Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 Gratitude

Xiào Mu shook his head to shake away the terrible image in his mind and went back to his room to buy clothes online. After thinking about it, he bought another 200 grams of peony. When his spiritual power is restored tomorrow, he will try to find an opportunity to make some mid-grade healing pills, which he can eat and sell at the same time. However, about how to sell is a problem, as he can’t do it like the incident before this. He hadn’t noticed that there is a guide’s pheromones left on the medicine. If he knew it, he would definitely not dare to set up a stall openly.

Sitting on a stool and waiting for the clothes to be delivered, Xiào Mu checked online regarding channels for selling things. The transaction methods here are quite similar to his time on Earth. There are physical or online stores, mobile vendors, and auction houses selling precious items. Xiào Mu thought about it for a moment and inquired about the auction house. The page that popped up showed several auction houses. The top message read ‘Shocking! There is a Level A animal mecha in the auction house, with a transaction price of 80 million!’ There is a lot of news about successful auctions below the post.

Seeing this, Xiào Mu closed the page; auctions were too high-profile. He wants to make money by selling medicine, but he absolutely does not want to see news such as ‘Shocking! New medicine appear in the market!’. In particular, he has already said that he is not the maker and only has a handful of the medicine left in his hand. If similar medicines are sold in public, Leo will definitely find out; it is too easy to discover him through auction houses. If the research institute finds out about him, they will also know the existence of the mid-grade healing pill, and this kind of news will also attract their attention. For him, it is not safe.

Casually browsing the pages of selling channels, Xiào Mu’s eyes suddenly stopped at the word ‘black market’. Looking closely at the information about the ‘black market’, his eyes brightened slightly. ‘Black market’ is a trading market opened by the largest auction house ‘Shang Gong’. The black market provides trading venues for private craftsmen and mercenaries. It opens every Saturday night from 7.00 pm to 12.00 am. The identity of everyone who enters the black market is kept confidential. Entry tickets are 1,000 star coins each. When items are successfully traded, the black market will charge a handling fee which is 10% of the transaction price while the commodity tax is paid by the black market. Black market fees are high, but because of its confidentiality, the business is very good, and unexpected precious items often appear. Therefore, many wealthy people went there to sweep good things.

Xiào Mu felt very excited, and it was okay to him if the handling fee is a little bit more. He would just ask for a higher price, it’s fine as long as he could make money. He takes note of the address and opening time of the black market, and it didn’t take long before his clothes arrived. In the hallway, he perked up his ears to listen if there are any movements in the living room before moving down quietly. Xiào Mu didn’t see Zorn when he went downstairs, he breathed a sigh of relief and went out to pick up the courier.

When Xiào Mu returned to the house, he saw the tall man who was hugging Ren before this coming out of the room next to the study. He was wearing a black bathrobe, with red hic-keys1 on his exposed neck. His short hair was slightly damp, it was obvious that this man has just taken a shower. His facial features looked hard with defined lines. Even at this moment although his complexion is soft, he cannot hide his wildness, and his aura is very strong. Previously, Xiào Mu didn’t get to see this man’s appearance clearly. But now that he is facing him, he immediately remembered his identity; Lieutenant General Louis, Ren’s partner, Leo’s grandfather, and an ordinary person. The moment Xiào Mu thought of this, he subconsciously checked Louis’s red and blue bars. His spiritual power is 3,000 Level D, while his physical strength is 8,500 Level A. For sentinels, this value may not be particularly powerful, but for ordinary people, it is simply OP2.

“Are you Xiào Mu?”

Xiào Mu was deep in his thoughts when he heard a deep voice asking this question. He nodded quickly, “Yes, Lieutenant General Louis.”

Louis went to the living room, poured a glass of water, and walked back with it, “Thank you for the medicine.”

Xiào Mu hurriedly said, “You are welcome, I am very grateful to the marshal for taking me in.”

Hearing that, Louis has a smile in his eyes, “He has a soft heart. You should go and rest.”

Xiào Mu went upstairs. When he passed Leo’s room, he deliberately looked straight ahead, but from the outside, he still can see the figure of a person lying on the bed. Even when he was passing by, Xiào Mu could feel a sharp gaze suddenly fall on him, and he hurried back to the house.

After napping for almost an hour, Xiào Mu was awakened by Zorn to go downstairs to eat dinner. Ren and Louis sat side by side, Zorn sat on the left and Leo sat on the right, so he sat down on the opposite seat. As soon as he sat down, he checked Ren’s spiritual power and saw the bar at 1,860/9,200. Xiào Mu was stunned to see that. It was almost 2 hours, but not only Ren’s spiritual power not only did not automatically recover, 40 points were consumed instead. He checked his own and he has recovered close to 200 points. Then Xiào Mu looked at Leo’s bar and saw that his points have decreased by 10.

Could it be that the spiritual power of sentinel will not automatically recover? Moreover, it will even decrease over time. In this case, Xiào Mu could understand why sentinel always needs a guide pheromone agent. Think about it carefully, this is in line with common sense. If one can recover spiritual power automatically, there won’t be so many sentinels going to the hospital.

“Eat,” Leo snorted, “Can you get full by just looking at me?”

Coming back to his sense, Xiào Mu is slightly embarrassed. He silently reminded himself that the next time he wants to check someone’s spiritual power, he will take a casual look at the bar and turn his gaze to somewhere else. Otherwise, the misunderstanding will only get deeper and deeper.

Ren looked at Xiào Mu and said gently, “Don’t pay attention to him. I heard that you only charged 10,000 star coins for the medicine. Will the money be enough? This kid is really unpolite, taking so many medicines but only gave you that little money.”

Xiào Mu said, “It’s the price I asked for,” he was a little embarrassed as he continued, “You took me in for a temporary stay. To give my thanks, I shouldn’t have charged you anything at all, but I am almost penniless at the moment, and I have to pay for the accommodation fee for the school.”

Ren shook his head, “You can’t do this, you can’t always tolerate him. Knowing that you have no money and still so stingy, you should dislike it when it’s like this.”

Xiào Mu’s hand pinching his chopsticks was slightly stiff, and at this moment he realized the terrifying nature of heredity. This grandfather and grandson pair can connect any of his words and actions to mean he likes Leo. What makes him powerless and troublesome is it doesn’t seem far-fetched that they understand it that way.

Ren glared at Leo again after speaking, “Don’t bully Xiào Mu just because you know he likes you. He simply said a price and you gave the exact amount? Why don’t I know you are such an obedient person?”

Leo picked up the food and ate it as usual, “If I gave too much, it would look like we don’t accept his gratitude. The price was set at that amount because he wanted to thank you, and I can’t decide on your behalf to refuse it. If you are not happy, you can just give him more money.”

Xiào Mu gave Leo a surprised look. He didn’t expect him to be so thoughtful. He thought Leo only transferred the money casually.

Ren continued to stare at Leo, “You kid really can speak. Since you said out like this, how can I give him the money now?”

Xiào Mu quickly said, “No, I have enough money.”

What’s more, he can make more medicine, and the cost of medicine is almost negligible. From the effect point of view, 1 pill selling at 10,000 is not too expensive, and Leo’s response made him very confident that his medicine can definitely be sold. In this way, Xiào Mu doesn’t have to worry about money.

After eating, Ren called Louis and Leo to the study. Xiào Mu looked at their serious expression and knew they had something to talk about, so he went upstairs to his room.

The study door is closed, and Louis asked with a serious tone, “I received the news, you said you have new clues?”

Ren nodded, and Leo opened his terminal and played a short video cut before, “This is the surveillance video of the guide kidnapping case a few days ago.”

After watching the clip, Louis cautiously said, “It’s exactly the same as the scene where they disappeared.”

Ren uttered an En and looked at Leo, “Leo, go to rest first. I will tell you if we make progress, you are not allowed to interfere.”

Leo’s jaw tightened, “Grandfather, I want to participate in the investigation.”

“No,” Ren said with a cold face, “I won’t allow the same thing that happened 20 years ago to happen again. If you go against my intentions, all relevant information will be kept secret from you in the future.”

Hearing that, Leo’s breathing suddenly increased, and he looked at Ren stubbornly, “My self-control now is completely different from that time. I won’t lose control.”

Ren didn’t loosen his stance, “No, forget about it for the time being. Don’t forget that you promised me to help An Rui3.”

Leo didn’t want to give up. Just when he is about to speak, Louis said, “Leo, I have been responsible for this matter for so many years, don’t you distrust me?”

Leo’s heart shuddered, “No, grandpa, I trust you completely.”

Louis nodded, “You can go to rest.”

Leo knew that they were determined not to let him in, and left the study depressed.

Ren relaxed from his upright posture and leaned at the back of the chair while rubbing his forehead. Louis took out a mid-grade healing pill and placed it on his lips, “It’s been more than 2 hours.”

Ren rolled his tongue around the medicine and licked Louis’ fingertips by the way. He raised the corner of his eyes, and said vaguely, “It’s great that you’re back.”

The action got Louis’ eyes to deepen. He leaned over and pinched Ren’s chin and kissed him hard. After a while, he released him and said, “I will contact Lyle and go to no man’s land again.”

Ren nodded, “Be careful.”

Louis handed Ren the box with the mid-grade healing pill, “Eat it every 2 hours. Did you send someone to investigate the person who made this?”

Ren: “Of course.”

Louis left the apartment after the talk. Ren went back to the bedroom and put the medicine box on the bedside table.

The next day, Xiào Mu woke up early because he went to bed early. After washing, he went downstairs and the living room was quiet. Zorn sat silently on the sofa facing the bedroom and he said good morning to Zorn. As soon as he left the house, Xiào Mu thought of the distance of 10 kilometers from the flight station and felt his feet turning soft. In his mind, he decided to buy a flying car first after earning money, otherwise, it would be too inconvenient to travel. He walked to the fork in the road and paused when he heard the footsteps of someone approaching.

Leo wore a black vest and shorts of the same color. The muscles on his arms were exposed, and his honey-colored skin was stained with sweat, making him look particularly attractive. Xiào Mu couldn’t help swallowing; he admired and liked what he saw. But this liking is no less than that of a modern straight man seeing a beautiful girl’s swimsuit photo. To add to it, she is a beautiful woman with an explosive hot body.

Leo reached him in the blink of an eye, and Xiào Mu quickly stepped aside to make way. Leo only glanced at him before passing by in silence. Looking at Leo from behind, Xiào Mu feeling inexplicable that he was in a bad mood. If in normal times, he would probably say, ‘Wake up so early? You just want to watch my morning exercise, right?’

The imaginary scene caused Xiào Mu’s mouth to twitch. He tried to forget this mess of imagination and trotted towards the flight station. With his previous experience, he trots for 1 kilometer and then switched to walking. Although his progress was slow, his body could bear this speed. 20 minutes later, just after he had walked 2 kilometers, a black aircraft suddenly stopped on his left side, and Leo’s voice could be heard from inside saying, “Come up.”

Xiào Mu seemed to have heard the sound of Heaven. He quickly got into the aircraft and sat down, with a sincere expression on his face, “Thank you.”

Leo raised his hand and looked at the time, “2 km in 20 minutes,” he glanced at Xiào Mu’s sweaty hair and humphed softly, “And that’s enough to make you in a sorry state. You are amazing.”

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