Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 44.1

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Chapter 44 Part 1 Renting

Xiào Mu hung up the call and said to the driver, “Go to the Zhao company.”

The captain of the guards, Ah Da said solemnly, “Master Xiào Mu, it’s dangerous for you outside now. It is safer to return to the marshal residence instead.”

Xiào Mu: “I won’t go outside to the public. It’s just going to the Zhao company and I’ll use the special passage from the back. There will be someone picking me up, so I won’t be discovered by others.”

As Xiào Mu said, he felt a little helpless, but this situation is really not what he wanted. Even if Golden Tower stopped forcing him to stay in the Golden Tower, he still has no freedom because he has to worry about his safety. After solving the problem of the Golden Tower, Xiào Mu now had to find a way to normalize his existence, so that he could live like an ordinary person, walking on the street without being watched.

Ah Da took out a peaked cap with a long brim, “If you insist, please put this on.”

Xiào Mu took the cap and put it on his head, “Don’t be so nervous!”

“Master Xiào Mu, the Internet is full of news about you. Many people hope that you can continue to make medicine and that Delish can open as soon as possible. Because of the announcement Delish put up, some people even went to leave messages on the official website of Golden Tower so that they will not interfere with your life.”

“Yeah, those sentinels are crazy. If they see you, they will definitely pounce and get you to make medicine on the spot.”

“There have been some bad rumors in Golden Tower recently. Some people suspected that you have been treated unfairly in the Golden Tower and secretly ran out to hide your identity. Reporters from major news agencies are thinking of finding you as soon as possible to interview you.”

“There are still many high-level sentinels who want you to be their guide and fought. They also open bets on the Internet who can become your partner. They all look forward to meeting you and showing their best to you!”

“Of course, although Major General Leo hasn’t responded in recent days, his position is still the highest.”

Xiào Mu’s face became darker as he listened. He looked at his guards who have stiff expressions and deeply felt that he shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. His first impression of them was they are people who don’t speak much!

“You guys sure know the information on the Internet really well.” Xiào Mu sighed.

“It’s related to the safety of Master Xiào Mu, of course, we have to keep an eye on it.”

“Furthermore, Master Xiào Mu doesn’t take us when you go out. We have time so much time in our hands.”

The corner of Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched but he didn’t speak. He didn’t like that someone is following him all the time. Leo left the 4 guards in Zone A because he(L) could take care of him, which the arrangement is particularly to Xiào Mu’s liking.

The aircraft landed behind the Zhao company, and Xiào Mu is escorted off the aircraft. Zhao Sheng greeted him, and the group used the president’s elevator to the 26th floor. The adjustment value of the measurement device requires many people with different spiritual powers for the data and the accurate value will be recorded as mentioned by Xiào Mu. Hence, all the people who work in the Zhao company are called upstairs in batches by Zhao Sheng to test the measurement device. Even the 4 guards around Xiào Mu joined as the testing subject. Even so, the numbers are still not fully adjusted.

Zhao Sheng saw that it is almost half-past five, and quickly said, “We will continue tomorrow.”

Xiào Mu nodded, “Okay, we can’t get any more people today so there will be no progress. By the way, I have something to tell you.”

Zhao Sheng paid attention the moment he heard Xiào Mu is specifically mentioning a matter. He knew that Xiào Mu went to Planet Ba to find herbs last time, so he could guess what Xiào Mu is going to say. It should be about the new medicine, so he motioned to go to the office to talk. There are only two of them in the office. Zhao Sheng turned on the sound insulation system.

Xiào Mu told Zhao Sheng about his cooperation with Planet Ba and Irwin, “I tried to make more medicine in the past 2 days. When the measurement device is officially usable, Delish will reopen. ” He thought for a while and said, “The measurement device needs to be put into production as soon as possible, and multiple testing sites should be opened too. People who want to buy medicine can buy it after getting tested with the device.”

Zhao Sheng looked at Xiào Mu in surprise. To think he could actually make such a highly effective medicine so quickly. Zhao Sheng wanted to say something but seeing Xiào Mu’s indifferent expression and doesn’t look excited at all, he secretly praised that Xiào Mu’s temperament is surprisingly calm. Zhao Sheng nodded in agreement with Xiào Mu’s proposal, “The measuring device is being produced, and I have tentatively decided to make 100 units.”

As expected of a big company’s boss, Zhao Sheng is very thoughtful. After finished talking about their business, Xiào Mu asked with a smile, “How are Hawke and Gu Miao?”

Zhao Sheng looked gentle as he said, “Hawke has been practicing to control his spiritual power. Miao Miao has made some medicine in the last 2 days. He didn’t dare to let me take it, but I ate it secretly anyway. The effect is good. If you have time, please help him check his result.”

When Xiào Mu heard that, he had a new idea. He pondered for a moment before speaking, “Our goal is to let sentinel get used to medicine gradually and no longer rely on the guide. The number of sentinels is too large so we have to buy medicine from guides who can make it. If only relying on me to determine the effect of the medicine, it will be too slow and not practical.” Xiào Mu asked, “Can an instrument be made to measure the efficiency of the pills?”

Zhao Sheng replied, “At present, we know that guide pheromone agent has 3 levels; low, medium, and high. It’s the same as the spiritual power level where the levels only represent the approximate recovery range value. However, a device can be made to check the efficacy value, it should be no problem.” He finalized it in one fell swoop, “I will let people study it as soon as possible, and I may need your help at that time.”

Xiào Mu smiled and said, “It’s fine. I don’t know anything about various instruments, so this is the least I can help.”

Zhao Sheng looked at Xiào Mu and said, “You really surprised me. If I didn’t know your age, I would never believe that you are a minor.”

Xiào Mu blinked. He is not a minor in the first place.

Zhao Sheng knocked on the table, “According to the original plan, I will transfer Delish to you after you come to age. But now, your identity is exposed. Although you are a minor and cannot be the boss, I still want to hand over the executive rights of the company to you.”

Xiào Mu is taken aback for a moment, and then he thought about it seriously. Delish Meds is created according to his plan. It was only because of his age and status that Zhao Sheng became the boss. For Zhao Sheng, the money he makes in Delish is not even enough for him to invest, so he is actually doing voluntary labor and it is just so he could achieve his goal for the freedom of guides.

Zhao Sheng saw Xiào Mu is silent, thinking that Xiào Mu might be worried that he would not be able to handle it, he then said, “You know the best about the medicine, like when you will make new ones, how effective it will be, and what price to set. On the other hand, the company will be handed over to you sooner or later, so it’s better to operate according to your idea from the start.” He smiled, “Of course, I will provide all the technical support you need.”

Xiào Mu thinks what Zhao Sheng said is right, but he still has concerns, “I have a lot of things I don’t understand. Although I temporarily dropped out of school, I will be taking entrance exams for university next year. I am afraid that time will not be enough.”

Xiào Mu’s medicine-making skills came from the system. He himself has almost no understanding of medicine. He has to master the skills himself, and also study the differences and commonalities between the system’s medicine-making skill and the one in reality. In this way, he may be able to make greater improvements, and also find a method suitable for guides to make the medicine. The success of his plan depends on how many guides can learn to make medicine. This will provide the guides sufficient independence and guarantees that the supply of medicines is adequate. Only if the medicine supply is sufficient, the sentinel’s reliance on the guide will be reduced. When it gradually evolves to the point where guides are not necessary, then the sentinel’s obsession with the guide will be reduced accordingly.

This is beneficial for the sentinels too. After all, the number of sentinels is much higher than that of guides, so even if they are matched 1-to-1, there are still a lot of sentinel bachelors. Without having to consider their safety anymore (from mental confusion), sentinels will be able to choose someone else, other than guides. And because of the uniqueness of the guide and their medicine-making, they will still have an advantage in society. Therefore, they don’t need to worry about the decline of the guide’s status.

“It’s okay. You only need to grasp the general direction of the company’s operations. I will arrange the subordinates that are needed.” Zhao Sheng said, “Actually, it is almost the same as now, but minus the step when I help to convey your message/directions to the public.”

“If you think about it, you actually are the one who decided the pricing and publicity of the company’s opening. I’m simply arranging the staff as you said.”

Xiào Mu is convinced by Zhao Sheng and agreed, “Okay, I will take over Delish. Delish and Zhao will be partners in the future, and the equipment will be purchased from you at market prices.”

Zhao Sheng shook his head, “We have a common goal. Although the company is yours, you can’t do things alone. Equipment and manpower are considered my support to you.”

Xiào Mu didn’t push it, this little money is not enough for Zhao Sheng to do anything anyway, “Okay, I will go back and think about the company’s development plan.”

Back at the Marshal’s Mansion, Xiào Mu happened to run into Leo, who is walking out with a sullen face. Leo looked at him up and down. When he saw that Xiào Mu is alright, his expression eased and he asked, “Why are you back so late?”

“I went to the Zhao company just now. Are you going to go out?” Xiào Mu asked casually.

“I was going to find you.” Leo turned back and went into the hall with Xiào Mu.

As soon as he entered, Xiào Mu saw Greene sitting in the corner of the sofa with swollen eyes, and Ren is talking to him.

Ren saw them coming in and smiled, “So you guys met at the doorstep?”

Leo nodded. Glancing at Greene, he couldn’t help frowning. Ren asked the butler to take Greene back to his room to rest and let him deliver some food as well.

“He got terribly scolded by Kain, and now he doesn’t say a word.” Ren sighed, feeling that Greene is quite pitiful.

Leo didn’t speak, but Ren warned, “I will ask him personally so you are not allowed to ask him anything. If you frightened him, he might end up not saying anything.”

Leo sneered, “I don’t want to watch him cry, it’s time for dinner now.”

Xiào Mu and the two had dinner. After a rest, Xiào Mu and Leo went to the training room to train. Xiào Mu’s training range is basically on the periphery of the gym. So sports equipment such as the treadmill or for strength training and sit-ups are all on the periphery.

Leo on the other hand occupies a large area in the middle. Most of the time he is practicing with his mecha. It’s not any majestic combat training, but simple exercises that are done repeatedly. For example, squat and stand up, or jump on the spot. Another training is putting an object in front of the mecha and roll it up with the panther’s tail, then put it back in place. Leo would practice only 1 movement throughout the night, and sometimes for several days in a row. Xiào Mu couldn’t help but admire Leo after seeing it. Such patience!

After Xiào Mu finished doing 100 sit-ups, he rested for a while and took a boost pill. Just as he is about to continue exercising, the butler walked in and said, “Master Xiào Mu, the marshal has something to look for you.”

Xiào Mu wiped the sweat from his forehead and followed the butler to leave the training ground.

The panther, which was exercising its tail, stopped for a while. Then its big head looked towards the door. After a while, Leo jumped off the mecha and left the training ground in strides. When he arrived in the living room, he saw Ren holding a cup of tea and drinking. Leo asked directly, “Where is Xiào Mu?”

Ren: “Greene didn’t want to communicate with me. He asked to see Xiào Mu and will only tell Xiào Mu what happened after he got kidnapped.”

Leo frowned and turned to leave but Ren softly called out, “Stop. Greene can’t hurt Xiào Mu, I promise. And…even if Greene has the ability, he probably can’t bear to hurt other people. He was raised to become too timid by Kain.”

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