Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 77

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Chapter 77 Terrible

Leo’s expression became even uglier when he saw Xiào Mu nodding. If the people at the base knew that Xiào Mu could release their mind control, they would definitely not let Xiào Mu go easily. Leo felt fortunate right now because Xiào Mu is by his side. If Xiào Mu stays in Zone A alone, he doesn’t know what will happen. He said in a deep voice, “You must tell me important things like this in the future. Do you know that your situation is very dangerous now?”

Xiào Mu is helpless. He couldn’t explain about himself, so no one knew that he could release spiritual mind control. He shrugged, “Even if there is no such thing, they will still attack me.”

Leo solemnly said, “If it’s just because you are a god-level guide, they won’t kill you. It’s different if your abilities affect them. You are very likely to ruin their plan so they will kill you directly.” He held Xiào Mu’s hand, “If you have anything else, don’t hide it from me.”

Xiào Mu raised his eyes and saw that Leo’s gaze is tense. After hesitating for a moment, he nodded, “Okay.”

As they are talking, Xiào Mu’s terminal suddenly vibrated and he is taken aback. After arriving at Planet Lu, the communication signal collapsed. The technical department personnel has been studying signal issues these days. At the same time, a personnel came to report, “Reporting, the communication signal has been restored.”

Xiào Mu connected the call, and Ren’s tired voice filled with excitement could be heard, “Finally, my call is connected. How are you doing? How about Louis and Leo?”

“We are all fine, they are by my side.”

Ren: “Get a meeting room and we’ll do a video call.”

Xiào Mu relayed Ren’s words, and the three of them plus Yin went to the meeting room together. Xiào Mu changed the call to video call, enlarged the virtual screen, and Ren appeared on the screen. Though Ren looked tired, seeing that all three of them are in good condition, his expression slightly loosened. With his back leaned on the chair, he said, “It’s good that you’re fine. The situation outside is very bad now.”

Ren continued with a serious expression, “3 days ago, a spiritual attack occurred on 4 planets in the interstellar alliance. The attack happened on the same day on 4 planets, which caused many sentinels to fall into mania and injured many guides.”

“In the next 2 days, incidents of bonded sentinel and guide pairs cutting off their bond occurred on various planets, including many planet military officers and politicians. 5 guides are victims of this incident, and their sentinels are currently in very bad condition.”

Leo held Xiào Mu’s hand and squeezed tightly. Xiào Mu gave him a soothing look in return.

Ren rubbed the bridge of his nose, “Planet Yao’s situation is in the best at the moment. We have a spiritual power protection device. When the spiritual attack occurs, the device works in time. It was a guide who launched the attack, and he himself is brain dead. ”

“Recently, the research institute and Golden Tower have cooperated so the output of highly effective guide-made agents has increased. The injured sentinels and guides have been treated in time. At present, all planets are seeking help from Planet Yao. They wanted Planet Yao to provide technical support on the spiritual power protection device and guide-made medicine.”

Ren roughly talked about the situation outside, and then asked, “How is your situation?”

Louis told Ren about their side. He only said Wen Xin escaped after being caught at the base and that there is no news after that. He did not mention what Wen Xin experienced at the base. After speaking, Louis told Ren about the 4 guides who were in the experiment and survived in the same batch as Wen Xin, “They are very likely to be under mind control. It is an unstable factor and very dangerous.”

Ren furrowed his eyebrows, “The marshal’s wife of Planet Hao? I remember him, he performed very well in this disaster and saved many of Planet Hao’s sentinels. If I remember correctly…” As he said, Ren’s expression swiftly changed, and he lowered his head to check his terminal, “The headline news today from Planet Hao stated that he will go to Planet Hao’s White Tower today to express condolences to the sentinels.”

Louis: “The number of sentinels in the White Tower is extremely large. The sentinels in the tower can’t control their spiritual power and five senses properly yet. If they are attacked by the spiritual power, the situation may be very terrible.”

Ren looked stern and quickly flipped through the news on the various planets on the terminal, and then transmitted it to the screen. The screen is divided into 2, with news on the left and Ren on the right. The news that Ren just uploaded from Planet Yan also included a boy in white. In the picture, the boy smiled joyfully.

“This guide from Planet Yan is the son of one of the guides you mentioned just now. He is bonded with Miller, Planet Yan’s youngest politician, not long ago.”

“After the marshal’s wife from Planet Hao announced that he would go to White Tower to express condolences, he made the same arrangement. He and his father are both high-level guides. When Planet Yan was attacked, they gathered many bonded guides to treat the injured sentinels so their prestige is soaring at the moment.”

Louis: “They must be stopped.”

Ren nodded and sighed again, “These 2 guides are very popular because of the attack. I will propose to hold an interstellar meeting to tell them what you have found at the base. Whether the marshals from Planet Hao and Planet Yan believe it or not, it is not up to me to decide.”

Louis looked at Ren gently, “Sorry, I will go back as soon as possible.”

Ren smiled and raised his eyebrows, “I can handle this.” He looked at Xiào Mu and said, “You are the lucky star of our empire. If it weren’t for you, the loss of our empire would be unpredictable.”

Xiào Mu smiled embarrassedly, “I didn’t do anything great. The starting point of my plan is originally out of concern for myself.”

Ren: “You are too modest. The research institute officials have announced that you are the one who proposed that they cooperate with Golden Tower. You have also made Level S pheromone agents out of the institute’s agents. Your popularity in the empire is even higher than the rascal Leo.”

Xiào Mu is surprised to hear that. He never thought that the research institute would actually announce it.

Leo humphed softly when he heard the words and hugged Xiào Mu; silently declaring his sovereignty. Ren glared at Leo, but there is a faint smile in his eyes, “Keep in touch. The empire is stable right now so don’t worry. I can handle it. You must pay attention to safety, and let me know if there are updates.”

Louis nodded and Ren stared at him for a few seconds before ending the call. Ren must request an interstellar conference as soon as possible. Otherwise, Planet Hao and Planet Yan might have an irreversible disaster.

When it is time for dinner, the technician who is in charge of recovering the data brought good news. The recovery of the data fragments is completed. However, all the data fragments added up don’t even exceed 300 words. The data recorded is very small, and many of the data can’t even tell what was originally recorded.

Xiào Mu pointed to the first word in the front fragment, “Explosion? Has the base ever been attacked?”

Leo gripped the fist in his hand. He can’t help thinking that the reason why there’s no news about his parents was that something went wrong in the explosion.

Louis voiced out, “Not necessarily,” he pointed to a few words behind that recorded about their research of a guide and its results in the following materials, “these 2 records are not far apart. If a serious incident occurs at the base, the research record will not be so detailed.”

Listening to their discussion, Yin suddenly said, “I know about this!” His voice is different from usual, it sounded a little low.

Xiào Mu held Leo’s hand and motioned him to enter his spiritual state. Then they listened to Yin’s explanation together.

“The day I heard you say that Xin Xin and Reacher did not go back, I found it very strange. Later, when we went to the jump point, you guys said that you didn’t find the jump point.” As he said, Yin’s voice increased, “I’m sure I remembered it correctly. Our clan’s memory is very good.”

In particular, they stay alone in the stone mound, and nothing happened in a long time. Hence, if something happens, they cannot forget about it. After he emphasized it, Yin continued, “After I left the starship that day, I went to the living quarters to find a comrade I knew, and asked him about what happened at the time. He told me…”

“He said that the bad people caught up with Xin Xin and Reacher when they made the jump, and then there was an explosion. The jump point got destroyed since then, and the people from the base built another jump point.”

“My comrade is not interested in human disputes. It is because of me that he pays special attention to Xin Xin and them. However, he said that after the explosion, all the people who fought at the jump point disappeared, leaving no trace.”

“I, I went to the base earlier just to check if the base has any subsequent records. The technology of the base’s interstellar teleportation is very powerful. I don’t believe that Xin Xin and Reacher really had an accident. Maybe they jumped to another planet!”

Leo relayed Yin’s words to Louis in real-time. After he finished speaking, Leo said, “I’ll go to the original jump point.”

They have already gotten the information they want so they don’t need to go inside the base. According to Xiào Mu’s relay from Yin’s words, the gravity sensing device there is most likely a bomb. The other party deliberately displayed Wen Xin’s information on the computer just to lead them over. When someone stepped on the floor tile, probably everyone who entered will be buried with the base.

“We go together,” Louis said, neatly ordering all parties to prepare.

The starship returned to the rock planet. With Yin leading the path, the starship quickly reached the destroyed transition point. Unlike previously when they just scan around whether the transition point exists, this time the investigation is detailed, and the surrounding material changes are all clearly measured. Louis took into account the unusual jump point at Zone F. This time, there are many experts related to the jump points in the trip. They quickly analyzed various data, and it didn’t take long for the results to be obtained.

“It is indeed fragments of a jump point. However, it is difficult to find all the destinations that the jump point leads.”

Someone suggested, “According to Lieutenant General Louis, one of the original destinations here must be pointing to Planet Yao. It may be possible to reproduce the point, but it may not be as accurate.”

Louis pondered and said, “If there is no better way, we’ll do that. How long will it take?”

The experts discussed for a while before saying, “At present, there are not enough professional manpower. We need people from the Empire. If it goes well, it will be done in half a month.”

Louis immediately made the decision, “I will contact the Empire to send the manpower and escorts you need. After the manpower arrived, starship no.1 will return to Planet Yao, while starship no.3 stay behind.”

Ren had just finished the interstellar meeting not long ago, but the process is not very pleasant. He asked his adjutant to pay attention to the situation of each planet in real-time, and he had been dealing with the affairs of the empire. After receiving the message from Louis, he immediately assigned the staff to release a Level A mission, and let the requested manpower set off that night.

Xiào Mu had dinner and asked the soldiers to mark the boundary between the living quarters according to Yin’s direction to avoid conflicts with the natives. After doing these things, he and Leo went for a walk in a green forest near the starship. As they are chatting, he received the news that the professionals had arrived1.

Xiào Mu looked at Leo and saw Leo is looking at him seriously. He laughed, “You want to know how I released the mind control?”

Leo: “I want to know if you are hiding anything else from me.”

Xiào Mu felt helpless and replied, “Yes.”

“Is it related to your safety?” Leo asked immediately.

Xiào Mu nodded, “Yes.” Then he thought for a while. Although he is not from this world, but according to the current situation, his status in the empire is already legal. So Xiào Mu added, “My safety won’t be affected anymore.”

Xiào Mu looked at the starship not far away, “Lieutenant General Louis said that after the professionals arrive, we will return immediately. Everything that you want to know, I will tell you on the starship during our return journey.”

Leo nodded, “Okay.”

The starship had just reached Zone F, and Xiào Mu’s terminal vibrated. Looking at the caller, Xiào Mu is a little surprised. It is from Novi.

“You must help me, please.” Novi’s voice sounded tired, the first sentence from him is a cry for help.

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