Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 80

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List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)
莱恩 Ryan (Lion) / 黄远 Huang Yuan (Female)
巴奥 Ba-Ao (Brown winged bear) / 霍斯 Howth (Golden winged lion)
雷切尔 Rey (???) / 艾德琳 Adeline (Female)

卡索 Casso (Winged wolf) / 球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)
里亚 Ria (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)
米莎 Misha (Female)

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Chapter 80 Making dumplings together

Lin Mu originally thought that the estrus period only affects the beastmen, like Patrik. He didn’t expect his body to become strange the next day too. Every time he approached Patrik, he felt like there’s some alluring scent coming from Patrik’s body. The scent made him feel hot all over his body. His reaction was even stronger at night, so their nights were always too active; making Lin Mu worry about overindulging in the activity. But every time, he would feel refreshed the next day. After confirming that his body has no adverse reactions, Lin Mu stopped worrying about it, and enjoy the pleasure with peace of mind.

Because of the beastmen’s estrus period, Lin Mu and the other females did not meet as frequently as they used to, and could only see each other once every 6 or 7 days. As Lin Mu’s house has become a gathering place for everyone, Lin Mu would prepare snacks for his guests. He was making some snacks in the living room that day when Lais and the other females were sent one after another by their beastman.

When Lais arrived, Lin Mu was frying mahua (fried twist dough). It is a kind of snack that can be made salty or sweet according to taste. Lais saw that Lin Mu is busy, so he came to help. When Huang Yuan arrived, everyone is finally gathered together, and Lin Mu is almost finished with the mahua. Huang Yuan greedily picked one fresh mahua from the pot. The mahua were very crispy and delicious. The females took the melon seeds, dried fruit, and fresh fruit to the kang room. It is more comfortable to stay on the kang.

Because Ria is pregnant, the rest took good care of him. Lin Mu bit the dried fruit, and asked, “Ria, how are you doing, do you feel uncomfortable?”

Ria shook his head, saying that he is fine.

Huang Yuan: “I checked him and he is in good health, but he seems to have a bad appetite. Damon’s cooking skills are definitely bad.”

Ria quickly said, “No, it’s actually pretty good.”

Lin Mu thought about it and agreed that pregnant people need to pay attention to nutrition. So he said, “En, I’ll cook some soup for you every day, and make some food. You can let Damon come over and get it.”

Ria felt a little embarrassed and felt that he is giving Lin Mu too much trouble. But Lais and the others laughed and asked Ria to agree with the request. They also joked that Ria is lucky because the food made by Lin Mu is very delicious.

At noon, Lin Mu didn’t let females go back. He suggested, “Don’t go back yet. We will be making dumplings together at noon.”

The females have eaten dumplings before, of course, it was Lin Mu who taught them how. Thinking that the dumplings made by Lin Mu were really delicious, everyone stayed.

Lin Mu asked them to play some games to pass the time, while he got out of bed to prepare dumpling fillings. Lais and the rest wanted to help out, but Lin Mu just let Lais follow him. They won’t let Ria work and Huang Yuan can’t cook so Lin Mu let the other 5 females chat in bed and eat snacks.

Whenever someone comes over to accompany Lin Mi, Patrik will transform into his beast form and go to various mountains to check around. He wanted to check the safety of the valley, and trying his luck to see if he can pick up any frozen animal.

When it is almost lunchtime, Patrik came back and saw Lin Mu chopping meat with Lais. He took over the task, so Lin Mu asked Lais to go to rest. Then, Lin Mu asked Patrik to chop the meat stuffing with cabbage and mix them with various seasonings. Lin Mu prepared three kinds of dumpling stuffing; vegetarian, shiitake mushroom chicken, and pork and cabbage. When the fillings are prepared, Lin Mu began to make dough. Of course, making dumplings is more fun for everyone. After preparing everything, Lin Mu called out the other people to make dumplings together.

Lais is responsible for rolling the dumpling wrappers, while the others are responsible for wrapping the dumplings. Because of the different craftsmanship, the dumplings everyone makes are different and one can tell who is who at a glance. The dumplings Lin Mu made are like ingots, which are very gratifying. Phil does a good job, and Sasha’s ones are acceptable. As for Huang Yuan, he is here to be an audience. With his horrible cooking skills, no one has any expectation for him to be able to make a complete one. On the other hand, Ria and Adeline, who made dumplings for the first time, looked very serious. Although they just started making dumplings and wasted some dumpling skins at the time, they soon learned to pinch the dumplings tightly and fillings stopped leaking. But according to the results of their work, Adeline is better.

The females laughed and chatted while making dumplings. Soon, their beastman also came back from hunting. After the beastmen put aside the prey that they have cleaned, they smiled and watched the females working at the side.

The females’ speed of making dumplings was not fast but after they finished making their own food, the beastmen took over. The dumplings made by the beastman are generally larger than theirs, and they start to boil the water after they make the dumplings. Actually, Patrik can do the next process, but the group wanted to make their own dumplings, so he let them do it. Lin Mu took the opportunity to make some sauce for dumplings. The scent of the dumplings when they came out of the pan made several people gulp their saliva secretly. And now is the time to gather to eat dumplings.

Hot dumplings, dipped in vinegar from time to time, en… scrumptious. The cold wind was blowing outside, but everyone gathered together to eat steaming dumplings inside the house, making them feel warm in both body and heart.

Huang Yuan finished the dumpling soup in the bowl and said, “Aiya, so full!” He rubbed his stomach comfortably.

After everyone ate and drank their fill, contented laziness swept over them. Hence, the beastman carried their partners home, and Damon also came to pick up Ria after lunch. He knew that Ria has a habit of napping after eating.

Seeing that the guests were gone, Lin Mu stretched out and helped Patrik put away the dishes and chopsticks. He suggested, “Let’s have dumplings again for dinner.” He only managed to eat dumplings with the cabbage and pork fillings today. He didn’t eat the other stuffings yet.

Patrik said yes, of course.

“It would be nice if we have chives. Then I can eat dumplings stuffed with chives and eggs.”

“What kind of vegetable are chives?” Patrik thought about the possibility of finding it in this weather.

Lin Mu waved his hand, “We won’t find any right now. Let’s go to sleep for a while, and don’t do anything else.”

Patrik agreed, it was not too far from evening anyway.

In the evening, they ate dumplings with chicken shiitake mushroom fillings. Lin Mu also made a tray of beef steamed bun because they already prepared the filling anyway; why not make steamed buns right? It can be eaten with porridge the next morning, how convenient. Apart from that, he also prepared chicken soup for Ria, and let Damon take some steamed buns back.

For Patrik, it is definitely not enough for him to just eat dumplings so Lin Mu grilled him half of the rabbit meat. The rabbit was raised by Lin Mu himself but the weather has gone cold and Lin Mu didn’t plan to keep it anymore, so Patrik killed the rabbit and left it frozen in the yard, while the rabbit skin was kept.

Banana imagined the living room brazier like that

Though the weather is cold now, Lin Mu still likes to cook, so Patrik moved the pot and everything to the living room. The living room is large enough, so it is not inconvenient to use it as a temporary kitchen. The living room is warm from the burning charcoal. Lin Mu asked Patrik to make a square bracket and place it on the brazier. Then he can put the clay pot on it and always warm hot water. Sometimes Lin Mu will put sweet potato on the bracket and eat it when it’s cooked.

On a usual day in winter, when Patrik woke up, it is still dark outside the house. He started the fire and prepared to boil water for Lin Mu first. The weather is cold and he(P) can wash himself with cold water, but Lin Mu can’t. After the water is boiled, Patrik lets it continue to warm on the brazier. Next, Patrik cooks some sweet potato and rice porridge for breakfast, and then heat the beef steamed buns. For himself, Patrik roasted 2 pieces of meat, drank a bowl of porridge, and ate 2 steamed buns; and he felt full.

Lin Mu will always be dazed for a while when he wakes up, so Patrik will help him wipe his face and hands with a hot towel. When everything is done, Lin Mu will wake up completely, and then he will have breakfast. Every day is like this; simple and fulfilling.

Ever since Adeline ate dumplings at Lin Mu’s place, he tried making them again at his place. Although it was not as delicious as Lin Mu’s fillings, everyone thought it was delicious enough. Eating hot dumplings and soup, it makes them feel really comfortable afterward. So for a while, everyone in the big house fell in love with dumplings, and of course, the steamed buns that they have never seen before are also very popular.

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