我的室友可能不是omega/My roommate probably is not an Omega Chapter 13-15

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[Roommate is angry, how to make it right?]

[Roommate was angered by me]

[Roommate is ignoring me]


Many times I searched online but the answers I get is always a list of dormitory sisters catfight drama, while the prouder queens1 said that they don’t care for the little bitches, who dares to provoke her she will stuff her ‘lower mouth’ with water2. Struggling with those unwanted results, my mind suddenly twitched and I entered :

[Boyfriend is angry, how to make it right?]

Suddenly, various professional questions and answers immediately popped out, almost drowning me! My virtual pet shook in my smart device and jumped out from the mass of virtual posts, filtering the result with keywords like [Alpha Top] and [Beta Bottom] while shaking its fur.

Me : “…”

Alright, I can’t find any good answer anyway if I change the keywords. These answers are a lot more professional.

[First of all, you have to figure out why you are arguing, and who is wrong.]

Mhmm… should be me ba.

[If you are the wrong party, try to give in. The relationship between Alpha and Beta is no better than AO3. The combination of pheromones will make their relationship closer.]

Alright, give in…. but where did I do wrong actually? Thinking back about it, I didn’t do anything wrong.

[The best way is to ‘PA’4 first. If once can’t do it, then ‘PA’ twice. Man are a type of being that uses their lower body to think.]

Me : “…”

Skipping this step.

[After you have finished ‘PAPAPA-ing’, as long as he still has a little bit of affection for you, you just have to apologize and basically everything will be fine. If the other party is still very cold to you, your relationship might be ending soon, just let it go and be free! Look at the bright side, this old lady don’t care where the ‘mas-sage st-ick’5 goes.]

Me : “………”

One skip and there are no more advice. What should I do?

Ask for help from Ex-roommate. Ex-roommate thought about it and asked me, “How did he communicate/respond to you recently?”

I replied, “No respond ah. When I talked to him, he always replied with only one word. When I invited him to eat together, he will say he has something to do.”

Ex-roommate : “Still can be fixed. If he is really not interested in you, he will definitely get along with you like his normal friends, and won’t be angry with you.”

That got me secretly feeling delighted

Ex-roommate : “Wait, Al. You really got bent?”

I felt a thump in my heart and immediately explained, “No no no, I just want to reconcile with him. After all, we see each other everyday in the dorm, so it’s not good to be so stiff.”

Ex-roommate : “Alright, you are still a straight man. If, I say if, that is me giving you the last bit of self-respect. If you really like him, express your intention to him, then take the initiative to chase him, you definitely will succeed. But if you still want to maintain a purely friend relationship, the easiest way is to ignore him. He ignores you and you ignores him. After a long time, he naturally will know that you are serious, and will regard you as a good buddy back. After all, he is German Garcia, he don’t have to worry that no one will chase after him.”


Me : “I am feeling a little bit conflicted…”

Ex-roommate : “To be honest, when you start to feel conflicted, you have started to bend.”

……yeah. How can a person be so greedy, wanting him to like me and but don’t want to give any answer to him?

Me : “My thinking is just not coming around yet… *sigh* I have been straight for 20 years.”

Ex-roommate rolled his eyes : “What century is this, is it that difficult to admit that you like someone of the same gender?”

I thought about it and organized my words : “No, I just haven’t figured out whether I like him or not.”

Ex-roommate : “…so what is it actually?”

Me : “Let’s say, I am attracted to his face now.”

Ex-roommate : “……………………………”

Me : “And with him so good looking, coming to tease me, how can I not get charmed???”

Ex-roommate : “I think he is okay-ish… too beautiful, a bit feminine.”

Me : “It’s this kind of feminine face! Me like.”

Ex-roommate : “…OK. Then I don’t know what to say. Go and learn more about his, err, his inner beauty?”

I will go to understand that.

First of all, I browsed the school forum and found out that I was really ignorant. He has a lot of confession post, 3rd year Mech Operation Department German Garcia, the Male God of sports department, has countless ‘little sisters and brother’6, the drinking water bottles he gets from a single basketball session can circle the basketball court one round7. Very polite, polite even when refusing your confession. As of now, no stable relationship is confirmed, it may be because the Operation Dept is quite tiring.

Polite?? I hope these ‘little sisters and brothers’ can come to see me in the dormitory, where I asked him 3 long questions, and he gave me an ‘En’ without even looking at me.

Height 196, weight 190, size… eh?? Wait a minute……! Something strange got mixed in the bio!! Fortunately, there weren’t any strange numbers… um… there are a few weird pictures though!!! A few photos enlarged a few times of German playing basketball energetically……………………….

Alright. I silently saved it down. Attached in the post were a few more pictures, most of it were photos of German playing basketball. The photographer mastered the light very well. In one picture, German was half-squatting with his hand on his knees and looking up at the rebound. The sun was shining from behind him, the silhouette of his side was amazing, and every strand of his hair were floating. He opened his mouth slightly with his pupils narrowed, and he looked carefully at the front, sweats were shining on his fair skin. My gaze swept over his handsome face, his Adam’s apple, his strong arms and slender legs…

Suddenly choked on a big mouthful of saliva! I patted my ‘little brother’ that woke up in an inappropriate time.. and glanced at the sleeping German from the cr-ack of my bed. His sleeping face was also… can’t see anything. German has buried his head in the quilt, revealing only a head of fluffy hairs. But that is also very cute!!


I am waiting for him. He ran towards me from the sun, smiling with a row of white teeth, but he passed by me and grabbed the person behind me. He reached out to shake hands with me and I reached out in a daze but he took his hand back. He pointed to the person next to him and said, “Alvin, this is my Omega.”

… Why you are calling me Alvin? Didn’t you always called me Al?


He changed his expression, and for a moment we returned back to that morning. He looked at me seriously and said it again, “Al.”

I wanted to reach out and grab him, but suddenly my perspective was changed again. I stood in front of the bed and watched him calling a shadow (in his arms) over and over again: “Al, Al, Al…”

No… I am the real Al…

Turn around and look back at me…

I anxiously wanted to call out for him, but I couldn’t make a sound. I could only watch him kiss the shadow, then he get down from his bed and stood in front of me. He was surrounded by a crowd of people and was introducing a person to me, “This is my Omega.”

“You can’t do that to me……”

I almost started crying.



“Alvin, this is my Omega.”

“Because I……”

That word seems to be hanging on my lips, but I can’t say it out. I was feeling anxious, like an ant on a hot pot, watching him looking disappointedly at me, then turned and walked into the rain. The Omega beside him opened up an umbrella for him. He(G) reached for him and looked back at me.

“I know. That day when I entered the dorm, you were watching a ‘movie’, it is a man and a woman.”

Because I… I like you…

“Because I……!”

I was abruptly shaken awake, and the last few scenes in my dream were still very clear in my mind. My eyes felt a bit sore. I looked at German with a stunned expression. His face coincided with my dream, and I couldn’t react to it for a while.

German frowned and asked me, “Why are you sleeping here?”

The soreness from my shoulders and arms reminded me that I was reading halfway through a book last night. Then I accidentally fell asleep on the table and slept through most of the night. Outside the window, it was still a boundless night, and German was wearing a camouflage uniform. His handsome face was dirty, like he has just finished digging a coal mine, and there were some moisture on his body. He went out for training for the past two days and should be just returned.

“I… I read a book and fell asleep…”

German frowned and stared at me for a moment, then suddenly touched my forehead. His warm palm makes me feel very comfortable.

“… you had a nightmare? When I just entered the room, I heard you keep calling ‘Watermelon Watermelon’. What kind of a watermelon dream you had to make you cry like this?”

I blanked out for a moment before I reacted and touched my face. Goddamn… these are really tears…

Not ‘watermelon’… should be ‘like’ ba, I was repeating that word in my dreams.
[Banana : ‘Watermelon’ is 西瓜/xi gua while ‘like’ is 喜欢/xi huan]

German went to take a shower, and changed into his pajamas. He saw that I was still dazedly sitting at the desk, thinking about my life. He frowned and pulled me into his bed with the strength that allows no explanation.

“If I didn’t come back, will you really sleep on the table the whole night? You got so cold from just a nap.”

He hesitated for a while before he hugged me and wrapped up my cold hands and feet.

“Alright, just sleep, it’s all dreams, it’s nothing.”

I stared at his face in the darkness almost greedily, until he quickly fell asleep from exhaustion.Then I secretly touched my smart device to record down my dream.

That sense of despair in my dreams, I…

… I don’t want to go through it the second time.


Table of Content

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