Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 The End

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List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)
莱恩 Ryan (Lion) / 黄远 Huang Yuan (Female)
巴奥 Ba-Ao (Brown winged bear) / 霍斯 Howth (Golden winged lion)
雷切尔 Rey (???) / 艾德琳 Adeline (Female)

卡索 Casso (Winged wolf) / 球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)
里亚 Ria (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)
米莎 Misha (Female)

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Chapter 98 The End

On the other side, Lin Mu woke up when sleeping for 5 or 6 hours. When he woke up, he thought he is still at home. Then, after he called Patrik many times and no one answered, he realized that he is still in the maze. Trapped in this weird cave, Lin Mu felt that he wanted to cry at that moment. He missed Patrik so much. They have never separated since they were got together. And Lin Mu doesn’t know how is Patrik now. Patrik must be very anxious to know that he is missing.

After sniffing a bit, Lin Mu stood up. Only then he started paying attention to the paintings carved on the stone wall. The cave is brightly lit, but Lin Mu didn’t find anything that is illuminating the place. After looking carefully, unexpectedly, it is these stone walls that are emitting light. It’s not like the glowing stones that he found before, but the paintings are glowing. Lin Mu felt that these murals are telling a story, so he started looking at it from the beginning.

Lin Mu didn’t stop until he reached the stone room and read all the murals. It turns out that the content recorded in the mural is the story of the famous beast god and how he created human beings. Apparently, the beast god came to this world as a last resort, because he couldn’t win over other gods to fight for more civilized planets. In the end, he simply received such an uncivilized planet and his task is to bring civilization.

Turning the beasts into humans can solve the bloody fight amongst the beasts and also can impart civilization at the same time. The beast god is quite clever as this method can kill two birds with one stone. As for the reason why there are no women in the beastman mainland and only has so-called females with the same appearance as men, it seems that female beasts at that time were too weak and not suitable for reproduction1.

It was a good thing originally. The beast god has solved the problem and civilization is spread, so he could idle in his own world of nothingness. But later, things got a little bit beyond what beast god expected. The beast god has never thought that as the supreme beast god, a god worshipped by everyone, the beastmen would take a liking on him. To be precise, they fell in love with him, and they were all males. Apart from that, the saddest thing is that, as the supreme so-called beast god with boundless magic power, he carelessly ate a random kind of fruit that could cause one to fall into estrus. The effect can only be resolved by getting someone to have [s]e[x]. So, simply put, the beast god lost his v-ir-gin-ity.

The beast god who thought he is a straight man got topped, so he is naturally unwilling and punished the beastmen in a fit of anger. He couldn’t announce the embarrassing truth so he accused them of disrespecting the beast god, and that their existence is evil, etc. After that, he stated that he would abandon them which means the beastmen will not be recognized as the beast god’s citizen. However, in the end, the beast god did live a happy life with his men2.

Lin Mu is immersed in shock for a long time after reading everything. What shocked him the most is not what happened to beast god and his men, but the squarish characters written on the stone wall – which are extremely familiar to him.

That sentence said, “Huh, you dare to take advantage of this great god?! I’ll make sure that you won’t be able to bear the consequences!”

“This master here is a straight man. You want to top me?! Not a chance!”

“Damn bastards, everyone worked together to scheme against me! Are you still a man?! Everyone is a bastard!”

Right now, Lin Mu is wondering if the so-called great god is someone from modern china who has godly cultivation. If he is, then Lin Mu really wanted to yell at the sky that the truth is extremely trivial! But even if he is a godly cultivator, Lin Mu still wanted to curse the so-called beast god. The reason Lin Mu is so resentful is because he is inside someone’s locked diary. That’s why he couldn’t get out of this place even after walking so long and taking many twists and turns.

According to the darned old man, this great god naturally did not take the usual path to record his diary entries like writing and drawing in a book like ordinary people. He built such a maze instead. The reason why Lin Mu has not gone out yet is because the maze is directly circular. The circles are connected with a corridor; one circle after another. Each circle has a corridor that looked exactly the same and is painted exactly the same.

As for the mural, as for why it is in such a place, the beast god thinks it is safer. If you ask why he doesn’t just write it out, it is because the beast god thinks that painting can better reflect his talents. Then why each circular room has so many identical corridors and exactly the same murals? That’s because the beast god thinks that he is very leisurely and free, and he is painting for fun. As for how many circular rooms there are, and if there is a way out, Lin Mu felt that even if his character points3 maxed out, he still would not be able to get out.

Lin Mu sat on the ground dejectedly. Looking at the stone chamber which he doesn’t know belonged to which circle, he scolded, “What a damn pit!”

Lin Mu cursed that the beast god could not get out of bed x1000 times in his heart. Not only did the beast god harm his man (Patrik), but he also made a maze to trap him here. Even if there is a small chance of going out, Lin Mu still won’t give up. He stared at 10 stone gates that are exactly the same; even the carved lines looked the same. He had no choice but to choose one at random to continue walking. After 6 or 7 hours have passed, Lin Mu entered the circular room for the 3rd time and sat on the ground with a frustrated expression. He hasn’t eaten for a long time, and he is very hungry now, so he needs to save his energy.

Lin Mu looked at the same place and thought pessimistically, “Am I really going to die here?”

Patrik woke up the next day and shouted, “Mumu! Mumu!” No one responded to himself. His Mumu has not been found yet. Seeing Jason come in, Patrik muttered, “Jason…”

Jason shook his head, “I haven’t found him yet. How about you eat something first? Then we will continue to look for him. Don’t worry, nothing wrong will happen to Lin Mu.”

But how could Patrik eat anything? Getting out of bed, Patrik said, “I will continue to look for him.”

Jason understood Patrik’s feelings now and didn’t force it.

When Patrik and the other beastmen walked out of the room, they saw Casso standing in front of them.

Casso said, “Uncle Patrik, I know a place.” He glanced at Qiuqiu in his arms, “Maybe Uncle Lin Mu is there.”

“Where is this place you are talking about? Take me there!” Patrik wouldn’t let go of any possibility of finding Lin Mu.

Casso turned into his beast form and lead the way for Patrik.

“Why is it outside the valley? How could Mumu get out of the valley?”

Patrik keeps thinking that Lin Mu is somewhere in the valley before this. He never thought Lin Mu would be outside the valley instead because he arranged people in all directions at any time to take note of the people who came out of the valley but no one saw Lin Mu getting out of the valley. But right now, he has no choice but to get Jason and the others to continue searching in the valley with other men, while he follows Casso to check out the place outside. There is a voice in his heart that told him to follow Casso. Although Lin Mu was not seen going out of the valley, the voice in his heart is too strong for him to ignore.

They reached a location and walked into an extremely hidden cave. Following behind Casso and Qiuqiu, Patrik doesn’t know how many turns he has taken or how far he walked. But at the next moment, he saw Lin Mu lying on the ground.

“Look! That’s Uncle Lin Mu!”

When Patrik saw Lin Mu lying on the ground, his heart almost stopped. He didn’t dare to think negatively. Immediately, he ran over and carefully hugged the person into his arms. Then, Patrik realized that Lin Mu is just asleep. Finally, his heart could calm down. He carefully checked Lin Mu’s body and found that there are only some minor scratches which is not a big problem. To be able to find the person he thought is lost, Patrik’s eyes reddened.

“Let’s go back quickly. Mumu hasn’t eaten for a long time, so he must be hungry.” They rushed out and didn’t notice that Lin Mu still didn’t wake up despite the jostle and noise.

When everyone saw Patrik carrying Lin Mu back, they heaved a sigh of relief. The beastmen understood how important Lin Mu is to their tribe leader. Also, Lin Mu is very important to their tribe.

Lin Mu didn’t wake up until it got dark. The moment he saw Patrik guarding beside him, he burst into tears. When he thought he is going to die in the maze, he didn’t cry at all. However, when he saw Patrik, Lin Mu couldn’t bear it anymore. Holding onto Patrik in his arms, he cried for a long time; crying out of all the fright he suffered and the fear that he would never see Patrik again.

In the end, Lin Mu could only complain that he is hungry while hiccupping.

Patrik took care of everything for Lin Mu. Even when he is eating, Patrik wants to hold Lin Mu in his arms. The thing that happened this time has traumatized Patrik, he would feel upset whenever he couldn’t see Lin Mu.

Lin Mu calmed down after eating. He is not sleepy after sleeping for so long, so he told Patrik about what he had encountered. Speaking of when he thought he is going to be trapped in the cave, Patrik held the person tightly in his arms. The hug caused Lin Mu to feel pain, but on the other hand, he felt extremely relieved. Lin Mu continued to tell Patrik about his experience.

It turned out that after he unknowingly fell asleep in the cave, he saw the beast god in his dream. Lin Mu understood that it must be the beast god contacting him via his dream because no one would know that they are inside a dream when sleeping.

In his dream, Lin Mu got to know that his previous guess is correct, but not 100% correct. This beast god is indeed from china, but ancient China to be precise. Because of his cultivation, he flew into the sky and became a god in the god realm. However, the so-called God Realm is not like the one he watched on TV where there’s a Jade Emperor or Queen Mother of the West. It’s just a relatively high-level world. Everyone in the god realm is very leisurely4. This beast god peers down the sky when he is bored, so he has learned the modern language style. People in the God Realm are very idle, there’s nothing to do except to cultivate. Most of them stayed in their own world of nothingness to cultivate and there is no entertainment at all. Therefore, the gods are all lonely. Hence, what everyone looked forward to the most is the world rotation that comes once per 10,000-year.

The so-called rotation is for the god to govern a world for 10,000 years. They will then switch hands after that. And so, the people in the god realm still have something to do. They can manage parallel worlds or new planets, but when there are more than enough people but not many worlds, there are always plenty of people who have nothing to do each time. They can continue to wait for another 10,000 years, or wait for a new world to emerge from a tear in the space.

However, newly emerged worlds are always so backward. Naturally, there won’t be any entertainment at all. Unlike interesting worlds where the civilization has developed to a certain degree, such as modern china. However, it is clear that this beast god has no luck. After waiting for 10,000 years and drawing lots, he ended up with a newly emerged world. He has no way but to take on the role of spreading civilization. Play time is non-existing then. But because of a word of anger from the beast god, he caused something like drifter beastman to be created. He still has to stay back to resolve the issue even though he has completed his mission to spread civilization and can return to his world of nothingness.

After knowing the truth, Lin Mu asked, “You are the beast god. You are the boss of this time and space. There are still things you can’t solve?”

Beast god: “I am a god, but not almighty. Every world has its own laws. Even if I can revise the laws, I can’t ruin the laws. Therefore, I have no way to take back my words of impulse.”

Lin Mu despised, “Why, do you think you are the majestic emperor? Like you cannot take back your words and have to say you’re right even though you are wrong?!”

Beast god gave an innocent look and said, “It has nothing to do with majestic. In fact, I am not someone who only cares for my face. It’s just that since I created this matter, I need a certain ‘opportunity’ to solve it. No matter what, it’s a punishment and will need something equivalent to cancel it off.”

Lin Mu puzzledly asked, “You mean it’s a punishment for drifter beastman, right? Because I can’t see you being punished at all.”

Beast god blushed, “My punishment is quite serious, and I need to keep them with me all the time.”

Lin Mu continued to despise, “How is that a punishment? Didn’t your diary say you are living a happy life right now? With those few people around you, your s-e.x.u-a-l happiness must be indispensable.”

Beast god changed the topic, “Let’s talk about that ‘opportunity’ I mentioned before.”

Lin Mu waved his hand, “Don’t tell me that I am the ‘opportunity’, so you brought me here to this world.”

Beast god shook his head and thought to himself, ‘You are just the cause of the opportunity, The reason why you are chosen is because the food you cook is not bad.’ Of course, the beast god won’t say these words out loud.

Beast god: “Actually, the opportunity is the emergence of the drifter beastman tribe. You should know, if one owns a tribe, the tribe will have the right to survive in this world. A strong tribe is a prerequisite for a good life. So as long as the drifter beastman has a strong tribe, the punishments that I have imposed on their offspring will be eliminated. After all, my punishment cannot be imposed on any tribe that is living a normal life. Therefore, the drifter beastman in the future can naturally depend on this tribe to survive.”

Lin Mu: “Do you think my tribe is strong enough?”

Beast god nodded, “Yeah, didn’t they won in the end?”

Lin Mu asked puzzledly, “What?”

Beast god: “Nothing.”

The two speechless stared at each other.

A few minutes later.

Lin Mu: “You won’t let me die here, will you?”

Beast god shook his head: “Absolutely not!”

Lin Mu is relieved to hear that. Then they continued to stare at each other speechlessly.

Beast god: “Erm, I want to discuss something with you.”

Lin Mu: “What?”

Beast god: “Can you count me in when you are cooking in the future?”

Lin Mu: “Do you want to live in my house?”

Beast god: “No, it’s fine if you offer it as an offering.”

Lin Mu took advantage of the opportunity, “What benefit will I get from doing this?”

Beast god: “I will give you what you want most. Apart from that, Lin Mu, you may not know this but the lifespan of a beastman in this world is very long. They can almost live for more than 500 years. Your lifespan is not enough, so I will give you the same long lifespan as Patrik as an extra reward. So, could you let me order some food occasionally?”

What the beast god said made Lin Mu realize that he has a lifespan problem in this world. It is too cost-effective to think that cooking a meal can earn him such a long lifespan. The beast god also said that it is an extra gift, which means the main reward is more special. Lin Mu felt that he still got the best of the bargain so he agreed.

Lin Mu: “How do you deal with the drifter beastman tribe?”

Beast god: “Now that the opportunity has come, I don’t have any constraints anymore. It’s easy to handle this by myself.”

Lin Mu: “By the way, what will happen if I don’t agree to cook for you?”

Of course, Lin Mu asked this as a joke.

Beast god also answered casually, “Then I will delay the matter to clean the drifter beastman’s name and let it drag on for more than 10 or 20 years.”

Lin Mu: “You!”

Beast god fawned, “Hehe, I just want to eat some delicious food. It’s not an excessive request, right? You will definitely agree to such a good condition, so naturally, there will be no delays.”

Lin Mu didn’t want to continue acting petty with the beast god either. He understood that this beast god is just a foodie and a dummy.

And so, the two discussed the number of times to cook, and the beast god’s consciousness left after that. Lin Mu continued to sleep, but just before going to deep sleep, he could not help thinking about one thing. This whole matter regarding drifter beastmen felt like a child’s play, and Lin Mu felt so wronged for Patrik and the rest. Also, he doesn’t seem to be able to see the beast god’s face clearly. It seems that beast god is ‘someone whose face cannot be shown to other people’5.

Lin Mu finished talking about the beast god, and Patrik finally knew that drifter beastmen are actually not abandoned by the god. Even though the reasons that caused the matter… En… He won’t comment about the part. Right now, they know that they are about to get rid of the burden as a drifter beastman, they are already satisfied.

Looking at the person in his arms, Patrik felt that his thought a long time ago is correct. This person is the gift that the beast god gave him.

Casso turned into his beast form and lay together with Qiuqiu.

[Qiuqiu, how did you know Lin Mu is in that cave?]

[I had a dream yesterday. I dreamed about that person who took me out of the Mist Forest before this, though I couldn’t see his face clearly. He told me that Lin Mu is at that place and imprinted the route in my mind. I thought it is just a dream, but since I remembered the route so clearly, I knew it is not a dream. I just don’t know who is that person.]

[Whoever he is, he must be a good person if he led us to save Lin Mu. It’s fine as long as he is a good person.]

The beastmen treated their injuries and started flying to the basin ground that Lin Mu had chosen before this to meet up with Huang Yuan and the other tribespeople. Again, they are flying to the place where they want to build their homes, but this time they have more hope for the future!

Getting rid of the shackles for being drifter beastman, the word drifter beastman will no longer be a burden on them. The beastmen also believe that their tribe, the drifter beastman tribe, will become stronger and better, and their life will be better and better!

Lin Mu looked at the rising sun and said to Patrik under him, “Patrik, we are going to build our new home.”

“En, this time I’ll still follow your requests on how you want the house to be built.”


“Patrik, when I chose to leave with you that time, I didn’t expect to enjoy such a good life afterward. Also, your goal6 is achieved.”

At that time, Lin Mu never thought that this person would be someone who will stay with him for a lifetime; knowing each other, loving each other, and staying together forever. To have someone spoiling him, loving him, accepting his everything without restrictions… with such a person accompanying him, Lin Mu has no regrets in this life.

“En, it’s even better.” In Patrik’s heart, as long as Lin Mu is by his side, everything is good.

A lifetime partner is someone who will accompany you for a lifetime; not only the companion of life but also the side that completes the soul.

Accompanied by the rising sun, the drifter beastmen flew towards their new home. In the future, they no longer have to hide themselves. They can live upright under the sun, and can proudly tell others that their tribe is called the drifter beastman tribe.

Lin Mu looked ahead and waved his fist, “Forward to our drifter beastman tribe!”

In the cheering and roar of the beastman, everyone flew into the distance.

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