我的室友可能不是omega/My roommate probably is not an Omega Chapter 10-12

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What a good sleep!

My personal physique is a bit to the colder side, so I often can’t sleep well in the winter. This could be considered a mutually beneficial night with German!! … although the posture was a bit awkward! I opened my eyes and woke up to find myself almost wrapped German’s entire body with my hands and feet! Nesting like a small bird in his arms. And because I am used to sleeping nek1d, my clothes don’t have any problems, but I seemed to have kicked off my pajama pants…

Fortunately, I still got my underwear…not awkward, not awkward! I looked at the German who was still asleep under the morning light, and felt that God was very unfair…

His facial features are really good, his nose is small and pointed, his lips are cherry red. His mouth was slightly open, and his upper lip is a curved M-shape. Ignoring his usual temperament when he is awake, German can even be considered beautiful. If he is given a wig, without a doubt he could be like a girl… ‘s face. If German’s face can be placed on a girl, that might be my ideal type…

His white skin is somewhat transparent in the sun, and you can faintly see some cyan blood vessels underneath it. I still remembered the last time I touched his face, and my fingertips couldn’t help but twitching as if it still can remember the smooth feeling. His face seemed to be magical, and I didn’t know how long I had watched… when he suddenly moved, tightening his arm and pressing me tighter onto him.

Me who was poked by German’s little brother at the thigh: “…”

The beautiful fantasy was broken. I want to push him away to get up, but the other party’s strength was too great, so I have no choice but to continue nesting in his arms, sluggishly look at his face to pass the time. Forget it, I have a small guilt in my heart, so I won’t wake him up to compensate him. After a while, the other person’s thighs suddenly tightened. German’s slightly curly hairs touched my forehead and it was itchy. The arms was tightened again, and his handsome face became very close to me. His breath is almost on my lips and teeth, and my heart hung in suspense without reasons…

…and then he held my thigh and began to gr[1]nd against me .

Me: “……………………………”

He only did it once or twice, then with his eyes still closed, he asked, “Still not resisting yet?”


He curved his mouth slightly, then opened his eyes and smiled: “Your face is so red ah.”

No need to tell me, even I can feel the heat on my face myself.

“Staring so long at my face early in the morning, see anything yet?”

… turns out he has Been! Awake! All! This! While!!





I looked up at him and his red lips. There was a layer of sparkling liquid on his tongue, and it slightly press against his lips and lifted up again.

“…a normal name sounded so er[0]tic with your tone.”

“How is it erotic? It is obvious that your mind is not pure.”

I avoided his gaze : “Yeah, I am not pure, let me go now.”

German’s arms tightened around me, “Don’t, it feels so comfortable in the morning, stay with me for a while.”

Cannot match his great strength, so I gave in and return to his hard biceps. Whatever, we are both men, it’s not like hugging will get me pregnant. I endure.

“What is so good staying in bed? ‘Early morning is the golden time of the day’1. Now is the time to get up and do something productive.”

“Early morning?”

German raised his eyebrow at me and pulled out his smart device from under the pillow: “See what’s the time now?”

“…11 o’clock?”

I widened my eyes in disbelief, because my regular biological clock have never let me get up later than nine o’clock before for a few years.

“Fortunately, it’s weekend now or you will be skipping classes, dearest Vice President.”

The last few words caused my ears to feel hot.

I got up and washed up. The fact that I kicked off my pajama pants was ridiculed by him. After changing our clothes, we went to the cafeteria together for lunch. Halfway there, German met a good friend and ran over to greet that person. I stood there boringly while waiting for him when someone suddenly patted my shoulder. Out of reflex, I immediately turned to the opposite side.

……there wasn’t anyone there.

My ex-roommate looked surprised at the other direction. “Are you stupid? I patted this side of your shoulder and you looked the other side?” … not sure if he should praise him or scold him for being mentally retarded2.

“Why are you standing here alone?”

“Waiting for my roommate to eat lunch.”

“Your roommate? Which one?”

Speaking of this, I felt extremely furious. It’s all this damned bastard’s fault for misleading me. Otherwise, how can I get the other party’s gender wrong?

My ex-roommate listened to my story and looked at me with disdain : “Got it, German Garcia, the Operation Dept’s class leader, who doesn’t know that he is an Alpha? Aren’t you being too ignorant? If you mentioned his name earlier, I would have told you.”

Me: “…” I actually can’t refute that.

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I stared at my ex-roommate sucking the pearl from his milk tea, and it caused my milk tea addiction to awaken. After for a while, “Give some to me.”

My ex-roommate turned over and rolled his eyes, then I immediately took a big gulp. My body felt quite refreshed.

“And I think, he slept on the same bed with you the whole night last night, he must have a little interest on you.”

I thought of the times he misled me before: “… oh, really?”

“Based on my g.hey radar, he must be. Aren’t you a straight man? Think about it, will two normal straight men sleep together??”

I blankly uttered an “ah”. That’s right, why didn’t I feel uncomfortable?

“Al!” My ex-roommate ‘hated the iron for not being steel’3 and patted my shoulder. “Do you want to be bent by him?”

My mind buzzed, while my ex-roommate continued to nag : “Have you consider this properly? Things like s3xu4l preference can’t go back once you are bent!”

At this moment, German and his friend were played a little ‘love’ game like you push me and I push you back. Me and my ex-roommate stood at a certain distance, watching the two childish, stupid big guys playing ‘Whose foot leave the ground first will lose’.

German lost after playing for a while. With a sheepish smile, he turned back to say goodbye to his friend while running towards me. When he turned his head at me, the sunlight shone on his face, even his fluffy curls had a dazzling light. His eyes were curved, and his smile showed a row of neat white teeth with a touch of silliness. My heart jumped, and I suddenly turned away in a fluster.


German ignored my ex-roommate, rushing over and hugged me like a big dog. His chin was on my head, a hint of tobacco lingered at my nose, and also the smell of his pheromones.

Thump Thump

He was still laughing without restrain, and his chest heaved up and down. German smiled and asked me, “What are you looking at, you looked so blank?”

Thump Thump Thump

My heart beats so fast like it’s not mine.

I know that I am finished. My ex-roommate said very clearly. If this continues, sooner or later I will fall in love with him.


My former roommate is also a small g.hey man. Ah, no, a big g.hey man. A feminine gong4. His height reached the average height of an Alpha, but he has a pink girly heart. He sends text messages to his expressionless iceberg boyfriend everyday. I sneaked a glance at his screen before, it was so filled with text emojis, that I almost got blinded by it. On the surface, he was still putting on airs but after seeing German, my ex-roommate immediately changed from his girly posture that looked like he can’t wait to melt on my arm and hanging from my neck, to straightening his waist like a little poplar standing in the face of cold wind.

German hugged me for a while before I pushed him away. His hand was still on my shoulder, then he looked at my ex-roommate: “This is?”

I have yet to speak, and my ex-roommate has already answered, “Ex-boyfriend.”

Me: “…………………?” Acting right away???

“Oh?” German glanced back at me. “That’s quite unfortunate.”

I took a sip of the milk tea with a blank expression, and German’s eyes shifted to the milk tea in my hand.

“Why are you still drinking people’s milk tea when you already broke up? Quickly return that.”

Me: “??” Hello? You even followed up with the act???

A sly smile hung from my ex-roommate’s mouth, “He likes to drink it, I specially brought it to him.”

Me: “…” I saw a trace of unwillingness in his smile.

I returned the milk tea back to my ex-roommate in disdain: “You drink it then.”

He has yet to catch it, when German grabbed my hand back, “Why are you giving it back to other people after you drunk half of it? It’s too unhygienic. Drink it yourself, don’t return it already.”

Me: “……”

Ex-roommate: “…”

Man, what do you want to do actually?

German grabbed my hand and said, “We are rushing to eat lunch, goodbye.”

My ex-roommate threw a glance at me, but I was taken away before I managed to understand what it meant.

He let go of my hand halfway, and I felt inexplicably down…. No, I can’t go on like this. I should keep my distance. My ideal type is a beautiful Beta girl…

German didn’t say anything. He looked expressionlessly at the cars on the road with a gloomy face.

Straight nose, gray-blue iris, the little guy inside me changed his mind within a second. I can’t, must not bend…

I explained : “We are friends, don’t believe what he sa…”

“I know.” German gave me a cold look.

Although I don’t know why he is angry, but my inner feelings faintly think he should be, so my tone unconsciously weakened.

“I, I am straight…” My voice gets smaller and smaller.

He didn’t answer me, and I thought he didn’t hear it. It was not until two minutes later that he said, “I know. That day when I entered the room, you were watching a ‘movie’. It was a man and a woman.”

His back was facing me when he said this. After he finished talking, he looked back at me.

There were no expressions on his face.


Table of Content

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