Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 16


Chapter 16 This is really a misunderstanding

From Leo’s tone, he was extremely dissatisfied, especially when he thought of Ren’s physical condition, he was even more furious.

Ren rubbed his forehead and sighed, “There are lesser guides nowadays, and they are getting more and more delicate. Even a fall will get the people in Golden Tower very nervous, what more to stimulate their spiritual state. That will probably kill them.”

Leo turned to Ren and looked worried, “Since the guide is useless, how about the medicine from the Association of Pharmacists?”

Ren smiled bitterly, “I have used 2 types of Level A potions for many years, and the effect is getting worse and worse.”

“Try this,” Leo thought for a moment and took out the mid-grade healing pill. “The ingredients are Chinese medicine, which is harmless to people.” Sentinel has a well-developed sense of smell. When Leo got the pills, he could judge the approximate ingredients based on the taste.

Ren took the pill and examined it. He could smell a burst of clear scent from it. Ren said in surprise, “The smell of a guide’s pheromone.”

Leo nodded. Ren did not hesitate and swallow the pill. After half a minute, Ren sat upright and looked serious, “Although it’s not very obvious, my spiritual state that was originally on the edge of zoning has stabilized.” There is excitement in his voice as he asked, “The effect is good and quick. Where did the medicine come from?”

Leo pointed to Xiào Mu, “He bought it. The seller should be a high-level guide who is not in the Golden Tower’s record.”

Xiào Mu quickly sat upright, ready to answer Ren’s question.

As expected, Ren asked him carefully about the process of buying the medicine, and Xiào Mu repeated what he had said to Leo. After speaking, he looked regretful, “I didn’t know he was a guide. If I knew, I would definitely ask for his contact information.”

Ren: “It’s not your fault, who would have thought that there would be a guide who walking around the streets alone!”

Xiào Mu smiled. Suddenly, his smile stiffened, and he blinked quickly as he stared at the red and blue strips on top of Ren’s head. The red bar listed some figures like 1900/9200 Level S, and the blue bar is 8900/9000 Level S. Before this, he had clearly seen his own red and blue bars, and everyone else that he could only see the total value, not the remaining value. To double-check, Xiào Mu turned his head to look at Leo. His red bar is 9,000 Level S, the blue bar is 9,000 Level S. It is indeed showing only the total value. Is it because Ren ate his medicine?

“What are you looking at?” Leo noticed that Xiào Mu’s expression was different and frowned. Then he humphed and said, “Just now you stared at the guide, and now you are staring at me. You really are fickle.” Leo paused, showing a thoughtful expression, and continued after a while, “There is an old saying called ‘Watery poplar flower/水性杨花’1, it should be referring to people like you, right?”

Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched, and solemnly proposed, “Major General Leo, you may not be suitable for reading ancient books. Please read lesser in the future.”

Leo glanced at Xiào Mu, his eyes sharp, “Are you saying I used the wrong words?”

That gaze looked like if Xiào Mu dares to nod his head, Leo will definitely give him a lesson. Xiào Mu forced a faint smile, “No, I am impressed by your usage of old sayings. Moreover, you have misunderstood. I was staring at the guide just because it’s my first time seeing a guide and I was curious.”

“Then why are you looking at me?” Leo lightly snorted, “I already said you like me, but you don’t want to admit it. Then you like to look at me whenever there’s a chance. You’d better keep it to yourself. I hate being stared at.”

Xiào Mu immediately looked away. He can’t simply say that he was just looking at Leo’s red and blue bar right? He smirked, “I just found out that you and the marshal looked alike.”

Leo dismissed in disdain, “Crappy excuses.”

Since Ren’s spiritual state is temporarily stable, his mood has improved a lot. He stretched out his leg and kicked Leo, “Boy, do you have a negative EQ? This kind of thing should just keep it inside, don’t say out.” After he finished speaking, he gently said to Xiào Mu, “Ignore him, don’t be embarrassed. This kid’s temperament is like this, but since you like him, you will definitely tolerate him, right?”

Xiào Mu felt speechless, “Marshal, the part that I like Major General Leo…”


Xiào Mu’s words were interrupted by a dark but affectionate voice from the door. Hearing those words, Leo glanced at Xiào Mu, with a ‘I knew it a long time ago’ look. As for Ren, he turned to look in the direction of the door. He stood up happily and opened his hands. Xiào Mu watched dumbfoundedly as a tall man ran into the house and hugged Ren. Then Ren hugged the man back, and the two kissed like no one else is there. Xiào Mu felt deflated and became expressionless. He hasn’t finished saying the second half of the sentence, ‘this thing is really a misunderstanding!’ Soon, he couldn’t stay calm. The two people who kissed didn’t look like they are going to separate at all. Their kisses reverberated ambiguously in the living room, and Ren’s clothes had been lifted up by the hem.

Is this going to be a ‘live action’? But this is the Marshal, for goodness sake. Xiào Mu’s scalp felt numb and he stood frozen.

“You still want to watch?” Suddenly, Leo’s impatient voice came beside his ear.

At the same time, Leo’s hand fell on Xiào Mu’s shoulder, in the middle of leading him out. A familiar heat instantly hit him, and his spiritual filaments struggled frantically. Xiào Mu jumped away in shock and slapped Leo’s hand away. Then he hurriedly established a spiritual barrier. A warning sound from the main system sounded in his head, and the next moment, a feeling of dizziness came. However, Xiào Mu didn’t dare to be careless. He stared at the frowning Leo, trying his best to control the spiritual filaments.

Leo tsk-ed and bent over, his face almost touching Xiào Mu, “You can’t even stand touching me? Then you dare to stay here?” After he finished speaking, Leo straightened up. He turned and went upstairs.

The corner of Xiào Mu’s eye caught a glimpse of a piece of clothing on the ground. It was clearly worn by the marshal before this. His face became even redder and he hurriedly rushed to the second floor. At the corner of the second floor, Xiào Mu encountered Zorn who was standing against the wall. That makes him feel embarrassed because he didn’t realize when Zorn came up. Thinking that if Leo hadn’t reminded him, he would sit there stupidly in the middle of the ‘live action’. That would be even more embarrassing.

Zorn’s expression looked as usual and he pointed to the right-hand side, “The first room belongs to the major general. Marshal Ren said that you will stay next door and it has been cleaned.”

“Thank you.” Xiào Mu turned to look in the direction of the room. Then, seeing that Zorn is still standing at the same place, he guessed that his(Z) room was on the first floor, so he asked, “Do you want to go to my room for a seat?”

“No,” Zorn said, “I need to stay on guard at all times.”

Xiào Mu walked to the second room on the right. When he passed the first room, the door was not closed. He turned his head and saw Leo in the middle of taking off his military jacket. His shirt button was unbuttoned to the 4th one, revealing most of his honey-colored chest and tightly packed chest muscles. Xiào Mu’s heart beat faster and he swallowed.

Sensing a presence, Leo glanced at Xiào Mu and said coldly, “You better not a voyeur or I will throw you downstairs now.”

“I am not,” Xiào Mu turned his head, speeding up and walking towards the next door, “I’m just passing by.” He opened the door and closed it with a bang.

Leo raised his eyebrows and walked to the bathroom as he undressed, ignoring the wide-open door at all.

Xiào Mu calmed down his heartbeat, and inside his mind, he scolded himself for not being calm. Leo is handsome, but that man is a narcissistic poisonous tongue king! He looked at the room again, and saw that the layout of the room was very simple; black and white tones. The room was well-equipped, and there was nothing superfluous at all. Xiào Mu was so satisfied that he is feeling even more grateful to Ren. Thinking of Ren’s remaining spiritual power, Xiào Mu felt that the amount is not safe yet.

There are 9 pills, and he will take 1 for the Pharmacists Association, which means 8 pills left. If Ren eats all of them, his confusion condition will be healed. Thinking for a while, since it is inconvenient to look for Ren now, Xiào Mu will do it later.

As Xiào Mu was thinking, he checked his remaining spiritual power. Since he did a temporary spiritual barrier just now, it was already below the safe value, so Xiào Mu decided to take a bath and sleep first. He walked into the bathroom and was about to open the hot water. Then it suddenly occurred to him that he didn’t have any clothes to change. What’s worse, he had no money! Very quickly, Xiào Mu had a perfect plan. Leaving the bathroom, he went out to find Leo with the medicine. He has decided that he would sell the medicine to Leo first at the price he calculated earlier. It can be regarded as a thank you gift for letting him stay overnight, so will only bill Leo the amount of 10,000 star coins. After he got the money, he can immediately go online to buy clothes. With the current express delivery speed, he could take a bath and rest in less than an hour.

When Xiào Mu arrived at the door next door, he saw the wide-open door and was stunned. Even at home, he himself wouldn’t be so casual. Glancing around the room, Xiào Mu saw no one. After thinking about it, to prevent any misunderstanding, he stood at the entrance and knocked on the door, “Major General Leo, are you there?”

Leo was about to take a bath and frowned when he heard the sound. He put on a bathrobe casually, and walked out of the bathroom, “What’s wrong?”

Leo only draped his bathrobe on his body and, his belt was not fastened. Hence, most of his front body was exposed. His nxked upper body and his lower body wearing only black underwear were mostly exposed to Xiào Mu’s sight.

With a woosh, Xiào Mu instantly averted his eyes and said awkwardly, “If it is not convenient for you, I will come again later.”

“So long-winded,” Leo impatiently said. “If you have something to say, just say it. I hate being interrupted during rest.”

Xiào Mu didn’t dare to look directly at Leo, and let his eyes drooped slightly. He raised the bag in his hand, “Don’t you want the medicine? I took 1, so here are the rest of it.”

Leo stepped forward to take the medicine and looked at the express bag package with disgust, “How much?”


Leo: “Open your terminal. So 9 pills equal to 90,000 star coins, plus the other kind of small medicine… how many pills are there?”

With Leo standing so close to him, Xiào Mu lowered his head even lower and turned on his terminal, “Just give me 10,000 in total.”

Hearing that, Leo raised his eyebrows and he looked down to see Xiào Mu’s ears turning red, “Didn’t you think 5,000 is too little before this? What now? You heard I said that I don’t like greedy people so you want to please me?”

“No,” Xiào Mu was speechless and explained, “Since the medicine is for the marshal, this is a friendship price. Consider it my thanks to the marshal for letting me stay.” He thought for a while and added, “It has nothing to do with you, I don’t…”

“Too long-winded,” Leo impatiently cut Xiào Mu off. He raised his hand and connected with Xiào Mu’s terminal, “I haven’t seen anyone who is more shilly-shally than you. Don’t dare to admit it? Fine. But don’t keep saying it. You thought I didn’t hear what you just said in the living room?”

The ‘accusation’ caused Xiào Mu’s breath to stuck in his throat. He was about to explain that there is still the second half of the sentence, but Leo has already turned away saying, “Leave if you have nothing else to say!”

Xiào Mu took a deep breath and decided to get the truth straightened up with Leo. He rushed into the room and was about to talk but Leo is already one foot into the bathroom. The last picture in Xiào Mu’s eyes was the appearance of his bathrobe half taken off.

Xiào Mu immediately stopped on his tracks, turned around, and walked out. At the speed of Leo’s undressing, he would definitely see scenes that are unsuitable for children the moment he(XM) enters the bathroom. At that moment, he could guess with his toes2 that Leo would definitely brand him as a voyeur. Moreover, if he(L) got angry for real, he might actually lift him up and throw him downstairs. As for the explanation he wanted to say, Leo wouldn’t believe it anymore. Xiào Mu could almost imagine Leo’s disgusted expression, and then said, ‘Already peeping on my shower, still don’t admit that you like me?’

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