Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 43.2

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Chapter 43 Part 2 Clan

After breakfast, Xiào Mu returned to the dormitory. From a distance, he saw Irwin commanding a few soldiers and directing them to put Wolfberry leaf to the door of his room. After a while, the empty space in front of the dormitory is full of Wolfberry leaves. When Xiào Mu approached, he couldn’t help but wondered out loud, “You couldn’t be digging up all the Wolfberry leaf?”

“Of course not. I know sustainable development,” Irwin smiled and narrowed his eyes. “It’s a total of 200 catties1, you don’t want it?”

“No, I want it. I don’t mind excess at all,” Xiào Mu smiled and asked, “You have any more porcelain bottles? I don’t have a container to put your pills in.”

Irwin handed Xiào Mu a wooden box. Xiào Mu asked him to enter his room and Leo followed closely behind. Xiào Mu counted 200 intermediate low-grade healing pill pills in front of the two and packed them into the wooden box.

Irwin’s eyes glowed as he watched Xiào Mu counted the pills, “How many more do you have? Why don’t you just sell more to me?”

Amused, Xiào Mu asked, “The medicine on your hand is still not used yet. Why do you want so much?”

Irwin chuckled, “Ain’t I just preparing just in case? This group of soldiers have just started training and doesn’t need the pills yet. But after more than half a month, the demand will increase.”

“At that time, please contact me in advance to inform the amount you needed. I will try to prepare for you.” Xiào Mu said.

Hearing what Xiào Mu said, Irwin stopped with the topic and asked Leo, “When are you guys leaving? I will send you off.”

“You don’t need to send us,” Leo looked disgusted by Irwin. He just wanted him to not show up in front of Xiào Mu again. Leo glanced at the time and said, “We will leave in half an hour.”

Xiào Mu went outside and stored all the Wolfberry leaf in the system backpack. Fortunately, the system backpack doesn’t count the volume that occupies a grid. Every 100 catties2 occupies a grid, he can store them without any problem.

Taking the starship again, Xiào Mu is not as excited as before. Leo sat on the sofa to deal with business affairs. Having nothing to do, Xiào Mu leaned on the sofa and went into his clan homeland to reclaim the land. He arrived in front of the cultivated land #1 and is shocked. The Wolfberry leaf planted yesterday has matured, so Xiào Mu pressed the harvest button. At the next moment, a prompt is displayed next to the harvest button: [30 catties3 of Wolfberry leaf are harvested, and 5 catties of Wolfberry leaf seeds is received.]

At the same time, the Wolfberry leaf seeds occupied a grid in the system backpack, while the 30 catties of Wolfberry leaf are mixed with the ones from Irwin. The corners of Xiào Mu’s mouth could not be restrained from curving up, he would not have to worry about lacking Wolfberry leaf at all in the future. Xiào Mu pressed the button to sow, and land #1 immediately is filled with Wolfberry leaf’s seed. He picked up the sickle and started to cut the weeds on land #2. Since he has already gotten a harvest, Xiào Mu is very motivated to reclaim the land this time. In fact, thinking about the time difference between clan homeland and reality, the speed of Wolfberry leaf production is not that surprising.

“Xiào Mu!”

Xiào Mu has just cut half of the weeds when he heard Leo’s voice. He immediately threw down the sickle and left the clan view. As soon as he opened his eyes, Xiào Mu saw Leo patting his face and looking at him worriedly. Leo brushed his forehead with his fingers and asked, “You had a nightmare? You are sweating a lot.”

Xiào Mu wiped his forehead with his backhand and smiled dryly, “I’m okay.” He glanced outside, “Are we there yet?”

“En, the space jump is about to happen soon,” Leo looked at Xiào Mu worriedly, “Are you uncomfortable? People usually won’t sweat so much in their dreams.”

“No, I’m fine.” Xiào Mu said immediately. In his heart, Xiào Mu is thinking that he must not go to his clan homeland in the future when other people are around.

Leo frowned but looked at Xiào Mu’s expression, he can see that his expression is natural and doesn’t look uncomfortable. So, Leo is slightly relieved. He carried Xiào Mu to the side seat and helped him put on the seatbelt.

Xiào Mu didn’t even have time to struggle. He wanted to say something, but the starship shook violently. Almost biting his tongue, Xiào Mu shut his mouth tightly. 5 or 6 minutes later, the starship returned to stability. Xiào Mu felt like his stomach was shaken uncomfortably, and a cup of warm water is handed to his hand.

Leo: “Drink some warm water, it will be more comfortable.”

“Thank you.” Xiào Mu took a few sips and felt much better.

Leo unlocked Xiào Mu’s seatbelt, and Xiào Mu quickly got up to the sofa by himself. If he is any slower, Leo might carry him again. He pondered for a moment and then said, “Major General Leo, my physical strength is much better than before. You don’t have to be so careful with me.” He smiled and added, “My identity as a guide doesn’t change anything. I’m still me. I’m… not used to you being so polite.”

Xiào Mu’s black eyes are clear and charming, making it easy for people to see his thoughts clearly. Because of this, Leo’s expression is getting more and more ugly, as he stared straight at him. Xiào Mu is stunned by the expression and became nervous inexplicably. He thought back to what he said just now… he was very polite and didn’t say anything that would offend Leo!

Leo stepped up to him and bent over. His gaze moved inch by inch from under Xiào Mu’s forehead to his chin and finally returned to his eyes. The distance between them is very close. All Xiào Mu could smell is Leo’s scent; strong and domineering. His heart tightened and he slowly leaned back, “What’s wrong? Did I say something wrong?”

Leo pinched Xiào Mu’s chin and his eyes narrowed slightly. His voice is deep as he asked, “You said that I don’t need to be so careful?”

Leo didn’t use any force, and Xiào Mu didn’t feel any pain, but he immediately became alert when he heard Leo’s words. Xiào Mu has a feeling that if he nodded his head, his jaw would be crushed in the next moment.

“No no no, it’s better to be careful. Although my strength is better than before, I’m still far behind a Level S sentinel’s strength.” Xiào Mu said cautiously. That’s why, please don’t use force!

Leo frowned, “Afraid of me?”

“Not afraid.”

A smile flashed in Leo’s eyes, and he said thoughtfully, “You are right, maybe I don’t have to be so polite.”

If Xiào Mu could, he would swallow all his previous words into his mouth. He tilted his head to free his chin from Leo’s hand, “I think basic etiquette is still needed. So, you acting like this…” He raised his hand to pinch Leo’s chin, “This kind of action is impolite.”

The action caused Leo’s eyes to deepen suddenly. Leo even lowered his head to rest his chin on Xiào Mu’s hand, “I don’t mind you being impolite to me at all.”

Xiào Mu blinked and swiftly let go. His ears have turned red from the blush. He must have been blinded by a ghost. How dare he try to explain to Leo with practical actions that pinching someone’s chin is impolite?! However, Leo’s reaction is really unexpected. Shouldn’t he snort at him with a ‘You have guts!’?

Staring at Xiào Mu’s red ears, Leo realized that he bought Lyle’s words of nonsense4. His brain must be malfunctioning. Leo reached out and touched Xiào Mu’s earlobe, “Your ears are red.”

Jumping away in a shock, Xiào Mu’s entire face turned red now. He slapped Leo’s hand away, and said while trying to calm down, “I’m blushing because I am trying my best to control the spiritual filaments. We’d better keep our distance.”

Leo went silent for a moment and took a step back. He couldn’t be impatient. Xiao Mu obviously didn’t like him now, so he should keep it in moderation so as not to disgust him. The fact that Xiào Mu didn’t like him made him feel frustrated, and at the same time, he is a little delighted. Xiào Mu is different from other people. Many people in the empire like him, and most of them have not even seen him in person. He once thought that being liked is a cheap and common occurrence. Leo received a lot of love letters when he was young. Out of curiosity, he opened some to read before, and the content all mentioned how they admired him this and that. Leo just thought it is ridiculous. These people only heard about his family background, saw his photos, and knew that he is a Level SS sentinel. Besides that, they know nothing about him or got along with him before. To mention that they liked him so deeply? Leo dismissed all of it.

Xiào Mu didn’t like him because of these. If Xiào Mu liked him, it would only be because of his person alone. Thinking of this, Leo’s heart felt hot and his eyes showed a strong desire. Longing for Xiào Mu’s liking, and also longing for Xiào Mu’s person, all of him.

Xiào Mu breathed a sigh of relief because Leo backed away, but got flustered by his hot gaze instead. He took out an intermediate low-grade healing pill and asked, “You want this, it is? Just tell me if you want it. You looking at me like this is making me flustered.”

Leo took a deep look at Xiào Mu. Concealing the emotions under his eyes, he sat down beside Xiào Mu, “Why are you getting flustered? It’s not like I’m going to eat you.”

Xiào Mu thought to himself, the look in Leo’s eyes just now really seemed like he wants to eat him. He explained, “You may not know it yourself, probably you soldiers have been on the battlefield and have a strong aura. That why when you stare at people, it’s very deterrent.” Xiào Mu smiled when he saw Leo returning to normal.

Leo said, “I won’t hurt you. Never be afraid of me.” He looked at the pill in Xiào Mu’s hand and said, “I won’t take it now. I will give you the medicine purchase list after the spiritual power measuring instrument has been studied successfully and we tested the specific values of our soldiers’ spiritual power.”

Xiào Mu thinks that Leo has thought things over comprehensively, but he reluctantly said, “You have so many soldiers so the pills are probably not enough.”

“It’s okay,” Leo said, “Your pills are only for emergency use. For the usual matter, we can still use the guide pheromone agent. I will try my best to control the consumption.”

Xiào Mu nodded, “Okay, and I will try my best to prepare more.”

The starship returned to Area A smoothly. Leo has only walked out of the starship when he received Ren’s message. Then, his slightly relaxed expression instantly went cold. Xiào Mu looked at him, and Leo explained coldly, “Kain has been in court for the past 2 days. He refused to admit that his adopted son is his biological son, nor did he admit that he had a union with another guide before his marriage.” As he said, his eyes flashed coldly, “He also said that you are his adopted son. And by doing a genetic comparison with him, people will know that you are not his biological son.”

Hearing that, Xiào Mu becomes speechless, “He really… won’t give up until the last moment, huh? Well, he is not very lucky. He will never think that we will bring Greene back when we go to Planet Ba this time.”

Leo turned around and saw Greene whose eyes are still red. Then he said to Wood, “Bring him with us,” and then to the guard who came to get Xiào Mu, “Protect him well.”

The 4 guards saluted, “Yes.”

Leo looked at Xiào Mu and said, “Go back to rest first, I’ll go to the court.”

Xiào Mu knew Leo is going to deal with Kain’s affairs, and nodded, “Okay.”

Next, Xiào Mu is escorted to the aircraft by the 4 guards. Leo watched Xiào Mu’s aircraft take off before walking to his aircraft. Wood followed closely behind with Greene.

Less than a minute after Xiào Mu’s aircraft started, Xiào Mu received a call from Zhao Sheng. Zhao Sheng’s voice is filled with excitement, “The measuring instrument is successful. When will it be convenient for you to help adjust the value?”

Xiào Mu glanced at the time and saw that it’s only 2.00 pm right now. So he replied, “I have time now. Should I go to the Zhao’s company?”

“Yes, on the 26th floor,” Zhao Sheng sounded a little worried and he added, “I will pick you up at the back door, please pay attention to safety.”

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