getting shy?”

In order to show that nothing is wrong, I could only turn back red-faced.

German wore a pair of black trunks, and sat casually on the bed. His Alpha’s natural advantage gave him a good figure with big arms and narrow waist. Unlike some Alphas who get their big muscles from the gym, the muscle lines on German’s body were from military trainings and practicals; symmetrical and beautiful. The strong skin tone added a lot of er*tic sense in this moment, especially when German is looking at me so intently…

… fortunately, his underwear was not tight!! Otherwise, the treatment device may have to use on my nose first.


Although my expression was not very convincing, German did not laugh at me. His expression was very serious and he pointed at his red and swollen ankle.

I took a few deep breaths and knelt down to give him the treatment. Due to the perspective problem, although I have tried turning my head away, I still can smell a little bit… the smell of little German, the musky smell of male re[product]ive organ.

… can’t help throwing a few glances at it!! I really didn’t mean it!! I can’t control myself!!!!

The thoughts in my mind couldn’t help but turning vulgar but the progress bar of the treatment device haven’t reach the end yet so I can only continue to maintain a kneeling position.

German’s thigh suddenly twitched, and his knee inadvertently touched my face before instantly bounced back.

… I felt that my face may be on fire! The moment the progress reached the end, I lightly pressed at his swollen ankle and immediately stood up. As the result, my brain was lack of blood for maintaining a kneeling pose too long, my sight turned black and I planted myself directly on his bed. German hugged me to prevent my head from hitting the wall, and quickly lifted me up. Then he took his hand back.

… can’t help feeling a bit loss from that! But it doesn’t matter, since I’m now confirmed that I like him, I’ll just slowly chase him! It’s a step by step process!! I am a beta with perseverance and courage! Giving myself a few applauses now!

It’s better to start by asking him out for dinner and cultivating feelings!! I took the courage to ask, “Tonight… are you going…”, before realizing he is wearing a camouflage uniform on his body. The words I was about to say changed into, “…Go to training?”


German was focused on wearing his trousers.

“I will definitely have an emergency training later, so I put on my clothes and lay down for a while while waiting.”

“…oh. Then, you had dinner yet?”

He gave me a look and smiled slightly. It was a very polite smile, his eyes didn’t even change. My heart still hasn’t come up from this sad discovery, when German suddenly waved at me.


I walked to him in confusion and then my hand was caught by him.

… and placed on his belt.

My mind instantly became blank! AH! Are we going to do something embarrassing now?!! Is that alright for the progress to be so fast?!! Actually it’s still okay?!!! In fact, I’m fine with it!!! Ah, come at me!!!!

“Help me tie my belt, I have a wound on my finger.”

Me : “Oh.”

I forcefully stopped my hand that has stretched out to unzip his zipper, and politely tied his belt for him.

“Is this okay?”

German glanced at me from the top to bottom. His long eyelashes and an enlarged view of his eyes made him looked particularly gentle.


Me : “Oh.”

I pulled with all my might!

German : “…………………………………”

Me : “Is it tight enough?”

German : “…enough. I don’t eat dinner.”

I uttered a sound in disappointment and rushed out to eat dinner in a fluster.


Table of Content

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