Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 14

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Chapter 14 Shorty

The noise from the 2 customers was so loud that many passersby heard the noise and came to watch. Some sentinels curiously approached and squatted down after listening to the two sentinels, and looked at the low-grade healing pill in front of Xiào Mu. They can’t understand how this unknown medicine could cause them to start fighting for it. Seeing this, Xiào Mu stretched out his hand, wanting to put the medicine away, but his speed was nowhere comparable to the sentinel. Seeing his movements, the other 3 sentinels in front reached out and took a pill. They soon discovered the special features of the pill, and a blonde sentinel said, “I want it all, give me a price.”

“I said it first.” The dark-skinned sentinel stopped glaring at the green sentinel and yelled at the blonde sentinel.

The green-clothed sentinel also turned his head and shouted, “Scram back to where you come from. How can there be any for you?!”

“What are you talking about?” Sentinel’s violent temper was vividly displayed at this moment. The blond sentinel stood up and pushed the green sentinel.

Caught off guard by the push, the green-clothed sentinel took a step back and hit the dark-skinned sentinel. The dark-skinned sentinel and the green sentinel, who were originally going against each other now cooperate to fight their common enemy, and punched the blond sentinel, “Fxck, you dare to take actions?! See this Laozi beat you to death!”

How can the blond sentinel be beaten by them and not do anything? And so, he didn’t hesitate to fight back, and his friends immediately joined the battle. The bystanders watching the excitement were affected and got beaten somehow. The heat of the battle rose, causing everyone to raise their hands to fight back. For a while, the scene was chaotic, and it was impossible to tell who was hitting who.

This gave Xiào Mu a headache. He took the opportunity to pack up his pills, stayed close to the wall away from the battlefield, and stood in a recessed doorway to avoid accidental injury. There was a dead end on his left, and the intersection on his right was blocked by the melee. There was no other way to leave but to wait for the fight to disperse. Before long, there was a noise from outside the alley. Xiào Mu was curious and stood on tiptoes to peep, but couldn’t see anything as the crowd blocked his sight. His feet started getting tired and his stretched neck felt sore so he returned to his standing position by the wall. Bowing his head, he reached out to rub the back of his neck.

Suddenly, one by one the fighting sentinels were thrown into the alley from outside. Groxning1 sound could be heard everywhere, and one of the sentinels fell by Xiào Mu’s feet. It’s the dark-skinned sentinel. He turned his head to the right in surprise and saw that many eyes fell on him. Right in front of the crowd was a furious person, someone he actually knew, Leo.

On Leo’s right is the major general who he saw in the guest house before, and on Leo’s left is the green sentinel, who is currently pointing at him. Xiào Mu glared at the green sentinel; why are you pointing at me?!

Leo quickly walked up to Xiào Mu, and snorted: “You are so courageous, huh? Daring to go to the street with the most sentinels. With such a weak physique, how many punches do you think you can resist?”

Xiào Mu was speechless and muttered, “I’m not here to fight.”

Leo pointed to the green-clothed sentinel, “He said they were fighting because of the medicine you sold, what medicine?”

Xiào Mu explained with a look of innocence, “It’s really nothing to do with me, and I didn’t expect them to start fighting,” he unfolded the bag and continued, “this medicine is called Low-grade healing pill, which relieves mental confusion.”

Leo took out a pill and sniffed it, “Smell of a guide’s pheromone.” His eyes turned sharp and he asked, “Where did you get these from?”

“It was sold to me by a short man.” Answering this question for the second time, Xiào Mu can answer quickly this time.

“Short?” Leo glanced at him. “Shorter than you?”

Xiào Mu gritted his teeth. Creatures like sentinels are really not cute. He closed the bag of medicine and stretched out his hand, “You took a pill, 500 star coins please.”

“500?” Leo looked at Xiào Mu, “Is there something wrong with your brain? Why is it so cheap… how many coins did you used to buy?”

“Is it too cheap? How much do you think is appropriate?” Xiào Mu automatically ignored Leo’s complaints and asked curiously.

Leo frowned, “You haven’t answered my question yet.”

Xiào Mu thought quickly, “50 in total, and there is also another medicine. You know, I’m very poor and don’t have much money. He seemed to be short of money at the time, and he said he was losing a lot.”

Hearing that, Leo looked at Xiào Mu with an unspeakable look. He thought for a moment before saying, “Is there an old saying that fortune favors the fools? I am starting to believe it.”

Xiào Mu glared at Leo. At this time, several police officers arrived at the alley. One of them came to say hello to Leo and he warned with a cold face, “I don’t want this to happen again.”

“Yes.” The police officer stood up straight and saluted. Then he led his team to take away all the fighting sentinels.

The major general who was with Leo walked over and patted Leo on the shoulder. He smiled and said, “It’s okay, I believe this is an accident. With you managing Area A, there must be very few fights like this.”

Leo’s face tightened, but quickly relaxed, “It’s an accident.” He was embarrassed enough today. After the meeting, he led the major general from another district to inspect his jurisdiction together. They only walked a few blocks and encountered a scene of gang fights.

The major general took a glance at Xiào Mu and jokingly said, “I can walk around by myself, so you two can go on a date now.”

“No…” Leo retorted, but no one listened. The major general turned away and left the alley.

Xiào Mu looked at Leo incredulously, “How much do you like to be alone, that other people only saw me with you twice to mistake us for being a couple?”

“The last person who dared to pester me and appeared in front of me all the time, do you know how he is now?” Leo’s eyes fell on Xiào Mu’s face.

Sensing an inexplicable danger, Xiào Mu smiled and said, “I’m not interested.” After thinking about it, he added, “I didn’t pester you.”

Leo nodded, “You are very smart. You don’t say anything that disgusts me, and always appeared in front of me with enough reason.”

Xiào Mu said calmly, “It is just a coincidence every time we met. The first time was I go mistaken as Greene. Then due to I lived in the same block as you, we naturally met again.”

“I don’t like people who talk a lot,” Leo glanced at Xiào Mu before turning around. “Keep up. My grandfather said yesterday that he would let you live in his apartment. I’m warning you, don’t do unnecessary things.”

“Wait, I haven’t sold my medicine yet! Don’t forget, you still owed me 500.” Xiào Mu quickly followed behind Leo.

Leo kept walking as he said, “I want them all. As for the other one, let me see it later.”

After getting on the aircraft, Xiào Mu sat down, and Leo stretched out his hand, “The other medicine.”

Shooting a glance at Leo, Xiào Mu hesitated for a bit, “Can’t sell you those for the time being, I may have encountered a problem.” As he said that, Xiào Mu opened his terminal, and click on the Top post in the sentinel forum. Then he turned the screen to Leo, “Do you know about this?”

Leo looked serious, “I know, both the Pharmaceutical Research Institute and the military are investigating this matter.”

“Military?” Xiào Mu was taken aback, “How come this matter is related to the military?”

Leo solemnly replied, “Sentinel almost always works in the military.”

Xiào Mu immediately understood that a sentinel’s powerful combat effectiveness is a sharp blade to the military, but their mental confusion will affect the sharpness of this blade. If there is a new type of guide pheromone agent, it will be a great improvement for the military.

“Why did you mention this, what do you know?” Leo looked at Xiào Mu sharply.

Xiào Mu calmed his mind and said the words he had planned for a long time, “These sentinels recovered because of me.”

Leo was surprised and looked at Xiào Mu from top to bottom, “Because of you? Don’t joke with me.”

Xiào Mu seriously explained, “I’m not kidding. I gave them the pills, the other type that I mentioned earlier.” He paused before continuing, “When he sold it to me, the boy said that this medicine is good for sentinels. Since I work part-time in the hospital, sometimes I will pass by the wards and heard the patients painfully groxning, so I want to try it.” He added, “I was worried that there will be a problem with the medicine so I took it by myself first. Seeing that there are no side effects, I then gave it to the patient. After the patient took it, they seemed to be less painful. Later, whenever I saw sentinel in bad condition, I gave it to them so I don’t have much left.”

“Take it out and show me.”

Xiào Mu opened the other packaging bag.

The moment it was opened, Leo’s complexion changed suddenly, “The smell of the same guide, and the smell of this medicine is more obvious.” As he said, his body approached Xiào Mu unconsciously.

Xiào Mu took out a mid-grade healing pill and handed it to Leo. Then he covered the bag and said, “He said it was called a mid-grade healing pill.”

Leo took the medicine, something appeared in his mind, “This kind of smell, isn’t this… Where did you meet him?”

Xiào Mu: “Not far from the hospital.”

His current life is very monotonous. Xiào Mu almost commutes back and forth only from the hospital and the apartment every day. The apartment community is a military management zone, and there will likely be surveillance everywhere. The outside of the hospital is a public area, so even if there is surveillance, there will be many blind spots.

“It must be him!” Leo said with conviction.

That makes Xiào Mu puzzled. He knew about this matter best. There was no shorty selling meds to him at all; he made the medicine.

“Who is it?” Xiào Mu couldn’t help asking.

A complicated look appeared in Leo’s eyes, “I went to the hospital a few days ago and sensed a guide with a 100% match rate with me. He has the exact same smell.” He paused, “That day, I also met you for the first time. Did you meet him that day?”

Xiào Mu secretly said to himself, as expected, Leo has the highest match rate with him, but he did not expect it to reach 100%. This means – a match made in heaven? Thinking of Leo’s poisonous tongue and his dislike for his(XM) body strength, Xiào Mu shuddered. He may be overthinking this.

“It’s that day.” Xiào Mu nodded without hesitation. Making Leo mistakenly believe that there really is a guide, and that person is not him, is very beneficial to him.

Talk about that day, Xiào Mu recalled what happened. His body suddenly became hot and he didn’t understand it at the time. Now thinking about it, it should be he sensed Leo who has a 100% match rate with him. That moment, his spiritual filaments suddenly appeared, which may also be related to this situation.

Leo looked at the medicine on his hand, and suddenly he said, “Being shorter than you, I think he is also a weak chicken.”

Xiào Mu gritted his teeth, “The medicine he made is very useful. Weak or not, one can’t just look at physical fitness. Everyone is good at something. You have a strong combat power, but can you make this medicine?”

Leo looked at Xiào Mu and nodded after a while, “You are right. I guess that he is probably not under the control of Golden Tower. To be able to avoid the Golden Tower, his ability is not small.”

Leaning on the back of the seat, Leo continued, “Suddenly, I’m quite curious about my 100% match rate guide. Maybe, I should send someone to look into it carefully.”

Xiào Mu: “…”

He lamented in his heart, sorry I was wrong. I shouldn’t talk too much. You said I’m a weak chicken, I should just admit it. Please don’t be curious, okay?

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