Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 New Job

Xiào Mu looked at the red and blue bars of the blond man – Spiritual power 1,800 Level E+, physical strength 7,000 Level B. Didn’t everyone said that all guides are weak chickens? Xiào Mu began to doubt his inference. He remembered that the guide with the highest stamina in the Golden Tower at the moment was at 3,500 Level D.

The blond man walked to the door of a room and put his right foot behind him; ready to kick up the door. Suddenly thinking of something, he turned back to glance at Xiào Mu and gave him a sheepish smile. The corner of Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched. Obviously, kicking the door is a common action for this person. The blond man gently pressed his right foot to the door, and slowly pushed the door open. Hopping into the room with one foot, he still held the door open with his right foot, and looked back at Xiào Mu, “Come in!”

“Hawke, since when you start to act gently?” Someone yelled in surprise.

“Whenever anyone opens the door in the future, they are not allowed to kick the door. Open it slowly!” the blond man yelled back before smiling at Xiào Mu, “Come in.”

Xiào Mu entered the lounge. This is a large living room with rows of black leather sofas. A dozen people are sitting everywhere; all of them are tall sentinels. He glanced at the blond Hawke in surprise, wondering how Hawke managed to prevent himself from getting found out. Did he also erect a barrier?

A man with a fierce tiger tattooed on his chest walked up to Hawke. He took the bag of water in his hand, and casually threw the bottles at the people sitting on the sofa. Those people obviously didn’t look in their direction and are playing among themselves, but when the water bottle is about to hit them, they all managed to reach out in time to catch it. The man threw the water bottles while looking at Xiào Mu. Seeing that he was holding his nose and there was blood on his hands, the man couldn’t help laughing out and patted Hawke on the shoulder, “Hawke, this should be your masterpiece ba. And here I thought you have changed.”

Hawke glared at the man and kicked him, “Go away.” He changed back to his smiling face and said to Xiào Mu, “Come with me.”

There are 2 rooms on the left. He took Xiào Mu to one of them and said, “This is the bathroom. You can tidy up here.” He glanced at the blood dripping that stained the clothes on Xiào Mu’s chest, and said, “Wait, I’ll find a change of clothing for you.”

“No need.” Xiào Mu cupped some water with his hands and washed his face. Hawke is about to persuade Xiào Mu when someone called him to check on the injured fighters.

Xiào Mu looked at himself in the mirror with a distorted expression. In order to change his complexion, he applied a thick layer of foundation. When he washed his face with water, the foundation melted and his face now looked like a paint palette, which was super ugly. He watched the makeup lesson and the removal tutorial together, and found it too troublesome. In order to remove makeup with a simpler method, he specially bought water-soluble cosmetics. Xiào Mu sighed, if he had known earlier, he will buy a waterproof one instead. Going out like this look is definitely not good. There’s no way, he has to wash away all his makeup. After wiping his face clean with a tissue, he tried to rub the blood on his front, but could only make the color lighter.

“Wow, you are so beautiful.” When Xiào Mu went out, Hawke just came out of the next room. With an amazed expression, he jumped over and grabbed Xiào Mu’s arm.

The sentinels sitting on the sofa looked over when they heard this. Several people exclaimed a wow, and some whistled.

Xiào Mu blanked out for a second and pulled his hand out. He frowned and said, “I’m leaving.”

Hawke blinked and said, “My name is Hawke. Do you feel uncomfortable? Do you want me to take you to the hospital?”

“It’s not a big problem, so no need to go to the hospital.” Xiào Mu’s words just fell, and the door was pushed open. 2 men came in carrying a sentinel with a bloody face. Xiào Mu wrinkled his brows subconsciously; the sentinel’s feeling of discomfort is affecting him.

“Wow, that looked tragic,” Hawke said as he walked to the room next to the bathroom, “put him in bed 4.”

That sentinel was carried to the room. Hawke said to Xiào Mu, “Wait here a bit, I will give you my contact information after handling this patient. If your body has any problems afterward, remember to contact me.”

After Hawke entered the room, Xiào Mu hesitated for a moment before followed him in. The uncomfortable feeling from the sentinel made him want to see the situation. After he entered, Xiào Mu found that the inside was bigger than the living room, and there were 10 hospital beds lined up left and right, with numbers on the heads of the beds. The bed number gets smaller as they went further inside. Xiào Mu walked past the hospital beds and came to bed 4, frowning uncontrollably. The uncomfortable feeling deepened, and it didn’t come from just one person. A sentinel was lying on each bed in bed 1, 2, and 3, and it was all uncomfortable.

“Why did you come in,” Hawke was taken aback, then smiled, “Oh sorry, are you in a hurry? Wait a minute.”

Hawke skillfully used the treatment device to treat the wound of the patient on bed 4; injecting the guide pheromone agent and sleeping agent after that.

“I’m going to wash my hands now.” Hawke finished speaking and went to the bathroom inside the treatment room. When he came out, he got a bucket full of water and placed it next to Ward 4.

Xiào Mu asked, “Doesn’t he need to go to the hospital?”

Hawke replied, “No, sending him to the hospital will delay the treatment time. The medicine here is the same used in the hospital and I have no problem with performing these simple treatments.” He put his index finger on his lips and lowered his voice, “Other than that, these sentinels came to the battledome in secret, so they don’t want people to know their identities.”

Hearing that, Xiào Mu’s heart moved and he looked around, “Is there no surveillance here?”

“Of course,” Hawke dropped his gaze on Xiào Mu’s clothes. “Do you want to change clothes here? Don’t worry, no one will see it.”

Xiào Mu shook his head and asked, “Are you going to stay here at night until they wake up?”

“No,” Hawke waved his hand. “There are 20 rounds a day. After the last round is done, I can leave after taking care of the injured. They will go back themselves when they wake up.” He blinked, “Are you going to wait for me to take you to the hospital after I get off work?”

Xiào Mu shook his head, “No, I’m fine.”

Xiào Mu’s thoughts are running in his mind. There is no surveillance around, plus there are injured sentinels here. This can be a place for him to carry out spiritual treatment to patients. It’s just that there are sentinels in the living room, so just in case, a spiritual barrier must be established during treatment. His current total value of spiritual power is close to 6,000 points. With a full bar, he could establish a 40 cm barrier, reserve enough points for safe value, and take a high-grade healing pill halfway through – he could at least treat 7 patients. Moreover, they don’t want other people to know about them fighting in the battledome. That means after leaving here, even if they found that their spiritual state has improved, the probability of them speaking out is also low. Thinking of this, Xiào Mu asked, “Are you still recruiting people here? I have worked part-time in the hospital and have experience. I am going to study medicine in the future, so I want to practice more.”

“Oh,” Hawke was stunned by the question. Scratching his face and laughing, he said, “I am the only one working in the infirmary. If you are willing to come, of course, you can, but the working hours are from 7.00 pm to 12.00 am during the holiday, can you come? ” He whispered, “You are so beautiful, it is not safe to go out at night.”

Xiào Mu was slightly embarrassed by the remark, “It’s okay, I can put on makeup.”

Hawke laughed, “No wonder you were sporting a ghostly look before this. If you want to join me, my job will be a lot easier in the future. Your wage is 200 coins and you will be paid at the end of each day. Is there a problem?”

“No problem.” Xiào Mu asked hesitantly, “You make the decisions here?”

“Of course,” Hawke said with a smile, “this is my dad’s property. I don’t fancy doing business, I like treating illness instead.”

That caught Xiào Mu by surprise, Hawke turned out to be the second generation of the rich.

“Since you are injured, go back and rest first. You can come back tomorrow.” Hawke said again.

Xiào Mu nodded, “Well, see you tomorrow.”

As soon as Xiào Mu went out of the treatment room, he could hear a few more whistles from the living room. He was walking to the door with a straight face when a tall sentinel suddenly stood up and stopped in front of him. The man th-rust1 his hips at Xiào Mu before lowering his head to whisper ambiguously, “Little cutie, how about spending a good evening together?”

Feeling something poking his abdomen at that moment, Xiào Mu’s face turned green. He stepped away and said, “No.”

Laughter rang out in the hall, and the sentinel touched his nose before sighing, “What a pity.” He then stretched out his hand and waved, “Be careful on the way back.”

Xiào Mu ignored the sentinel, but he was relieved inside. Although the people here2 are open-minded, they are gentlemen3 except for per-verts. He opened the door to leave the lounge and walked away quickly. At the back door, Xiào Mu used his terminal to remember the location to make sure that he could find this place tomorrow.

After that, Xiào Mu didn’t go back to the apartment directly. First, he went to the mall to buy a second-hand aircraft. The cheapest model is about 50% new, which cost him 8,000 star coins. It is too inconvenient to have no aircraft, and it is much safer to travel on the aircraft than on the road. Xiào Mu drove the aircraft back to the community and was forced to land at the main gate Upon landing, 2 tall soldiers shouted solemnly at the door of the aircraft, “Come down.”

Xiào Mu was taken aback. In his mind, he thought to himself if he accidentally vio-lated any traffic rules or hit anyone.

“Which resident are you? This aircraft has not been registered.”

Xiào Mu immediately understood the reason and replied, “I live in #106 and this aircraft was just bought today.”

The two soldiers looked at each other, and #106 was the property of the marshal’s partner.

“Sorry, please contact the resident of the household. Otherwise, you can’t be allowed in.”

Xiào Mu glanced at the time. It was about 9.30 pm. At this hour, neither Ren nor Leo will be resting. He breathed a sigh of relief and dialed the apartment number. After a while, Leo ran over in a black vest, and two soldiers immediately saluted him, “Major General.”

Leo lightly nodded and looked at Xiào Mu. Then, his gaze landed on the aircraft behind Xiào Mu and he frowned, “Who sent you back?”

Xiào Mu: “I came back by myself.”

“You bought this aircraft?”

Xiào Mu: “Yes.”

Leo glanced at him and said to the two soldiers, “Register him.”

After finishing the formalities, Xiào Mu embarrassedly thanked Leo, “Sorry to bother you.” He can tell by looking at Leo’s clothing that he is exercising at the moment.

Leo said nothing, but walked to the aircraft and looked at it again, “Secondhand?”

Xiào Mu nodded, “En, it’s cheap and the performance is good.” He has enough money to buy a brand new model, but the source of the money he earns tonight needs to be kept secret. The money he has on hand is only enough to buy the cheapest one. After Xiào Mu answered, he asked Leo, “Do you want to go back in the aircraft?”

Leo sneered, “Too slow.” He turned and ran towards the apartment.

Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched and he drove the aircraft back. When he passed Leo’s room, Leo was taking off his clothes while walking to the bathroom; the smooth lines of his back were completely revealed to his eyes. Xiào Mu swiftly moved his eyes away, in his mind he understood why Leo sneered at his aircraft, saying it’s slow. He was about to leave when Leo said solemnly, “Stop.”

Xiào Mu stopped for a moment, and Leo walked quickly to the door. He stared at the front of his clothing, “Got injured?”

Leo wasn’t wear anything on his body, and his explosive figure is right in front of Xiào Mu. He hurriedly lowered his eyes and saw the blood spots on his clothes. He shook his head, “It’s okay, I accidentally bumped my nose.”

“Accidentally?” Leo asked as he stared at the top of Xiào Mu’s head. Thinking about the eye-catching blood spots, he felt inexplicably irritable. He shot out, “Are you a paramecium? Students in the kindergarten won’t get a nosebleed from a bump, right?”

Xiào Mu looked up and saw that Leo looked unhappy. Feeling somewhat strange, he asked, “Why are you angry?”

“Who said I am angry?!” Leo snorted, “What does your stupidity have to do with me, I’m not angry.”

Seeing Leo turn around and slammed the door, Xiào Mu curled his lips. Leo actually slammed (closed) the door that hadn’t been closed for 10,000 years. Still say he is not angry?!

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