Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 Spiritual Treatment

In Xiào Mu’s mind, he thought to himself that he must prevent Leo from sending someone to look for him. If any clues are found, the possibility of him being exposed is too great. He showed a puzzled expression, “I heard that the Golden Tower is very good. Since he is so powerful, Golden Tower will definitely be better for him. Why should he avoid Golden Tower?”

Leo tsk-ed and said, “Just a gorgeous cage that raised a bunch of trash.”

Xiào Mu saw Leo’s dislike for Golden Tower and immediately felt relieved. Then he said with a sincere tone, “In this case, if his identity is revealed, he will be forced to stay in Golden Tower. Do you think he will be happy?”

Leo frowned, and suddenly glanced at Xiào Mu sharply, “You seem to be reluctant to let me find him.”

Xiào Mu’s heart felt tight. Leo wouldn’t doubt him, right?

In the next second, Leo showed a stunned look and asked, “Are you afraid that after I found my 100% guide, I won’t even give you a look again?”

“Cough, cough, cough,” Xiào Mu was stunned by Leo’s brain circuit and waved his hand quickly, “No, no, you think too much, I just think logically.”

“Anyone who is dominated by their match rate is worthless,” Leo humphed and shook the medicine in his hand. “He can make this medicine, which means his spiritual power must be very strong. I need his help.” He turned his gaze to Xiào Mu’s face, “Since you spoke out for him and not because of me, does that means you do keep in touch with him? If you help me contact him, I can promise not to disclose his identity.”

“No.” Xiào Mu’s heart beats fiercely. For a moment, he wanted to tell Leo the truth, but soon, he dismissed the idea. He couldn’t take any risks.

Leo examined Xiào Mu’s expression, and Xiào Mu forced a calm look on his face. After a while, Leo stretched out his hand, “In this case, I will check it myself. Give me the rest of the medicine.”

Xiào Mu lamented in his heart, what he said just now is all in vain. Why does he still need to be investigated?

“There are only 9 left,” Xiào Mu did not take the medicine out, but looked embarrassed. “The people at the Pharmacy Research Institute will definitely come to me tomorrow. I need at least 1 to explain to them.” He paused, and his eyes flashed, “Also, didn’t you ask the price of this medicine? I didn’t know the price before and set the low-grade healing pill at 500. Adhering to the concept of being an honest businessman, I know that I have lost money but I didn’t increase my price on the spot. However, for mid-grade pills, I can no longer lose money.”

Xiào Mu raised his wrist and pointed to the terminal, “My account balance is almost zero now, so I’m very poor.” Then he stared at Leo, “So, with your status, you won’t grab poor people’s medicines or forcefully buy them at a low price, right?”

“So long-winded,” Leo dismissed, “The equivalent Level E guide pheromone agent price is 5,000, so I will give you at the market price. You keep 1, and the rest will be given to me.”

Xiào Mu was stunned: “5… 5,000?”

“Too little?”

Xiào Mu felt that he might have underestimated the medicine he made. He doesn’t know much about the guide pheromone agent and reliever agent here, so he doesn’t know how to set the pricing. He thought to himself that the value of Level E sentinel spiritual power is 1000-1500, and the Level E guide pheromone agent is probably recovering a similar amount of spiritual power. For Level E sentinel, Level E guide pheromone agent can make their spiritual power heal immediately, but sentinels above E+ can only recover part of it, which is equivalent to a reliever.

After thinking about it, Xiào Mu asked, “How long is the interval between each sentinel injection of the guide pheromone agent? Are there any side effects?”

Leo didn’t understand the reason for Xiào Mu’s questioning, but for the sake of the medicine he had, he patiently replied, “For 24 hours. If the same kind of guide pheromone agent is used too much, the effect will gradually weaken.”

The corners of Xiào Mu’s lips couldn’t help but rise, “In this case, mid-grade pills can’t be sold to you for just 5,000.”

Hearing that, Leo said coldly, “I don’t like greedy people. Reason?”

“The interval between using mid-grade healing pill is 2 hours, and the effect is the same every time.” Xiào Mu said very confidently. There have never been any side effects when the medicine is used at intervals of 2 minutes in the game. He now has a certain understanding of the system, which almost the same as in the game.

Leo’s complexion changed, and his voice became low and oppressive, “What you said is true? You have to know that if you tell a lie, the body of the person taking the medicine will be affected, and the consequences are not something you can bear.”

Sensing that the air suddenly stagnated, Xiào Mu moved to the side, pulling the distance between the two, “If you don’t believe it, you can try first.” He tentatively asked, “You are buying the medicine for the marshal?”

Leo frowned, “Don’t ask about things that shouldn’t be asked.”

“Major General, we are here.” The driver’s voice came from the driver’s seat.

Leo got up and jumped out of the aircraft, “Decide on the price of the medicine, then take 1 and give me the rest.”

Xiào Mu followed Leo down and looked at the apartment in front of him. He was embarrassed to raise the price now. He was almost certain that Leo wants to buy the medicine for the Marshal. The Marshal took him in and was kind to him. If it is not for his spiritual treatment will be discovered and that his current spiritual power is not enough to establish a large enough spiritual barrier, he actually wants to do spiritual treatment for the marshal.

As Xiào Mu walks, he calculates the money he needs urgently. Accommodation costs 5,000 coins, living expenses and hospital wages are probably enough. If the social assistance is approved, 1,000 can be used to buy bedsheets, quilts, and clothes. In case of special circumstances, it is best to have a little balance. He also needs money to buy materials for medicine, so 10,000 coins are enough. He followed Leo into the room and was about to talk, only to find that the atmosphere in the living room was not right.

The marshal was sitting on the sofa facing the door. Zorn was standing behind him on the left. On the sofa on the right was a middle-aged woman in a black suit. Next to her was a beautiful girl in a white fluffy dress. The girl looked weak, and her face was pale. Her eyes were red, and she looked like she was wronged and going to cry.

At a glance, Leo knew what was going on and frowned. He strode to the sofa on the left and sat down, snorting coldly, “This is the Golden Tower’s guide with the highest spiritual power? It’s really amazing.” He said it was amazing, but even fools could hear the sarcasm bite in it.

The middle-aged woman’s expression looked very ugly, “Major General Leo, please understand. Except for a few sentinels with spiritual power Level S, Weyner can perform good spiritual treatments.”

Leo’s mouth twitched slightly, full of ridicule, “Are you disdaining that our spiritual power is too high? How long did she stay in bed after treating a Level A sentinel last time?” His expression was cold as he continued, “The sentinel’s spiritual power in the White Tower is rising every year, and Golden Tower’s guides are also rising, in the opposite direction1. I really admire you.”

Ren glanced at Leo and looked at the middle-aged woman with a gentle smile, “Director Nila, please don’t be angry. Leo doesn’t know how to speak nicely, but he is not malicious.” He looked at the girl in the white skirt again, “Weyner, try again. If it doesn’t work, go back and rest.”

Weyner turned to look at Nila questioningly, and when she saw her nodding, she said, “Okay,” she paused, “Asking the Marshal to trust me and don’t reject me.”

Ren looked at Weyner and sighed, “I said that already, my spiritual state was not even on guard during your treatment.”

“How is it possible?,” Weyner bit her lips. “Your spiritual filaments attacked me and it affects my treatment.”

Leo sneered, “I really doubt if you guys only know how to eat in the Golden Tower. Your spiritual power is low and you have poor control of your spiritual filaments. Not to mention Level S sentinels. Even with Level A+ sentinel and if their spiritual state is disturbed, they will also take the initiative to attack.”

Weyner’s jaw tightened and she glared at Leo with red eyes, but Leo didn’t even look at her. Weyner looked back, got up, and walked over to Ren, “Marshal, I’m ready to start.”

Ren nodded, leaning on the back of the sofa relaxedly and closing his eyes, looking very lazy and undefended.

Xiào Mu had long sneaked over to sit on the sofa opposite the Marshal. Hearing this, his eyes widened, and he stared at Weyner unmovingly. He has only seen spiritual treatment in movies, but he has never seen it in reality. He was very curious and wanted to see if the Golden Tower spiritual treatment method was the same as his. Before long, a thin layer of sweat appeared on Weyner’s forehead, and Xiào Mu could only stare at her, he couldn’t see anything at all. His own spiritual filaments are restrained in his mind so he can’t observe other people’s spiritual state. Xiào Mu wanted to build a barrier to quietly watch the treatment, but his gaze swept across his remaining spiritual power that is approaching the safe point. He immediately dispelled the idea.

“AH…” Suddenly, Weyner let out a painful cry, took a step back, and fell on the sofa with her head in her hands.

“Weyner.” Nila hugged her anxiously, “Take a deep breath, calm down, it’s okay, it’s okay.”

Weyner trembled for a while before calming down, tears falling, “It’s so painful.”

With a serious gaze, Weyner looked at Ren who was smiling slightly stiffly. A guide had a strong sense of mutuality and was easily influenced by others. Since Weyner said that it’s painful, it must be the feeling that Ren passed on to her.

“Marshal, it seems that your condition is very bad. Whenever the Marshal’s spiritual state tends to be in a dissociated state, his status needs to be notified in the military to prevent accidents. Should I report it truthfully?”

“No,” Ren smiled softly, but his tone was firm, “I don’t feel that bad.”

“Marshal,” Nila rubbed Weyner’s forehead and continued, “The Golden Tower trains guides to provide spiritual treatment to sentinels. Spiritual treatment of high-level guides is the prerogative of the military officials. At the same time, we also have the responsibility to supervise your physical condition.” She paused, “It’s a pity that we need to be responsible for the entire Imperial Army. We can’t hide anyone’s illness, especially the marshal.”

Nila has a sincere expression when she said this, “You have to understand that if there is an emergency in your body, and the military department has not prepared in advance, it is likely to cause chaos. I believe that you don’t want this to happen.”

Ren narrowed his smile and released his aura, “I said I don’t have a serious physical problem. You want to report it to the military? Fine. But if it is found to be an exaggeration, I don’t know if higher up dares to trust you in the future.

Nila hesitated and looked at Weyner, “How is the marshal’s spiritual state?”

Weyner noticed a stern gaze directed to her. She looked over and met Leo’s eyes, and she quickly moved away in fright, “Within a year, it should be okay.”

Nila pulled Weyner up and said, “Marshal, I’m sorry for not able to help you. We will try to find a solution.”

Ren nodded. Leo was about to make a wave of sarcasm but was stopped by Ren’s gaze.

After they left, Leo angrily scolded, “Shitty method, a group of canaries2! Even if they have to use the most stupid method, which is stimulating their spiritual state every day, their spiritual power still won’t get as worse as they are now.” He couldn’t stop sneering, “For more than 100 years, no S-level guide has appeared, rubbish!”

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