Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 79

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Chapter 79 Measurement

After Xiào Mu’s call with Qiao, he told Louis about his plan. Upon arriving in Zone A, he went on separate ways from Louis. Leo and Xiào Mu transferred to an aircraft to go directly to the Imperial First Hospital. When the aircraft passed the front entrance of the hospital, Xiào Mu looked out the window and saw that the entire hospital, including the area in front of the hospital, is bright as daytime. There are a lot of people coming and going at the entrance of the hospital.

Planet Yao’s situation is the best of all planets. But even Planet Yao’s hospital has so many patients in such late hours, so the rest of the planets will only be worse. Xiào Mu is feeling a little heavy and turned to look at Leo, “Our defense is too passive. After those people evacuated from the base, the interstellar planets is in chaos. They must be the ones who did this.”

Xiào Mu frowned and thought, “We don’t know where they are now. Only by catching them can we solve the problem from the root.”

Leo raised his hand to smooth the wrinkles between Xiào Mu’s eyebrows, “Mitte’s photos have been circulated in the interstellar military departments. Also, the entrances of the planets are being closely monitored so they will definitely be caught.”

Xiào Mu breathed a sigh of relief, “It turns out that you have acted a long time ago. You are professional in this kind of thing. Fortunately, you are not like me. Only now that I thought of this matter. By then, no one will know how far the culprit would go.”

The aircraft landed not far from the special corridor of the hospital. Leo held Xiào Mu’s waist and got off the aircraft with him, “Don’t worry, just do what you want.”

“Hey hey hey! I say, you guys are too much! I’m so busy that I’m dying, and you guys are flirting leisurely here. If I spread this online, you two will definitely be condemned by the netizens!”

Qiao’s messy white medical robe is untidy and he was standing against the wall to take a breath from work. Unexpectedly, as soon as the two arrived, he immediately got forced to watch their intimate actions. Feeling discomposed, he rushed over to the pair like a gust of wind. Qiao stretched out his hand to pull at Xiào Mu, but got slapped away by Leo unceremoniously, “Keep your distance from him.”

Qiao muttered angrily as he walked toward the hospital, “Stingy.”

Qiao took the two directly to his research room. Unlike his appearance, his research room is clean and tidy; containing a lot of medical equipment. Qiao pointed to the box-shaped equipment with the square screen in the middle, “This is the quantum examination device.”

The equipment in this world rarely uses physical screens as virtual screens can almost meet all requirements of usage. Obviously, this screen is a quantum glass. Although Qiao’s eyes are bloodshot, it couldn’t hide the bright light in them, “Before you arrived, I have examined 5 sentinels with different spiritual injuries, and their spiritual state is different from each other.”

As Qiao said that, he tapped at his terminal and called up the examination results just now. There are 5 pictures in total, which are shown to Xiào Mu, one by one like a slide presentation. The result of the sentinels’ spiritual state this time is very different. Previously, if the spiritual filaments are damaged, all results will show the same shadow 1 regardless of the degree of injury. The latest result would still show the shadow, but because of the different degrees of damage, the color ranges from white, grey to black so the degree of damage is clear at a glance.

Qiao looked at Xiào Mu expectantly, “I can now be sure that the quantum examination device can determine different degrees of spiritual damage, but how to judge whether someone is controlled by spiritual power. What are you going to do?”

Xiào Mu thought for a while and said, “I will do an examination on myself first, and then contact 2 guide friends to do the examination. This is to record how a guide’s spiritual state looks like if they are not being controlled.” He paused before adding, “The next thing to do is to find a controlled guide and compare the spiritual state diagram.”

Qiao frowned, “But we don’t know who is being controlled. You may not know this but the guide who launched the attack previously had no abnormalities at all before the attack. No one found that something is wrong with him. Hence, we can’t tell who is being controlled.”

Xiào Mu: “I can.”

“You can?” Qiao widened his eyes.

“Yes, do you remember Novi?” Xiào Mu only said that without any specific explanation as he opened his terminal. He contacted Hawke and Gu Miao, asking them for help.

Although Planet Yao’s situation is better than that of other planets, the overall atmosphere is still extremely tense compared to usual. The previous attack by the guide did not cause the guide’s reputation to deteriorate like in Planet Yan, but their situation in the public is still a little different from the usual. Hawke and Gu Miao have been staying in the Zhao family’s main house these days. In fact, not only them, but both families are almost staying together to avoid danger.

The two of them received a call from Xiào Mu. Upon hearing about his purpose, they immediately agreed. But when they want to go out, they are blocked by their family members. Zhao Sheng’s father didn’t let them go until they said their purpose. In the end, the two are accompanied by Zhao Sheng himself, along with two high-level sentinels in the family and many guards. The group went to the hospital together.

The surveillance of the hospital’s special corridor is connected to Qiao’s research room. Xiào Mu couldn’t help but be stunned when he saw such a large number of people on the surveillance screen. Then, he sighed, “It seems that the situation is really bad.”

“Everyone is keeping to themselves for safety,” Qiao replied casually. When he saw so many people coming over, he called Zhao Sheng’s number and yelled in the call, “The 2 guides plus you can come. The rest please stop right there! The research room cannot fit so many people.”

Zhao Sheng soon brought Gu Miao and Hawke to the research room. Qiao saw that there are only 3 of them and is satisfied. Then, he turned to Xiào Mu. Xiào Mu checked the spiritual power of the 2 and saw that both of their spiritual power is approaching the safe point. Xiào Mu couldn’t help but frown and used his skills on them. After that, he checked their spiritual state to confirm that there is no spiritual damage. Knowing that they are only down with fatigue, Xiào Mu felt relieved.

“You two have used too much spiritual power. Fortunately, it’s still before the safe point. You guys must pay attention to it in the future.” Xiào Mu’s instinct as a doctor acted and he subconsciously reminded.

Hawke’s eyes widened, “You are so amazing, I can immediately feel that my spiritual power is filling up.”

Gu Miao’s eyes glowed, “Me too.”

Zhao Sheng looked at Xiào Mu gratefully when he saw Gu Miao regain his spirit.

Xiào Mu smiled. He didn’t feel proud, but grateful to have the system to help him. After thinking about it, he thought of the reason for their fatigue, “Are you currently in making medicine or giving spiritual treatment?”

“Making medicine,” Hawke answered. “I use the institute’s pheromone agents and injection of spiritual power. It is much faster than making my own medicine.”

Gu Miao impressively looked at Xiào Mu with bright eyes. “I heard that no matter what kind of agents in the research institute, you can double the effect. But for me, I can only increase half of the efficiency. Also, for agents with the efficiency of 4,000 points or more, my spiritual power will have even less effect.”

Hawke sounded depressed as he said, “I can only increase the efficiency of agents with 1,000 points by half.” As he said, he laughed to himself, “but fortunately, as long as the guide injects their spiritual power into the medicine, it can be used once in 2 hours, and there are no side effects.”

Only then did Xiào Mu know that different guides give different enhancements to the guide pheromone agent. He can only guess that it is related to the strength of their spiritual power. Seeing that the spiritual power of the two had returned to the peak, Xiào Mu signaled to Qiao, “You can examine them now.”

Qiao swiftly examined the spiritual state of Gu Miao and Hawke neatly. After finishing, he compared Xiào Mu’s spiritual state with their result, side by side.

“Oh, God, your spiritual power is really amazing.” Qiao sighed as he looked at the densely packed glowing filaments in Xiào Mu’s spiritual state.

“Xiào Mu is amazing!” Hawke’s eyes glowed. For him, he already has more than 30 spiritual filaments. But compared with Xiào Mu, it seems to be the difference between water droplets and the sea.

Xiào Mu smiled and said, “Spiritual power is not only determined by the number of spiritual filaments. The strength of your spiritual filaments is very high. Right now, you have broken through Level D- (2000). At this speed, it is not difficult to reach Level D (3000).”

“Really?” Hawke asked excitedly.

“Yes.” Xiào Mu nodded.

While speaking, Xiào Mu’s gaze stayed on the picture of their spiritual state. After he looked them through, he breathed a sigh of relief, “It’s all the same. The spiritual state is perfect and has no impurities.”

Qiao: “So, how do you find someone who is controlled by spiritual power?”

Xiào Mu shrugged, “This is not certain, but according to the enemy’s behavior, I don’t think they will be merciful to Planet Yao’s people. At the moment, we have prepared in advance and have been on guard so the enemies don’t have a chance to start. But the controlled guide will definitely be more than 1.”

“Of course,” Xiào Mu smiled, “If there is only 1 guide, that would be the best. From tomorrow onward, I will perform checks on the guide.”

Xiào Mu thought for a while and said, “If there is no result from tomorrow’s check, then I will contact Planet Yan. They have a controlled guide who launched an attack at their White Tower. The guide’s spiritual power is damaged, but he is still alive.”

Qiao rubbed the bridge of his nose and yawned, “Tomorrow, huh? Then I will take a break now. I will follow you for the checking tomorrow. I’m very interested in how you check it.”

Amused, Xiào Mu said, “I can recognize them at a glance so it’s nothing special to see. You should take a good rest, I’ll take my leave now.”

Qiao waved his hand and said stubbornly, “Remember to inform me tomorrow. I must watch by the side.”

Xiào Mu nodded. Qiao is very experienced in spiritual power and he is also the one who studied the instruments. It might be helpful to go together. He smiled at Hawke and Gu Miao, “Thank you for being here even though it’s so late. Let’s go back and rest now.”

Hawke said, “It’s good that I can help,” he scratched his hair, annoyed. “You don’t know but Lyle has been busy these days. I can’t help with anything and it makes me feel so useless.”

Xiào Mu patted Hawke on the shoulder, “Aren’t you making medicine for him?”

“But it’s still not enough,” Hawke said, “I don’t want him to be so busy. It’s all the fault of those bad guys. They have so much free time in hand and just trying to create troubles, a bunch of lunatics!”

Yóu Mò, the boss of a group of lunatics that Hawke just cursed, is sitting on a large sofa in a villa. He is sitting with his leg crossed, one hand supporting his chin, and the other casually resting on the back of the sofa. With a faint smile at the corner of his mouth, he looked at the two people in the empty living room.

One of them is standing while another is laying on his stomach. The one standing is Mitte, who is wearing a black T-shirt and his face is white as paper. He had a cold look on his face and he is holding a thin needle. One of his feet is currently stepping on a man in black suit. If Planet Yan’s citizens saw him, they would be extremely surprised. This man is Planet Yan’s youngest politician, Miller. His prestige reached its peak not long ago, but today because his bonded guide attacked the White Tower, he is the most popular name on Planet Yan’s hot search, followed by vicious curses by the netizens.

“It’s you!” Miller’s fingers pressed softly against the floor, and the tip of his right finger is stained red with blood. He gritted his teeth and his words almost squeezed out between his teeth.

Mitte snorted coldly. He bent down and looked at him sullenly, “I haven’t seen you for so many years, are you happy to see me?”

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