Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 44.2

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Chapter 44 Part 2 Renting

Xiào Mu walked into Greene’s room and saw him sitting in the corner of the sofa with his hands on his knees. His whole body was shrunk into a ball, his eyes were dull, and his eyes only moved when he heard his footsteps. Xiào Mu sighed. Greene makes him feel distressing for his sake. He is like the kind of kid he had seen in the hospital before. Because lacking family love since childhood, he grew up to become timid and inferior. Xiào Mu sat down in front of Greene and tried his best to keep a distance from him to make Greene feel safe. Then he said softly, “I’m surprised that you are willing to communicate with me.”

Greene pinched the hem of his clothes, “You… you are willing to lend me your clothing.”

Greene lowered his eyes. He used to be bullied at school and his body would be so dirty that no one wanted to approach him, let alone lend him clothes. He bit his lip and raised his eyes courageously, “Also, I want to ask you what happened after you were misidentified by my father.”

Hearing that, Xiào Mu is stunned. He remembered that when he returned to the marshal’s mansion, Ren said that Greene was scolded terribly by Kain. But now Greene is asking about Kain and what happened after he misidentified him? Did Green still hold hope in his heart? Xiào Mu hesitated and answered it honestly. Actually, there was nothing to say. He didn’t even see Kain.

After listening in silence for a long time, Greene whispered, “Sure enough, it’s like this. I, am I annoying? No one likes me.” As Greene said, a solemn face flashed in his mind. He pursed his lips. Although the person is protecting him, he did not say that he liked him. That person is probably just doing that to express his gratitude! Greene doesn’t know or can’t help with anything, so it’s normal that the man didn’t like him.

Xiào Mu shook his head, “No, I don’t think you are annoying. You should be more confident in yourself. Don’t deny yourself because of your father’s attitude towards you. Maybe you will be angry if you hear this, but I have to say that your father is the annoying one.”

Greene is stunned by Xiào Mu’s words. There is a trace of doubt in his eyes, but his eyes lit up slightly. He whispered, “Don’t deny myself because of their attitude? But, I’m really useless. I’m just an ordinary person. I’m not a guide so I can’t give the sentinel spiritual treatment.”

“The largest amount of people in the world is ordinary people. I know a doctor and he is also an ordinary person, but he is very powerful.” Xiào Mu is patient as he explained, “Actually, ordinary people are pretty good. You should know that the guides are kept in the Golden Tower to study. Unlike ordinary people, who have the freedom to do whatever they want.”

Greene is stunned again, “As a god-level guide, you also envy ordinary people?”

“Of course,” Xiào Mu smiled bitterly, “I don’t like being stared at by a group of people when I go out in the public, I prefer a free life.” If he is not a guide, with his game system, Xiào Mu can live a much easygoing life than now.

Greene stayed silent for a long time before saying, “Thank you, you are willing to listen to me and answer my questions.” Before Xiào Mu could speak, he continued, “I don’t know much about what the marshal asked.” He tilted his head as if thinking back, “After being caught by the guide kidnapping syndicate, I quickly fell into a coma. When I woke up, I was on a strange planet. That planet looked strange and there were rocks everywhere. At that time, there are 3 guides in the aircraft and a pale-looking man. I thought he was also kidnapped, but…” Greene stopped before continuing, “His name is Mitte, the person in charge of the kidnappers. They only stayed on that planet for a while, and then the Nathan space pirate arrived. Later on, I was taken on board by Mitte the Nathan space pirate’s aircraft and we went directly to Planet Jiu. As for the rest of the kidnapped guides, I don’t know where they were.”

“Mitte took me to hide in a remote location in Planet Jiu. The members of the Nathan space pirate group have been disguising themselves as miners and secretly instigating them. There was a riot not long ago.”

Xiào Mu wondered, “What is Mitte doing in Planet Jiu? From what you said, he seems to have done nothing?”

“He is a supervisor. I have heard them talked about it before. His people rescued Jonassen. In return, the Nathan space pirate needed to steal the ores from Planet Jiu’s mine and transport it to the organization where Mitte is located. He also…” Speaking of this, Greene’s eyelashes quivered quickly, “He has devices that could attack spiritual power, as well as a lot of lethal weapons. He provides technical support to the Nathan space pirate, I know only so much.”

Xiào Mu: “Have a good rest and don’t think too much.”

“En, thank you.” Greene nodded slightly.

The moment Xiào Mu walked into the hall, Leo’s eyes immediately fell on him. Seeing that he is okay, Leo turned away. Xiào Mu relayed Mitte’s words to Ren. Ren pondered for a moment and smiled at him, “Thanks for your help. Go and rest early!”

Xiào Mu nodded and went back to his room to rest.

Leo couldn’t help but said, “There must be a jump point near the place where they disappeared. Maybe it’s the planet with lots of rocks like what Greene said.”

Ren glanced at Leo, “Louis had tested it a long time ago. There is indeed a jump point there, but after the jump, it is dark all around. He tried several times and got the same result so he thought that place is just a quiet area.” He solemnly said, “I will inform Louis of this matter, don’t interfere.”

Leo furrowed his brows, “Grandfather, I can fully control my spiritual power now, and I won’t lose control. I want to take over.”

“Do you not believe in Louis? This matter is final. I have lost my son and son-in-law. You must not get into any accidents, not when there is the slightest possibility of danger to you.”

Leo couldn’t help but said, “But I also want to find my father and dad. I don’t believe they are really, really dead.”

Ren’s voice is flat and in a tone that could not be rejected, “I have been searching for so many years, and now we finally have new clues. Louis will take care of it. You have dropped a lot of classes recently, and you promised An Rui to be a substitute teacher in school. You gave your promise so you must do your part properly.”

Leo’s jaw tightened and he clenched his fists. He stood up right away and said, “Grandfather, after next year’s spring beast tide, if you haven’t found them yet, I will definitely do it myself.” After speaking, he strode back to his room.

Starting at Leo’s back, Ren sighed lightly. When there is no progress for so many years, Leo could still hold back. But with so many clues this year, Leo couldn’t contain himself anymore. Ren looked out the window, he couldn’t help himself too. He always felt that he would be able to find them in the next moment. Taking a deep breath, Ren calmed down and called Louis’s number.

Xiào Mu didn’t know about the conversation in the living room. After returning to his room, he looked at his energy bar that has become full not long ago. Xiào Mu didn’t want to go back to the training room anymore so he simply did push-ups in the room. When he felt tired, he would take a rest until his bar shows low energy. Xiào Mu sat directly on the ground and took out the Wolfberry leaf to make intermediate low-grade healing pills. After that, he took a bath and sat on the bed to look through the encyclopedia.

The medicine he wants to find is Honeysuckle, which makes Level 50 medicine – an intermediate mid-grade healing pill. Another one is Pinellia, which makes the dispel pill. Xiào Mu is very familiar with Honeysuckle, but he doesn’t know about Pinellia. He has been looking in the system for a long time and remembered Pinellia’s appearance in his mind. So he compared the image with the various plants in the Herbal Encyclopedia. It didn’t take long before he found the introduction for Honeysuckle, which looked similar to the Honeysuckle in his memory. The place of origin is in Bran Forest, Area C. After Xiào Mu takes a note of it, he continued to look through the pages. It is almost 11.00 pm when he saw Pinellia, but it looked bigger than the picture in the system. Many people called the plant Summer grass instead. Xiào Mu is worried that he got the wrong plant. So he marked the page and closed the encyclopedia. Next, he went online to search for Bran Forest on its official website.

Bran Forest is at the junction between Zone C and Zone D. The climate is quite frequent and the normal temperature is above 36 degrees. There are also frequent heavy showers. Bran Forest has a long history. It is a primeval forest with all kinds of beasts and poisonous insects, which sets the forest at a very dangerous level. Xiào Mu thought to himself, no wonder there isn’t anybody selling Honeysuckles. Xiào Mu remembers that back on Earth, Honeysuckles come in season in summer and can be seen in many places in the countryside where they grew naturally in the wild. The climate of this Bran Forest is somewhat similar to the summer in his world. How to collect herbs in such a dangerous place?!

Xiào Mu couldn’t think of a way for a while. However, thinking that his current prescription is enough for him at the moment, he shouldn’t be too impatient. Due to he had been resting on the starship for a long time during the day, Xiào Mu couldn’t sleep. Hence, he opened the herbal encyclopedia again and continued to search for Pinellia. Until he finished reading the book, he did not see the same herbs as Pinellia, except for an enlarged version of it, the Summer grass. Xiào Mu felt that perhaps Pinellia had mutated in the interstellar space. He jumped to the introduction page for Summer grass and got stunned when he saw the place of origin. It is Bran Forest again. Thinking for a moment, Xiào Mu went to check the materials needed for the intermediate mid-grade boost pill – it is Siler root and Magnolia berry. Among the 2, Magnolia berry is also found in Bran Forest, while intermediate mid-grade healing pill requires Siler root and Pinellia. Siler root is an ingredient needed at level 40 too, for intermediate low-grade boost pills. This means that all the new materials needed for level 50 medicines are in Bran Forest.

Xiào Mu searched for Bran Forest again and kept flipping through the search page to see if anyone mentioned it. When he turned to the 3rd page, Xiào Mu stared at a post. The title of the post says ‘Going to Bran Forest soon, place your order if needed.’ Xiào Mu clicked in, and the upper left corner showed [Suixin for hire]. There is a hexagram sign in front of the title. This post was published 3 days ago, and many people have responded to it.

“My God, the Suixin mercenary team is as capable as usual. Daring to even go to Bran Forest, impressed!”

“Capable people are sure brave. I once went to Bran Forest and was accidentally bitten by a spider. I was just outside the forest, don’t know where the spider came out from. Half of my body was paralyzed. Fortunately, I was rescued in time, otherwise, I’ll die.”

“That’s great, I just recently needed the green crocodile skin to make some parts. You must bring it back for me!”

“Upstairs, are you not sent by another mercenary group? You want the green crocodile? I think you just want the Suixin team to get destroyed!”

Xing Chen [Hexagram sign]: “It’s okay. As long as you can afford to pay, you can say order you want o(* ̄▽ ̄*)o”

“Old Fifth sighted!”

“Taking a photo with Old Fifth!”

“Suixin mercenary team, Old Fifth is indeed the most ‘meng’ and soft!”

After Xiào Mu read until here, he thinks he probably understood what happened. He supported his chin while thinking. Since there are mercenary teams here, things should be easily done. Xiào Mu sent a private message to Xing Chen: [Hello, do you still take the order for Bran Forest?] Then, glancing at the time, Xiào Mu saw that it is already half-past twelve. So, after confirming that his private message is sent successfully, he saved the post, and then closed his terminal to sleep.

The next day, Xiào Mu finished his morning exercise and ate breakfast, he went straight to the Zhao company. He busily worked until noon, and finally finished adjusting the value of the measuring device.

Zhao Sheng said, “The rest will be handed over to the technicians. It should be available to use in about 2 days.” He raised the terminal and took a glance. Then he smiled, “Miao Miao invites you to my house for lunch, and Hawke is also there.”

Xiào Mu happened to have something to discuss with Gu Miao and Hawke, so he accepted the invitation. The lunch is prepared by Gu Miao himself and it tasted good. After eating, the 3 guides strolled on the lawn and went to Gu Miao’s medicine-making room together.

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