Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 The Same Reaction

The next morning, Xiào Mu went for a jog in the morning. After taking a shower, he headed downstairs for breakfast. When passing by Leo’s room, he had a glimpse of Leo buttoning his military jacket. Sensing his gaze, Leo tilted his head to look over, so as not to get misunderstood, Xiào Mu quickly walked past the door.

Leo stared at the door, frowning.

Xiào Mu came downstairs and saw Zorn standing at the entrance of the study. He greeted him and walked to the dining room when the doorbell rang. So he walked over and opened the door, and ended up staring at the person for a moment. The visitor was very tall, at least 1.9 meters tall. What surprised him was that the man was very beautiful. If Xiào Mu ever hears someone use this word to describe a tall man, he will definitely silently rant about the usage of the keyword. But now, he felt that the word ‘beautiful’ is too suitable for the man at the door. The man is as beautiful as a two-dimensional character. Though, with his height and the boldness between his brows, he will never be mistaken as the wrong gender.

“Hmm, who are you? You look really good.” Lyle raised his eyebrows in surprise when he saw the stranger opening the door. As he said that, he reached out and touched Xiào Mu’s face. Then he curved his lips and smiled, “Feels good too.”

Xiào Mu’s eyes suddenly widened, and he took a step back quickly. Before he had time to react to this person’s bold action, he was shocked by the changes in his spiritual barrier. The moment this person touched him, his spiritual barrier actually became thinner. Although the speed was slower than when he was in contact with Leo, it still shocked him. One Leo is dangerous enough, so why is there another one?! Xiào Mu tried his best to control the agitated spiritual filaments due to Lyle’s touch.

Lyle looked at the stranger’s flushed face and chuckled, “Your face is really red, how innocent!”

Xiào Mu twitched the corners of his mouth but did not speak. He turned around, wanting to ask Zorn if they want to let this person in. Unexpectedly, when he turned his head, he saw Leo standing at the top of the stairs, looking at him with complicated eyes.

A hint of interest flashed in Lyle’s eyes, and he raised his hand to put on Xiào Mu’s shoulder, “My name is Lyle, what’s the name of this little beauty?”

Xiào Mu was startled and slapped Lyle’s hand away. He rushed to the dining room, as his face turned redder because of the suppression of spiritual filaments.

Leo frowned more tightly. Xiào Mu’s reaction was so familiar to him; the panic when he was touched, and the blush when he was close, there were all familiar. Only before, these reactions were in front of him. Unlike now, it is not because of him. He suddenly became irritable and looked at Lyle, “Why are you here so early?”

Lyle smiled and raised his eyebrows, “I came for free breakfast, of course.” He waved to Zorn. “Where is the marshal?”

“Communicating with Lieutenant-General,” Zorn said.

Leo walked to the dining table and sat down. Lyle took a seat next to Xiào Mu and asked Leo with a smile, “Are you not going to introduce us?”

Leo glanced at him lightly before saying, “Xiào Mu,” and then at he looked at Xiào Mu, “Major General Lyle Bruce.”

Xiào Mu noted down this person’s name and secretly reminded himself that he should keep his distance in the future. He greeted, “Major General Lyle.” While saying hello, he checked Lyle’s red and blue bars. His spiritual power and physical stamina were both 8,800, a Level AA+ sentinel.

“Oh,” Lyle suddenly smiled when he heard the name. “I heard Lieutenant General Louis mentioned you before.”

Xiào Mu nodded but did not speak as he needs to concentrate now. In his experience, the match rate between Lyle and him is certainly not low. Having 2 sentinels with a high matching rate sitting close by his side is really tormenting for him. His spiritual filaments will come out from time to time, and he must concentrate on controlling them. Fortunately, there is a spiritual barrier blocking them, or he will be exposed long ago.

Lyle raised his eyebrows, he was very confident about his appearance but Xiào Mu’s reaction was really cold. Seeing his blushing face, he couldn’t help chuckles lightly, “Xiào Mu, what’s wrong? Fell in love with me at first sight? Your face is so red. You are too easy to get shy, right?”

Leo was slicing the bread when he suddenly exerted force. The knife and fork struck the dinner plate, making a sharp noise. Lyle glanced at Leo thoughtfully, then turned to Xiào Mu.

Xiào Mu felt helpless, the people here are really overconfident! Trying to stay calm, he held up the juice while replying, “No, I’m just feeling heaty.”

“Your face was quite normal when you opened the door,” Lyle blinked, lowered his voice ambiguously, “So upon seeing me, you thought of something hot?”

“Cough cough cough…” Xiào Mu was too surprised, so he choked on his juice and coughed. Seeing Lyle raising his hand to pat his back, Xiào Mu quickly got up and took a step backward. Then he pulled a piece of tissue and wiped his mouth.

Lyle retracted his hand, “Ahh, your reaction really makes me sad,” he looked at Leo, “have I become ugly?”

Leo ignored Lyle and looked at Xiào Mu. He(XM) seemed to be afraid of contact with people, to him, and Lyle.

Xiào Mu didn’t say anything. In just a short period of time during breakfast, he found that his spiritual barrier had become thinner. Staying calm, he didn’t return to his seat. He remained standing and took 2 sips of juice before saying, “I’m full, please enjoy your meal.”

Xiào Mu left the dining room and was about to go upstairs when he saw Ren walking out of the study with a smile on his face. He glanced at Ren’s spiritual power and saw the numbers at 8200/9200. He smiled, “The marshal is in a good mood.”

Ren patted Xiào Mu on the shoulder, “All thanks to you. I have finished the medicine, and I feel very comfortable as if I’m young again.”

Xiào Mu sincerely said, “You looked young to start with.” If in his world, a father with a son like Leo would not look younger than Ren. And Ren is Leo’s grandfather!

Ren laughed and said, “You really can talk, unlike that stinky boy. He’ll just anger me to death.”

Xiào Mu smiled, he has experienced Leo’s style of speaking many times. Returning to his room, he put the Plantago and porcelain bottles that he bought last night into his backpack. Next, he took out new waterproof cosmetics and painted his eyebrows in front of the mirror. Half an hour later, he checked his work. His eyebrows were neater than the ones drawn yesterday, and his skin tone was even. Xiào Mu went downstairs with a backpack and saw the men sat on the sofa in the hall.

Ren was talking to the other two, “According to this plan, you two will command the First and Second Army, I don’t worry…” He glanced at Xiào Mu and was stunned, “Are you participating in a fancy dress party?”

Xiào Mu glanced at Leo and thought to himself that the brain circuits of this pair of grandson and grandfather are really similar. He shook his head and explained, “No, it’s easier to go around in this appearance.”

Hearing that, Ren nodded very understandingly, “Yes, you are too beautiful and easy to be shy. Did you get chased and confessed yesterday when you went out?”

Ren didn’t see Xiào Mu yesterday, and only knew that he was out to play. Just that he didn’t know that Xiào Mu put on makeup yesterday as well. Before Xiào Mu had time to speak, Ren looked at Leo again, “Brat, you have to hurry up. Don’t let Xiào Mu get snatched away.”

Leo glanced at Xiào Mu, “It has nothing to do with me.”

Xiào Mu hurriedly said, “Marshal, you really misunderstood. I only admire Major General Leo. I don’t have any other thoughts. Such an excellent sentinel of Major General will definitely meet an excellent guide.”

If this was the past, Leo would definitely think that Xiào Mu was only thin-skinned and dare not admit it. But Xiào Mu’s reaction when he opened the door and saw Lyle before, and his sincere expression now, Leo cannot be sure anymore. Such bad eyesight1, Leo thought to himself. He felt a little unhappy in his heart and snorted heavily.

Ren looked at Leo and Xiào Mu, and comforted, “Don’t think too much. Even if you are not a guide, don’t feel inferior.” In his eyes, Xiào Mu blushes every time he sees Leo. Leo is so excellent, how could Xiào Mu not like him?!

Xiào Mu was helpless. While he is uncertain about Leo’s reaction, he knows clearly what Ren thinks. He(R) still didn’t believe his words.

Xiào Mu: “I don’t feel inferior.”

Xiào Mu doesn’t want to discuss this matter anymore. After all, it is not easy to argue, and he can’t say that the blushing is because he is restraining his spiritual filaments. He smiled, “I’m going out first, and I won’t come back for dinner at night.”

Ren reminded, “Be careful outside.”

After Xiào Mu left, Ren continued the previous topic, “The military exercise is as what I just said.” He paused and looked at Leo, “Louis called earlier, and said that things have made new progress.”

Leo leaned forward, “Really?”

Ren sighed inwardly and smiled, “Yes, Louis asked us to wait patiently for the news.”

Lyle got up and handed a thumb-sized chip to Ren, “This is all the information regarding the interstellar guide kidnapping for 20 years.”

Ren took the chip, “Thanks for your hard work.”

Xiào Mu left the apartment and drove the aircraft directly to the Wilderness Forest. There, he made 100 high-grade healing pills. Each high-grade healing pill consumes 30 spiritual power. Due to the lack of spiritual power, he made one first and ate it. Upon recovering 2000 spiritual power, he then continued to make the rest. When it is finished, 99 pills in light orange color fell into the large medicine mortar. At the same time, Xiào Mu smelled a very light fragrance. It is the smell he is familiar with; the smell of nuts. When he ate the pill earlier, he didn’t smell any fragrance. Now, it should be because he has a lot of pills in one place. Xiào Mu swallowed and put all the medicine into 3 porcelain bottles. After he closed the caps tightly, the scent disappeared immediately. Even he can smell the scent now, so the scent of the high-grade healing pill will only be stronger in front of the sentinels with the powerful five senses. He has to be careful.

After finishing his things, Xiào Mu ate lunch near the scenic spot and then returned to the aircraft. He did not leave in a hurry but stayed on the aircraft to read the historical materials of Planet Yao. It’s too early to go to the battledome infirmary. Xiào Mu doesn’t want to return to the apartment halfway and come out in the afternoon, so he decides to stay on the aircraft to study up. Meanwhile, he took a high-grade healing pill every 2 hours. By the time he went to the infirmary at night, his spiritual power has already full.

Hawke has a lively personality, and he isn’t the type to wait patiently after handling the patient. Hence, he would go out talking to people or playing games in the lobby. Xiào Mu on the other hand will stay in the ward. Sitting on a stool beside the bed, he will rest his head on his arm by the head of the bed. Secretly, he created a spiritual barrier while carrying out spiritual treatments. Xiào Mu deliberately used this posture. Not only he could get close to the patient, but if someone came in, they would only think he fell asleep, and would not disturb him. After treating 7 patients in one night, Xiào Mu was in a great mood looking at the progress bar of the ‘Pin Hold’ skill.

At the time he gets off work, Hawke praised, “You are so dedicated, you will definitely become a great doctor in the future.”

Xiào Mu smiled, “You know very well about medicine, and your skills are good now.”

The compliment caused Hawke to smile with his eyes curving. He said goodbye to Xiào Mu at the back door, “Be careful on the road. See you tomorrow.”

Xiào Mu waved his hand, “See you tomorrow.”

The work in the infirmary went smoothly. Time flew by, and soon it was the time for recruiting new students for each school. Xiào Mu decided to study medicine a long time ago. Since he has a flying car now, he doesn’t need to consider the distance between the school and the workplace. Hence, he went to the official website of the Higher Education Department of the Imperial Medical University; the school with the strongest medicine. At 10.00 am2, the countdown to enrollment became 0. Xiào Mu glanced at the updated page and saw that the enrollment quota is only 200.

So little? He frowned and quickly clicked on the signup button. He entered his personal information and when he pressed the confirm button, a pop-up dialog box caused him to be dumbfounded.

What does it mean by ‘Enrollment is full’?!

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