Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 The Devil Academy

Xiào Mu couldn’t believe his eyes, because he specially camped on the page to sign up! He clicked into the school forum and the page was full of people commenting, ‘Ahhhh, are all those who successfully registered tentacle monsters?’

Looking at the first post, there is already a string of short comments below it in the next second.

‘Heh, I can tell you are inexperienced at first glance. There are not many smart people like me who prepare the necessary information in advance and then copy and paste directly into the form.’

‘Tentacle monster +1, I didn’t manage to sign up even though I clicked on the link on time.’


‘All those commenting up there, stop dreaming. If you don’t hurry to sign up for other schools, you just wait to leave Zone A for other schools!’

‘Oh God, I’m leaving.’

‘Leaving, leaving’

When Xiào Mu saw this, he was shocked. He closed the page and thought about it. Just in case, he went directly to the official website of the Ministry of Education and clicked on the list of school registration page. The registration page is divided by grade. He clicked on the page listing schools open for the 2nd year of the higher education department in Area A and the schools were arranged on 1 page. His eyes swept the list; 1st row is the Imperial Military Academy which is the first one he excluded and saw that the other schools were all full.

Xiào Mu has done his research on this before. The registration page of the official website of the Ministry of Education is ranked according to the comprehensive strength of the school. Without hesitation, Xiào Mu immediately clicked on the Imperial Military Academy’s name to register himself. The registration went well this time, and he breathed a sigh of relief. Next, he was stunned when he looked at the number showing 138 beside the Imperial Military Academy’s name. For other schools, except for the weaker schools in the bottom rows, the number shown beside the other schools was showing 0, which means that their quota is full.

Xiào Mu was puzzled. The Imperial Military Academy is the number 1 school on the list. Theoretically speaking, shouldn’t it be the most popular one? However, even until the registration deadline at 5 pm, the number of students enrolled by Imperial Military Academy was still 56 short, that is to say, only 144 students registered in their 2nd year higher education department this time.

At dinner, Ren asked Xiào Mu with a gentle smile, “Tomorrow is the school opening day. Which school did you sign up for? Do you have everything ready?”

Xiào Mu nodded, “The higher education department of the Imperial Military Academy. And my preparations are ready.” Xiào Mu only has a few things, and he plans to buy bed sheets and quilts after he moves into the dormitory tomorrow. The express delivery in this world is super fast.

Hearing that, Ren was startled slightly, “Imperial Military Academy?”

Ren’s reaction caused Xiào Mu’s heart to skip a beat. Thinking of the school’s number of enrollments that are not fully enrolled, he suddenly felt a little uneasy. The higher education department has only 2 years of studies, and students are normally tied to the school as they advance from last year, so the number of 2nd year enrollment in each school is only about 200 pax. With such a small number of quotas and the school’s strong comprehensive strength, it’s only logical to get filled up in no time, but the school didn’t.

Xiào Mu was about to ask why when he heard Leo snorted coldly, “You got guts.” He looked at Leo blankly, and asked with a confused expression, “Is there any problem?”

Ren glared at Leo, and comforted Xiào Mu, “The Imperial Military Academy… well, their style of study is relatively overbearing so you must pay attention to safety. By the way, I will prepare a few anesthetic shots for you. Just carry them with you all the time, just in case.”

Because of the abnormal reactions from Ren and Leo, Xiào Mu was very nervous when he went to school the next day. The aircraft landed in the school parking lot and he glanced out the window. The parking lot was full of aircraft of various styles. Carrying a backpack containing all his belongings, Xiào Mu opened the school map on his terminal and walked to the freshman reception desk. Since it is the first day of school, there were a lot of students walking around. Walking for a while, Xiào Mu’s heart was pounding hard. Along the way, all the classmates he saw had physical strength above Level B, and almost all of them were above 185 in height. They were tall, muscular, and…they looked fierce. Xiào Mu felt a lot of eyes on him; staring and checking him out.

About 50 meters from the reception area, Xiào Mu stopped walking. 5 meters in front of him, he can see 3 tall classmates stopping a shorter black-haired boy. Although the boy was slightly shorter, his height was also 1.8 meters tall. Just that his body is not sturdy. Xiào Mu glanced at the map and saw that there’s an intersection; he needs to turn right to go to the reception desk.

“You new here? You just bumped into me. It’s best if you compensate me, otherwise… Seeing your figure like this, I don’t think you can’t stand any beatings from me?” The classmate in the middle said to the black-haired boy.

The next second, the black-haired boy raised his hand and stabbed something on the classmate’s arm. The guy’s body instantly became stiff. Them the black-haired boy kicked him to the ground with one foot and stepped on his abdomen. He waved the injection tool in his hand and looked at the other two classmates, “Still need me to apologize?”

“No need.” The two shook their heads again and again.

The black-haired boy snorted. He turned right and left the scene.

Xiào Mu watched this scene dumbfounded, and waited for the three tall boys to leave in embarrassment before continuing to walk. When he arrived at the reception desk, he connected his terminal to the self-service reception device according to the prompts. After the connection, the dormitory application interface popped up on the virtual screen, and he chose a quadruple room. Soon, ‘Building 30, Dorm 601’ were displayed on the screen, and the fee was 5,000. The moment Xiào Mu paid the dormitory fee, his terminal received the access card permission for Dorm 601, and he pressed confirm.

After that, his terminal received a message, and he clicked on it: [Welcome to the higher education department of the Imperial Military Academy. Please download the class schedule on the official website and choose your courses. Each lesson is 1 credit. To graduate, you will need a minimum of 20 credits per week, and 300 credits per semester. Note: At least 5 credits per week is compulsory for physical education.]

Xiào Mu felt novel after reading the rules. There are no compulsory classes here, and everyone is free to join whichever class they wanted to, which is very different from Earth. He went to the official website to download the course. After downloading it, he clicked on the button to start his schedule. The list of courses filled the entire screen, which some of it had to be swiped down to see the full content.

Various courses have their own colors, and there is a row of notes on the right like this:
Recommended courses for Department of Mecha Combat
Recommended courses for Department of Battle Command
Recommended courses for Department of Medicine
Recommended courses for Department of Mecha Manufacturing

The colors of the courses recommended for different departments are different. Public subjects are white in color. Xiào Mu clicked the button for the Department of Medicine. The courses in green and white color were highlighted, while the rest of the other courses greyed out. Students in the higher education department do not need to take any year-end exams, and they are allowed to take classes freely. However, when they graduated to the university level, they will need to take exams. These recommendations are for students who have already decided on their future university majors to study in a targeted manner. Xiào Mu closed the terminal and walked out of the reception. Suddenly, he bumped into a person hurrying into the reception and took 2 steps back.

“Sorry, sorry, are you okay?”

“Hawke.” Xiào Mu looked at the blond boy who hurriedly apologized and exclaimed in surprise.

Hawke’s eyes lit up, “Xiào Mu, why are you here?” He blinked and looked at him incredulously. “Could it be you sign up for this school?” He grabbed Xiào Mu’s arm, “Could it be that you only looked weak, but your physical strength actually reached Level B?”

Xiào Mu realized once again that his poor stamina was an obvious thing.

“No, my physical strength…very poor.” After Xiào Mu finished speaking, he couldn’t help but wonder, “They didn’t state a requirement for physical strength at the enrollment page. Could it be that there is a physical fitness assessment?”

“No, no,” Hawke waved his hand, exclaiming as he looked confused, “You really don’t know?”

Xiào Mu felt uneasy, “Did I miss any important information?”

Hawke glanced at Xiào Mu, “Have you never heard of the other name for the Imperial Military Academy… Devil Academy?”

Xiào Mu shook his head.

When Hawke finished his explanation, Xiào Mu finally understood why the school was not full, and people’s reaction after hearing his choice of school. The Imperial Military Academy and its affiliated colleges have strong faculty and a high degree of freedom in learning. However, the graduation assessment is the most stringent of all schools. The school motto is self-improvement.

Since the establishment of the school, the school has a tradition of respecting the strong, and all the best students in the empire have gathered in this school. Because of the highly developed medical skills in this era, as long as no lives are lost, the school will not care about fighting incidents in the school. This is a school that speaks with fists. Sentinel has been trained by White Tower, and their first choice after coming out from the tower is the Imperial Military Academy.

Sentinel’s combat effectiveness is higher than most ordinary people’s. Standing at the top of the school chain, the weak can either make themselves stronger or be bullied. Over time, people who are not confident in their own abilities will not choose the Imperial Military Academy and its affiliated academies. At the same time, an unfamiliar rule has been formed – those with physical stamina below Level B will not enter the Devil Academy. Everyone in the Imperial Military Academy has to have the ability to protect himself; whether with close combat, medicines, mechas, or other specialties. Although there are hidden dangers in school life, this kind of environment makes it easy for people to grow up.

Seeing Xiào Mu didn’t give any reactions after he finished speaking, Hawke whispered, “Strong People don’t necessarily look strong. Don’t be afraid. You looked weak but still dare to come to this school, others will think you are good at something. So they won’t attack you so easily.”

Xiào Mu remembered seeing a scene before this; 3 big classmates ‘kicked the iron plate’1 with the weak-looking black-haired boy. He rubbed his forehead, “People who do this in the school, they shouldn’t be doing this for no reason, right?”

Hawke blinked and started counting with his fingers, “There are many reasons like, if you are too weak, you will affect the reputation of the school, if you are too ugly, it’s unpleasant to their eyes, and… beautiful people are chased by a lot of people, the suitors fight among themselves, refused to lose face. There are too many reasons to start a fight.”

Xiào Mu secretly said to himself, people who used these reasons are crazy people ba?! He began to regret his decision and asked, “Can I still change schools now?”

“What grade are you in?”

“The 2nd year of the higher education department.”

Hawke spread his hand helplessly, “There are very few enrollment spots for 2nd year. Now every school should be full already. The only school that is not full, is probably our school.” He comforted Xiào Mu, “It’s okay, aren’t you going to study medicine? You just need to bring some meds with you, such as anesthetic shots or knockdown shots at all times. Also, classes are absolutely safe to go.”

Xiào Mu finally understood why Ren gave him the medicine.

“I’ll go back to the dormitory and see.” Since he can’t change schools, Xiào Mu doesn’t think too much. Although it sounds terrible, he feels that everyone is human, so they won’t randomly start fighting without reason.

“I’m in Building 28, where are you?” Hawke asked with bright eyes.

“Building 30.”

“Eh, why are you staying in a quadruple room? ” Hawke whispered, “Are you short of money?”

Xiào Mu: “Still alright.” He is not short of money, but he doesn’t have much that is publicly known.

Hawke suddenly said, “So you want to experience the feeling of living with other people? I don’t have a roommate eh. Anyway, go to tidy up your dormitory. I will look for you to play in the future.”

Xiào Mu nodded and walked to the dormitory with gazes on him all the way. The dormitory unit has 4 bedrooms, 1 living room, and 1 kitchen. The nameplates for the 4 rooms are empty at the moment, which means no one has moved in yet. He chose the inner room on the right and was shocked when he entered his bedroom. The room consists of a bedroom, an attached bathroom, a study room, and there is a set of holographic equipment in the study room. From now on, Xiào Mu will not think that the cost of accommodation is too expensive anymore! He absolutely loves this dormitory. However, when he is about to sleep at night and pulled the curtains, he saw the person in the opposite dormitory on the 6th floor of Building 29 is just 2 meters away from his window. At that moment, Xiào Mu had only one thought.

Is it too late to change the dormitory now?

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