Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 75

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Table of Content

List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Winged wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

Ryan (Lion)
Howth (Golden winged lion)
Ba-Ao (Brown winged bear)

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Chapter 75 New members

After Lal delivered the message, Rey and Adeline looked at him in disbelief; they were really shocked by Lal’s words. At first, they were wondering why another person from the opponent’s side came not long after the first two left. Then after Lal arrived, he didn’t even give them a chance to ask why and just deliver the message right away. And now, they are immersed in shock.

“You really started a tribe?” Rey was a little bit unconvinced. Although he also wanted to lead his group to build a tribe of their own, it remained a thought in his mind. This is because starting a tribe is too difficult.

“En, our tribe is called the drifter beastman tribe, and now our tribe leader intends to let you join.”

“Give me some time to think about it. Also, I have to discuss it with my group members, please wait a while.” Rey said immediately.

This is an opportunity that he doesn’t want to miss. As for ‘discussing with his group members’, he believes that no one will be unwilling to join because they are too eager to join a tribe. Now someone reaches out to accept them, how can they refuse it? Rey went out and told everyone the news. Their reactions were exactly the same as his reaction just now; surprised and astonished. After hearing the explanation from Rey, everyone cheered.

Lal and Cohen, who were still in the tent, naturally heard it too. They looked at each other and smiled. It seemed that they had done this mission well. Now that the other party had decided to join their tribe, Lal asked them to pack their things to return to the tribe with them. It would be more comfortable to stay in a house under such heavy rain.

On the other side, after Lal left to deliver the message, Patrik and Lin Mu went to the big house. They also let some people cook ginger soup and 4 large pots of meat broth were made. In their heart, they knew that those people would definitely agree to join their tribe.

Seeing Lal returning with the group of drifter beastmen, Patrik and the others walked to the door to greet them.

“Welcome to our tribe.” Though Patrik didn’t have the slightest smile on his face, he expressed sincerity through his solemnity.

Rey nodded gratefully to Patrik. From the moment they entered the valley, they began to be surprised at what they saw, and also gets surprised at the strange-looking buildings. They didn’t ask about it because they would find out sooner or later. As they were lead to the biggest strange building, they saw the other party’s tribe leader. Looking at the brightly lit building, they simply couldn’t suppress their curiosity.

Lin Mu saw these people’s curiosity about the house, and explained with a smile, “This is a house, and we live inside it. Come in first.”

Patrik followed behind as these people walked into the house one after another with curiosity.

“You were staying in the rain earlier, so drink some ginger soup first to warm up your body.” Lin Mu said as he used a spoon to scoop a bowl of ginger soup and gave it to Adeline. Seeing Adeline staring at the ginger soup curiously, Lin Mu further explained, “This soup can warm your body. Although it doesn’t taste good, it’s good for the body.”

Adeline felt the warmth from the container in his hands. He had seen this kind of container before when someone delivered the food made by Lin Mu; it looked very convenient to keep food. Trying to take a sip, Adeline could taste a sweet but strong taste. It is not difficult to drink, and the warmth in his stomach makes him feels very comfortable, so he wanted to let Rey taste it as well.

After Lin Mu saw Adeline drank the ginger soup, he then said to the somewhat restrained person standing next to him, “Go and get a bowl of it, too. We also cooked some meat broth. You can drink some of the broth after you finish the ginger soup.”

To be honest, the group of drifter beastmen has already smelled the tempting fragrance upon entering the house. Someone already secretly swallowed their saliva. Seeing Lin Mu smiled and said that they could drink the broth, they stopped being restrained as they had before. Lin Mu’s smile made them feel the kindness from him.

Seeing the beastmen started drinking the soup, Lin Mu and Patrik walked up to Rey and said, “You can stay here first. When the weather is clear, you can start to build your own house. There are a lot of rooms in this big house, and it should be enough for your group to live in. You can arrange it yourself. As for other matters, it’s a bit late today so let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

Rey nodded, to be able to stay in this kind of environment, they are really satisfied

Lin Mu smiled as well and said, “Because your arrival is so sudden, we have no time to prepare beds for you but there is some hay in that room. You can spread it on the ground and then put on an animal skin blanket to make it better.” Lin Mu pointed at the room they used as a storage room before.

Rey nodded, “Thank you.”

Lin Mu smiled and expressed that it’s alright.

Before leaving, Patrik said to them, “My name is Patrik, I am the tribe leader of this drifter beastman tribe. His name is Lin Mu, my partner.” They left after the introduction.

Seeing them disappear into the rain, Adeline said happily, “Rey, our life is feeling great now.”

Rey smiled and nodded; it is great.

“Boss, this broth is delicious. I have never had such a delicious broth. Their tribe is really amazing.”

“Yes, yes, I didn’t expect that meat could be eaten like this, and that ginger soup is comfortable to drink.”

“They actually have salt!”

“There is also this house. We don’t have to worry about the rain outside at all. If we also know to build this kind of house before this, we don’t have to worry about the rainy season.”

“Yes, their tribe is amazing.”

Everyone was talking about their feelings. Then they all agreed that this tribe is really amazing. Rey smiled and said, “This tribe is really amazing, and we are a part of this tribe from now on.”

“This is really great!” Everyone cheered.

Rey looked at all of his friends and their face full of hope, he held Adeline’s hand, and said with emotion, “Yeah, it is great.”

Next, after they had finished those pots of food, Rey arranged the rooms among the beastmen. Since each of the rooms was large, they don’t need to worry about getting crowded. At night while resting on Rey’s arm, Adeline whispering about what happened today. Then he looked at Rey who looked obviously happy and said, “From now on, you don’t have to worry anymore.”

Rey smiled and nodded. Today can be considered the happiest day in his life.

“Hah~ I’m sleepy, let’s go to bed. There must be a lot of things to do tomorrow.”

Rey looked at Adeline who looked sleepy and said, “En, go to sleep.” After he said that, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

After Lin Mu got home, he simply washed up and head to sleep. There has been a lot of things happening today, and he was also tired. “Patrik, let’s send them some daily necessities tomorrow.”

“En.” Then, they fell asleep.

The next day, the sun was shining brightly, and Lin Mu looked at the sky outside, “What good weather.” When Patrik came back from cutting the grass, he planned to help to spread the grass to dry for the rabbits to eat. But Patrik said, “Mu Mu, I’ll do it myself. You can go to eat first.”

Hearing what Patrik said, he didn’t insist and went to eat breakfast. He asked, “How are they?”

Patrik washed his hands. “I didn’t go to see them, but nothing will happen.”

Lin Mu put down the bowl in his hand, “En, I’ll go to Casso and ask him to help fetch some salt.”

They always get Casso to help fetch the salt because they are usually busy. Even if they are not busy, they think it is better to leave this task to Casso. It is not good for too many people to know where the salt cave is. After all, their tribe will definitely continue to add more members. If the newcomer is a good person, then it’s okay. But if not, it’s not good to let the other party know where the salt cave is. But if they deliberately hide the information, it will hurt someone’s feelings, so it’s better not to know it.

Lin Mu went out and brought some homemade beef and rabbit meat to Casso and Qiuqiu as the reward for his labor. Casso happily agreed after receiving the food, and then set off with Qiuqiu while carrying the bag given by Lin Mu.

When Lin Mu came home and saw that Patrik was not there, he knew that Patrik had gone to arrange the affairs of the new members. Remembering that he told Patrik to invite Rey and Adeline to lunch, Lin Mu started thinking about what to make. After thinking about it, he started to prepare the ingredients and put them aside. This way, lunch could be prepared quickly when it’s time to cook.

Towards noon, Patrik brought Rey and Adeline to their house. Lin Mu heard the sound and came out of the kitchen. When he saw them, he happily welcomed the pair and sent them to the living room. Then he brought them fruit and tea and asked Patrik to chat with them. In Lin Mu’s mind, he felt that as the host, they have to accompany the guests at home.

But Patrik had no such idea and said, “I’ll help to cook with you.”

“No, I have done the preparations so you can stay here and chat with them.”

Patrik didn’t think they had anything to talk about, so he followed Lin Mu into the kitchen. Lin Mu smiled apologetically to Rey and Adeline before going into the kitchen. Actually, Lin Mu’s idea is not practiced in this world. There is no reason for this so-called guest to be accompanied by the host, and beastman normally likes to stick to their female instead.

Lin Mu and Patrik went to cook, while Rey and Adeline curious looked about everything in the house. All of it was unfamiliar to them, such as the stool they were sitting on, the table in front of them, and the fruit plate that is made of rattan. Other than that, the layout of their rooms is also very curious.

Adeline: “I have never seen or heard of these things. I really don’t know how they made them. It’s amazing.”

Rey: “This tribe is very different.”

For lunch, Lin Mu made spicy steamed fish, braised rabbit meat, braised pork, and fried pork slices. He also made vegetable dishes like vegetable shredded pork, hot and sour potato shreds, cold dish beef, plus radish kimchi he made; 8 dishes can be considered a rich lunch. For after meal soup, he made snow fungus soup. Lin Mu felt that Adeline would like it. As for Rey, he could drink some too.

In this world, people don’t have the habit of not talking while eating. After Adeline ate the food and got surprised by the delicious taste, Lin Mu began to tell him about the edible vegetables he found. He also told him several ways to cook by the way, so Adeline said that Lin Mu must teach him. Hence, the two females had a very happy conversation. Patrik and Rey talked about what to do next. Of course, Rey was surprised by the food Lin Mu made. It was so delicious, so even when he was talking to Patrik, his hands never stop feeding himself the food.

After the meal, Adeline and Rey left with a contented belly. Before leaving, Lin Mu gave them some sauced beef that he made, and some kimchi because Adeline really likes vegetables and kimchi. Adeline doesn’t know how to cook yet, so he embarrassedly expressed his desire for some kimchi from Lin Mu. Since people liked his homemade stuff and he did make a lot, Lin Mu happily gave Adeline a clay jar, together with some dried fruits that he made.

Because Patrik still had something to do afterward, Lin Mu went to take a nap by himself. When he woke up in the afternoon, he found that Casso and Qiuqiu playing in the living room, and a bag of salt is placed by the door.

“Wait a minute, I will get you some food.” There is a lot of braised pork cooked at noon, and he reserved two bowls for them. Although it’s a bit cold, these two carnivores won’t mind.

Watching the two little ones eating the food happily, Lin Mu then took the bag of salt to the kitchen. He planned to wait until Patrik returns and ask him to crush the salt.

In the evening, Lin Mu and Patrik brought salt to the newcomers. Lin Mu can see that there were more utensils such as stone pots and wooden bowls in their room. He knew that this was what Patrik and the other beastmen helped to make today. As for the big things like beds and cabinets, they can’t make it for a while.

After Lin Mu gave the salt to the drifter beastmen, he watched them setting their lives in order. Everyone had joy on their faces and that makes Lin Mu feel pleased in his heart. Lin Mu taught them how to make meat broth, and taught Adeline to make stir-fried pork with greens. Then he checked and confirmed that Adeline’s cooking is edible, this is considered done and he has taught someone how to make a dish. Things like cooking, it will get better with practice.

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