我的室友可能不是omega/My roommate probably is not an Omega Chapter 19-21

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This time, German went out for training for nearly a month. All my hot-blooded passion and confession were gone. He has been away for too long that the more I think, the more I am afraid of bad ending. In the end, I only had infinite fears and yearning. My ex-roommate poked this melancholy little cabbage me, and stated with much confidence, “You lost six pounds.”

I spiritless-ly asked him : “How do you know?”

Ex-roommate : “I am a gh-ey.”

Me : “I am also ah…”

Ex-roommate : “Your inner soul don’t count. Can you get ha-rd with me?”

Me : “…Can we change the subject?”

Ex-roommate : “I’m serious.”

I think back of those days when my ex-roommate used to be hafnekid in the dorm, sitting on his bed in just a breezy boxer and crossing his legs. I couldn’t help uttering a “eh oh” and honestly replied, “I can’t.”

Ex-roommate : “…sometimes being honest will still get you beaten.”

Ex-roommate : “Then think about German?”

In my mind, I pictured him in a black cotton underw-ear sitting on the bed.

Ex-roommate : “…well, I saw it. You don’t have to think about it.”

Me : “Am I bent or not?”

Ex-roommate : “I don’t think so, can’t say for sure, but you only have feeling for German Garcia?”

I scratched my head in irritation, “…yes, in the past my heartbeat won’t just randomly accelerate because of someone of the same gender. Now I gets unbelievably ha-rd just by picturing him ne-kid.”

“I want to be close to him, want to hug him, k-iss him. Everything that cuts between us is superfluous. I can use the best word in the world to describe this feeling. My God, I really do like German Garcia…”

Then I was once again sold and a recording was sent to German. Of course, I don’t know anything at this moment, just sitting there stupidly sighing about life and love.

Ex-roommate : “I didn’t find out this before how you are so…”

Me : “Sentimental?”

Ex-roommate : “Long-winded.”

Ex-roommate : “Oh right, still remember the senior I told you last time? I met him yesterday during lunch.”


Ex-roommate : “He said their training has already ended at least the day before yesterday. German did not return to the dormitory?”

I was stunned : “No.”

“He didn’t contact you?”


My heart suddenly burst out with a sense of crisis.


A man’s intuition is really strange.

I returned to the dormitory that day and caught a whiff of a familiar Omega’s pheromone as soon as I entered the door. That was the kind German used to be smelled like. He said it was his brother’s.

There was a young boy sitting on German’s bed. His facial features were very beautiful, but no matter how hard I looked at him, I can’t see any resemblance between them two.

He somewhat arrogantly crossed his arms and legs on the bed, “You are German’s roommate?”

The tone in his voice caused me to feel some dissatisfaction. I resisted my inner irritability and replied, “Yes, hello. My name is Alvin.”

“Hello, Alvin.”

He didn’t gave me his name back and that was very rude.

“So German is back? Are you his brother?”

He looked up at me and has an uncomfortable ridicule on his face, “He told you that I am his brother?”


I haven’t started to ruminate on that in my mind, and German has already opened the door to come in. He did not wear his training clothes. That means his training did end two days ago. He carried a big bag of stuff in one hand and his smart device in the other hand. He didn’t look around to see if there’s anyone in the room, and just threw the bag to the Omega on the bed.

“I have queued for three hours, alright?”

His face has a very lively irritated expression, completely different from his usual mask-like emotions on his face when facing me.

German looked up and saw me standing by the side inside the room. He quickly stepped forward and hugged me.

“Al? I have not seen you for a month now.”

My arms went around him and I hugged him as tightly as I could when he was still holding me, and immediately loosened my grip when he let go, so that it won’t be embarrassing.


The third person in the room coughed twice. “Alright, German, you told Alvin that I am your brother?”

German frowned, and let go of me. He then said to me, “This matter is not easy to explain. We are in a hurry now and I’ll come back at night to explain.”

I nodded. He picked up that noisy Omega and smiled with a bit of ridicule, “Hurry and go, don’t blame me if you couldn’t make it.”

The two of them bantered while pushing each other out of the dormitory. When he is about to leave, German turned back and said, “Wait for me to come back.”

The Omega also turned back and smiled at me. When he turned around, I could clearly see a slightly reddish, bite mark at the back of his neck, as his shirt slightly slid down from being pushed by German.

That was a temporary ‘ma-rking’.

After they went out of the dormitory, I almost immediately locked the door and rushed to German’s bed to identify the pheromone’s smell. Then I touched my smart device to check the pheromone’s lingering time.

[It is generally believed that Omega’s pheromones will stay in the air for about ten minutes before completely diluted to an indistinguishable degree. It is about half an hour in a relatively closed room and clothing that absorbs odor molecules.]

I changed the question to ask how long does the pheromone stay after a temporary marking?

[For a couple of AO1 that has yet to complete the final permanent marking, a temporary marking will let the pheromone stay for 2-12 hours in the air. The pheromone of a couple that has completed the final marking will linger for 1-6 months after any contact.]

Um… it means…

That so-called ‘brother’ is actually his boyfriend.


I immediately fled my dorm and went to look for my ex-roommate.

My ex-roommate was also shocked, and after he cursed out dozens of ‘Scum gong’, he told me how he had sold me out before this.

Me : “……”

My ex-roommate felt remorseful, “I knew Alpha gongs are not any good thing! In the end he(G) still followed his Alpha instinct to embrace little pretty boy Omega!”

Me : “Is there any Alpha shou out there?”

Ex-roommate : “…?? Probably…”

Me : “How about Omega gong?”

Ex-roommate : “…I don’t know…”

Me : “How about Omega topp-ing Alpha?”

Ex-roommate : “That’s enough.”

Me : “Say, don’t you think that Omega has to-pped German?”

Ex-roommate : “………………… Your mentality seems to be abnormal right now.”

I felt a little confused myself, but I still can’t help continuing, “Maybe, German… German, he is so fair and pale, and his facial features are very gentle. That Omega on the other hand doesn’t look easy to communicate… He(O) should be the gong ba? The more I think about it, he(O) should be the gong…”

Ex-roommate : “Al…?”

I can still hear myself mumbling, but I couldn’t hear it clearly. The sound seemed to pass through a thick layer of water and sounded very muffled. My ex-roommate knocked me out with a hand chop at the back of my neck. In the confusion, I heard someone quarreling, but I can barely open my eyes. I only saw two men beside my bed, and all of a sudden they started pushing at each other. The scenery before my eyes shook and I blacked out.

When I opened my eyes again, I was lying on a bed in the infirmary, and my ex-roommate sat in front of my bed with a gloomy face. I don’t usually see him with such strong aura, it was quite scary.


Ex-roommate : “…”

He got up and gave me a glass of water : “Moist your throat first.”

I looked up and glanced at the drip stand next to the bed : “-shocked- why am I stuck to an IV drip? I didn’t get any terminal illness, right??”

My ex-roommate felt angry and funny at the same time, “Terminal your head ah! How can a guy be so mentally weak? Collapsing because of a broken heart?! The doctor said that you just can’t accept it. Wasted my effort dragging you here from the dorm, I’m dead tired…”

I puffed up my cheeks : “Alright, alright. What about German?”

Ex-roommate : “Fork, what with this girly heart.. prioritizing love over friend…”

German pushed open the curtain between beds : “Woke up?”

My ex-roommate saw how my eyes stick to German : “… forget it, explain it properly between you two.”

Then German came in, and with a ‘whoosh’ he closed the curtain, separating my ex-roommate from us.

Ex-roommate : “…” Good, good!!


Banana : By the way, Banana actually forgotten how this novel ends because it has been a while since I read it :v Now that I re-read it, I realized the s mexy scene is a bit rough for vanilla so I hope you guys will take note _(;3/ #Wahahahahahaha

Table of Content

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