Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 6

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List of characters :
林沐 Lin Mu
帕特里 Patrik (Snake)
拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
科恩 Cohen (White tiger)
球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

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Chapter 6 Deciding the direction

Lin Mu sat on Patrik’s body and tried to lower his body as low as possible. Today he finally encountered the unfortunate thing that he never come across in these days – it’s raining. It’s definitely a very uncomfortable feeling to travel in the rain. Lin Mu could feel his clothes thoroughly soaked, and the sticky feeling makes him want to take a hot bath, but in this kind of situation, it’s already fortunate if they can find a cave to take shelter from the rain.

Qiuqiu stuck out his small head from his backpack and hesitated for a moment. Then, it got out of the backpack and climbed onto Lin Mu’s shoulder. Feeling the weight on his shoulder, Lin Mu held Qiuqiu in his arms instead. Although Qiuqiu likes to take a bath, but Lin Mu knows that the feeling of wet fur will be very uncomfortable for Qiuqiu. Looking at the rain that doesn’t seem like it’s stopping soon,, Lin Mu placed his hand in front of his eyes and blocked the rain that flew into his eyes. Not sure if Patrik would feel uncomfortable, even though he is a snake.

“Patrik, when can we rest?”

Patrik was silent.

“I have assigned Matt and Lal to fly ahead to find a cave. We can only wait for the news.”

Lin Mu nodded. Matt is Misha’s father, the silver giant wolf. Although he was usually silent but he is reliable.

“Patrik, does this rain signals that the rainy season is coming?”

He heard Patrik’s introduction regarding this world’s four seasons before, and the rainy season is the dividing line between summer and autumn. It usually lasts for around twenty days, which is very troublesome for them who has no place to stay right now.

“Not sure.” Patrik was not sure if the rainy season has arrived in advance, but he hoped not.

“Not sure?” This answer caused Lin Mu to be worried.

Then, a long wolf’s howl could be heard, Lin Mu happily asked, “Matt found a place to stay?”

“En,” Patrik said as he flew in the direction of Matt’s call.

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This was a not very big cave, a dozen of tall beastmen coming in make the cave appeared even narrower. They did a simple cleanup in the cave and made a fire with the hay found in the cave.

The animal skin quilt that Lin Mu used for sleeping has been kept by Patrik, and it is already wet. He carefully laid it on a clean area and carefully wiped himself with a rag from his backpack that served as a towel. It was fortunate that Lin Mu brought two sets of clothes with him. He changed to another set of clothes that were not quite wet. Of course, when he changed his clothes, Patrik guarded very tightly behind him.

The beastmen wore very simple animal skin skirts so they have already finished changing in the blink of an eye. Although they don’t mind letting Lin Mu see their strong body, Patrik minded it a lot so they were destined to be disappointed.

Using branches to hold his clothes and let it dry by the fire, Lin Mu sat down next to Patrik. Everyone was sitting by the fire but no one was talking. Lin Mu knew they were worried about the rainy season. Lin Mu looked at them being listless, even the usual very arrogant Casso was feeling down. The only creature that didn’t change was probably the Qiuqiu who was busy eating in his arms. When night comes, Lin Mu looked at Patrik, who was standing in front of the cave and looking out at the situation outside. He is on night watch duty tonight, and he(LM) also can’t sleep tonight.

Lin Mu walked to Patrik and watched the darkness with him, “Don’t worry too much, things will always get better. Our lives will be better.”

Patrik turned to look at Lin Mu, and Lin Mu gave him a peaceful smile, “En, it will be.”

He stretched his hand out of the cave and let the rain falls on his hand. Just as Patrik looked intently at him, he suddenly turned his head and lightly laughed, “Patrik, although we believe that things will be better in the future, I think we still have to plan well.” Lin Mu pretended to be serious. “So let’s talk about it.” As he said that, he pulled Patrik to a corner, and the two sat down against the wall.

“Can you tell me about your plan?”

Patrik saw Lin Mu looking at him with a look of anticipation and answered, “I don’t have any plan yet, I just want to find a cave in the north that suits us. After all, places rich of food were all divided by other tribes into their sphere of influence. Beastmen placed high importance on their own territory and we can’t stay very long in any marked caves because then we will have to deal with the endless challenges of the beastmen.”

“A cave? You mean, we will live in a cave?” Lin Mu felt that his eyebrows are going to become caterpillars soon1.

Patrik thought that Lin Mu’s reaction was a bit strange. Didn’t everyone live in a cave all these while?

“You don’t know how build a house? Why do you have to live in a cave? You are not a caveman.” Lin Mu didn’t want to spend the rest of his life in a cave, plus living in a cave is easy to get sick.

“House?” Although Patrik didn’t understand what Lin Mu said, he could guess that Lin Mu’s tribe probably don’t live in a cave. “What is this house you talking about?”

“Of course it is a place to live. At my side, no one lives in a cave, it is dark and damp. We will build a house, it is clean and bright. It can be very warm even during winter.”

“Do you know how? Do you know how to built the kind of house you are talking about?” Patrik had a rare excited expression on his face because of this ‘house’ from Lin Mu’s words.

Lin Mu didn’t want to ‘burst his bubble’, but although he knew the specific process of construction, those were just some basic theories that he learned from a sudden curiosity. He has no experience at all, so Lin Mu could only guiltily said, “Maybe. I don’t have any experience.”

Patrik happily rubbed Lin Mu’s soft hair. “It doesn’t matter, you can try it.”

When he found his hand on Lin Mu’s head and saw Lin Mu had some unnatural expression on his face, Patrik realized the embarrassment brought about by his own behavior. Just that due to him habitually maintaining a wooden face, Lin Mu can’t see that he is feeling embarrassed.

Lin Mu was surprised that the cold and icy Patrik would rub his hair and talk to him in a soft voice, so he was stunned for a moment. When he came back to his senses, Patrik’s hand has moved to his shoulder and didn’t seem to have any intention of leaving(the hand). Lin Mu lightly coughed and try to make his voice sounds natural. He said, “Oh… we need to settle the accomodation problem as soon as possible. Then after the rainy season, we will need to store food for winter. We must have a place to live through winter. And I think, we just need to find a hidden place to build our house. It doesn’t have to be the sparsely populated north. After all, we also need to find enough food for ourselves.”

“If the house you mentioned is really liveable, then we don’t have to go to the north.”

“The house is definitely alright, and it will be much better than a cave. However, we still have a more troublesome problem – salt. We must find salt, as one can’t go too long without salt. You beastmen can still supplemented yourself by drinking blood, but this is not a long-term solution. If you want to build a tribe, we must find salt.”

Patrik certainly knows the importance of salt, but their identity is too awkward. They are not qualified to go to the salt lakes to take salt. If they try robbing, it means to accept the endless pursuit of the other beastmen. (The beastmen who guards the salt lake is naturally the strongest.)

Lin Mu saw the depression in Patrik’s eyes when he mentioned salt, and he couldn’t bear it. From the various information they told him, he understood that they must have unbearable past regarding this.

“Can you tell me which kind of salt is being guarded?”

Isn’t salt all looked like that, is there any other kind out there? Patrik was puzzled by Lin Mu’s question.

Lin Mu saw his confusion and explained: “At my place, we have a lot of places where salt is produced, including salt wells, salt lakes, salt springs, salt ponds and sea salt.”

“I only know salt lake.”

“Do you know the sea?” Lin Mu happily asked, sea salt is not bad.

“Sea? I know the sea tribe.”

“Sea tribe? Like mermaid?” Lin Mu was feeling excited. Mermaid is an existence from fairy tales.

“They don’t like being called mermaids. They like to call themselves fish beasts. And they are said to be not beautiful2.”

“According to who?” Lin Mu does not like the feeling of fairy tale being fake.

“Bear tribe.”

Lin Mu was relieved, who can believe in a bear’s aesthetic points?

“First of all, no matter they are beautiful or not, I want to know, that.. if the sea tribe will attack you, I mean when they sees you?”

“Drifter beastmen are expelled from the whole beastman continent, but the sea tribe doesn’t care about the mainland. As long as we do not provoke them, they will not attack us. After all, their hunting field is in the sea, and the continent’s beastman is not good with hunting in the sea.” Food is the main reason beastmen compete with each other.

Lin Mu said happily, “That would be great, Patrik. You know, there are a lot of salt in the sea, so as long as we can get the salt out, our problem can be solved. Heaven never bars one’s way ah3!”

It seems that Lin Mu’s happiness has infected him, Patrik also showed a visible smile. Listening to Lin Mu’s words that they may actually find salt, then maybe they can remove this shackle that is locked in the driffer beastman’s heart. They don’t have much ambitions, they just want to have a place to live. He watched as this little person in front of him, who was immersed in talking how their future life would be better, slowly closing his eyes and fell asleep, Patrik held him in his arms and adjusted his posture to let Lin Mu sleep more comfortably.

Looking at the sleeping little person in his arms, Patrik thought maybe Lin Mu is their savior. He listening to the sound outside the cave, the rain seemed to have stopped.

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Banana : Alright, so about the word mermaid. In chinese, it is written as ‘美人鱼/měi rén yú’. Separately, it would be ‘Beautiful Human Fish’. That’s why everyone thought mermaid is definitely ‘beautiful’, lol.

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