Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 78

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Chapter 78 Confession

Xiào Mu couldn’t help feeling surprised when he heard Novi’s words, “What’s wrong, why are you asking me for help?”

Novi went straight to the point, “You should be aware of the current interstellar situation. Marshal Ren held an interstellar meeting today and mentioned Major General Leo’s discovery at the experimental base. He specifically reminded Planet Yan to pay attention, but…” He continued in a tone of anger, “It’s too late, Miller’s guide schedule is pushed up earlier. My imperial father is still in the meeting when the guide went to the White Tower. Regarding spiritual mind control, I once talked to my father about it. So, my father immediately sent someone to stop the guide the moment he got the news, but he’s too late.”

“Miller’s guide used a spiritual power attack device in the White Tower. Most of the sentinels fell into mania and the tower suffered many casualties. The guide’s spiritual power is also severely damaged.”

“The production of Planet Yan’s guide medicine is in its infancy, and the supply of medicines is severely insufficient. We have applied for medicine assistance from Planet Yao, but these days, the consumption of guide medicines on each planet is very high. The help that Planet Yao can provide is very limited.”

Xiào Mu frowned. Hearing Novi’s voice, he could feel the heavy tiredness in it. It is obvious that the matter is overwhelming and terrible. However, Xiào Mu can only helplessly reply, “I also can’t help you. I am just one person so the number of medicines that can be made every day is also limited. It is definitely not as much as the output in your own planet1.”

Novi: “I’m not asking for help in terms of guide medicine. I would like to invite you to visit Planet Yan in person. When those sentinels suddenly fell into mania during the empire celebration, I saw how you treated the sentinels. Your treatment speed is very fast. If you can come to Planet Yan, you will definitely save a lot of sentinels.”

Novi’s voice choked, “I have tried many times, and there is no way to quickly treat sentinel in large quantity like you. They are still very young and are Planet Yan’s hope in the future. I, I can’t just watch as they suffer.”

Guides are born with a strong sense of empathy. Seeing the sentinels getting hurt and helpless will make the guide very uncomfortable. Xiào Mu’s heart also became heavy. As he is thinking about how to comfort Novi, Leo who is sitting next to him said, “No. Xiào Mu will not leave Planet Yao.”

“Major General Leo?!” Novi is startled, apparently, he didn’t expect Leo to be with Xiào Mu at this time.

Leo ignored Novi. His face looked serious as his eyes locked onto Xiào Mu. Xiào Mu smiled comfortingly at him, and then said to Novi, “Leo is right, I will not leave Planet Yao.”

“This incident is premeditated and it targeted all sentinels and guides. Even the controlled guide is acting as the perpetrator’s ‘knife’.”

“I feel sorry for Planet Yan’s tragedy but Planet Yao has also been attacked. At the moment, we can’t ensure that there is a completely safe place, and we have to make a lot of preparations.”

Novi could not hide his disappointment, “So, you really can’t come?”

“I’m sorry,” Xiào Mu said, “but I have a suggestion. You can organize a group of guides to treat the injured sentinel, especially the guide who doesn’t know how to make medicine.”

Novi smiled bitterly, “I don’t dare to. You are not in Planet Yan so you don’t know the current situation of Planet Yan. Because Miller’s guide suddenly launched an attack at the sentinels and caused serious consequences, plus the disasters caused by guides in other planets, our reputation as guides have plummeted.”

“Even as a guide myself, I don’t trust the rest of the guides. I don’t know how to tell whether they are controlled by someone or not. If a controlled guide attacked the sentinels during the treatment, it will only make the injured sentinel worse.”

Xiào Mu frowned. He didn’t expect the situation to be so bad. He thought for a moment and realized that there is no way to teach Novi the way to distinguish the guides. If he doesn’t have his system, he won’t be able to recognize them too.

At this time, Yin’s electrical sound sounded in Xiào Mu’s mind, “It is so easy to recognize when someone is being controlled, how can you not see it? You humans are really too weak.”

Xiào Mu got taken aback, “Do you have a way to identify?”

Yin said, “I can sense it as soon as I encounter one!” He asked strangely, “You can’t recognize it?”

Xiào Mu: “I can, but there is no way to teach others. Do you have any ways to teach humans to recognize those who are controlled?”

Yin went silent for a moment before saying, “This… how do we teach you? We are born with it! When someone is being controlled, their spiritual power is not pure. Hence, we can sense it the moment we saw it.”

Impure? Xiào Mu recalled the time of Novi’s coma after releasing the mind control, he almost flipped Novi’s spiritual state up and down, only to discover the impure filament hidden in it. Unless one’s spiritual power level is much higher than the suspect or the bonded partner to check, outsiders entering someone’s spiritual state will be instinctively repelled. It is obviously impossible to use this method to check whether someone is under control or not.

Unless, there’s equipment built to check this.

Xiào Mu’s eyes blinked quickly, and a lightbulb flashed in his mind. Back at that time when Louis was injured, Qiao seemed to be inspired by his treatment of Louis. In order to better judge the spiritual state of an injured sentinel, Qiao decided to study the quantum examination device. Xiào Mu originally suggested diagnosing according to the different color shades of spiritual filaments so that they have a more detailed judgment of the patient’s spiritual state. On the other hand, those who are being controlled have different filament colors from normal people’s filaments. Xiào Mu doesn’t know if Qiao has managed to research it out.

Seeing that Xiào Mu hadn’t spoken for a while, Novi felt disappointed in his heart. But just as Xiào Mu said, the condition of every planet is not good now. Xiào Mu is very important to Planet Yao. In this case, it’s normal that he is not willing to leave Planet Yao. When Novi decided to contact Xiào Mu, he is ready to be rejected, but he still would inevitably be disappointed in the face of the facts.

“No matter what, thank you. I’ll hang up first. If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to say it.” Novi organized his mood and said.

Xiào Mu recovered to his sense and felt a little embarrassed. He had an idea in his heart, but he couldn’t be sure that it will work, so he didn’t say it out, lest Novi looked forward to it in vain. Xiào Mu thought for a while and said, “If someone’s condition is severe and you have no way of treatment, you can send him to Planet Yao, and I will try my best to help.”

Novi thanked Xiào Mu sincerely, “Thank you very much.”

Hanging up the call, Xiào Mu turned to Leo and said, “Novi’s worries are very reasonable. When we return to Zone A, I want to meet the families of the high-level guides in the empire. I will see them first, and then the rest of the lower-level guides, starting with the most influential guides. I’ll try to find out if there are guides being controlled.” He sighed, “It’s just in case, it would be better if there’s none.”

Leo nodded, “Your consideration is very comprehensive. I will submit an application to my grandfather, and find an excuse to gather all the upper levels of the military officials and their guide partners together.”

After Leo finished speaking, he looked down at Xiào Mu and asked, “How did you know that Novi was mind-controlled before, and how did you release him from the control?”

Xiào Mu had made mental preparations when he promised Leo he would tell him about himself. Hence, when Leo asked, Xiào Mu replied directly, “I can see that those who are controlled looked different from ordinary people… like,” he tried to find a word for it, ” The area between their eyebrows will be light gray.”

“I used my ability to erase the gray shade, and the control gets lifted.”

Leo thought for a moment before asking, “Are those the abilities of a god-level guide?”

Xiào Mu shook his head, “No, my spiritual power level might be considered god-level, but my ability has nothing to do with a god-level guide.”

Leo is puzzled and became inexplicably nervous, “Then… you?”

Xiào Mu smiled, “You should have discovered that there are many unexplainable things about me?”

Leo pursed his lips and nodded, “You have amazing abilities. You know how to make medicine and it seems that you don’t need any tools.” In fact, as long as one observes carefully, this is easy to detect, especially when they are always together.

Xiào Mu corrected, “I still need tools. It’s just not the current pharmaceutical equipment, but the ancient tools.” He looked at Leo, “What I’m going to say next may be unbelievable, but what I’m saying is true.” Xiào Mu paused before saying, “I’m not from Planet Yao.”

Leo replied in a deep voice, “I guessed that. Because even a wanderer will leave a trace but there isn’t any trace of you in the entire empire.”

Xiào Mu is not surprised that Leo had investigated him. But since Leo had not troubled him after knowing, he probably thought he is not threatening.

“Which planet are you from?” Leo asked, grabbing Xiào Mu’s hand and staring at him, “I won’t let you go back. I don’t care where you are, you are my guide now.”

Xiào Mu: “To be precise, I am not from this world.”

Hearing that, Leo frowned, “What do you mean?”

Xiào Mu: “The place where I came from is very different from this world. Our technology is far from being advanced. It can be considered as those ancient single planets listed in your history.”

“I don’t know why I suddenly came to the empire thousands of years later. When I woke up, I was in Area F. After walking for a long time, I didn’t see people and houses. Later, I fainted and got sent to the hospital. You probably know what happened after that.” Xiào Mu avoided talking about the game system because that is too difficult to explain.

Leo shook his hand uncontrollably hard, “Will you go back?”

Xiào Mu shrugged, “I don’t know, but I probably won’t. This kind of unthinkable thing already happened once. It probably has something to do with the magnetic field that caused this situation.”

Leo pondered for a moment before saying, “You are not allowed to go to Area F in the future.

Xiào Mu smiled and looked at Leo’s expression, “Do you mind my identity?”

Leo touched the side of Xiào Mu’s face, “Mind what? You are a gift from God to me.”

Xiào Mu doesn’t know if he should laugh or cry, suspecting that Leo is poisoned by those pink color dramas. He said, “My abilities are all built-in, and they can be enhanced in different ways, unlike the native guides here.”

Leo hugged Xiào Mu, “I don’t care what ability you have, you are my guide.”

Xiào Mu patted Leo’s arm, “Let go, I need to contact Qiao. He said before that he would research the quantum examination device. I don’t know how the results will be. Maybe the device will play an important role in this incident.” Then, Xiào Mu helplessly added, “Although the number of guides accounts for a small proportion of the total population, the overall number is also quite large. It is too difficult and too slow for me to check them all by myself.”

Leo loosened his hold on Xiào Mu but still half hugging him. He let Xiào Mu lean on him while contacting Qiao. After dialing Qiao’s number, it took more than 10 seconds for Qiao to connect, and his tone sounded very anxious, “Busy, I’m very busy. Say what you want quickly, or just hang up if it’s something minor.”

Accompanied by his voice is the sound of metal collision. Apparently, Qiao is still busying around while answering the call.

“I am Xiào Mu. Didn’t you say you will study the quantum examination device before? I want to ask how your research results are?”

Qiao exaggeratedly exclaimed, “Oh my God, I’m going to busy to death. Where did you go? I couldn’t contact you for the past 2 days ago. Come back quickly, I need you!”

Xiào Mu replied, “I will be back to Zone A soon.” Then he repeated his question.

Qiao noticed what Xiào Mu wanted to ask and his voice couldn’t hide his excitement, “The device is almost reaching success. I tell you, if it weren’t for the sudden worldwide incident, the finished product might have already been out now. At that time, I was testing the results, and my assistant suddenly called me out to treat the injured sentinels. I have been busy treating them for so long and have no time to continue with the research. I am so exhausted that I can even fall asleep as I talk.” As Qiao complained, he asked, “Why are you asking for this now?”

Xiào Mu directly answered, “The guide who hurt those sentinels is under the mind control of others. The equipment you research may be able to check whether someone is being controlled. Where are you? I will look for you when I go back and do the test as soon as possible.”

“Really?!” Qiao is surprised to hear that, and soon realized what it meant in the big picture. “It would be great if the device is really useful. We can find out all the hidden dangers and avoid mutual suspicion.”

“It is very likely to be useful. Just get the instrument ready, and I will return to Zone A soon.”

Qiao answered immediately, “Okay, I’ll get ready right away. I’ll be waiting for you in the hospital.”

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