Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 5.2

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List of characters :
林沐 Lin Mu
帕特里 Patrik (Snake)
拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
科恩 Cohen (White tiger)
球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)
卡索 Casso (Wolf)
达蒙 Damon (???)
米莎 Misha (female)

Chapter 5


Lin Mu immediately lifted his foot to chase after it but because he was too anxious, his footing was unstable. The moment he is about to have a close contact with the ground, he felt someone caught hold of his arm and pulled him(LM) into his arms.

Lin Mu felt his cheek sticking on Patrik’s chest seemed to be scalded, otherwise how could he feel so hot? Because of the close contact, Lin Mu could clearly feel how tall was Patrik, and he felt that the other person could wrap up his entire body. Moreover, the current situation let Lin Mu know the height difference between them two. This gave Lin Mu much hit on his ego as he does not want to have anything to do with the word ‘short’. Hence, the little ambiguous embarrassment from their accidental embrace was gone from Lin Mu zoning out.

Looking at Lin Mu dazing in his arms, Patrik can only sigh in his heart. He used his expressionless voice and said, “It did not run away.” He could clearly sense that Qiuqiu is still in the vicinity.

“It?” When Lin Mu looked up at Patrik’s expressionless face, he jumped away. “Oh yeah! Qiuqiu! I have to hurry and look for it.”

“It’s back.”

Patrik’s words stopped Lin Mu from rushing out, and then he saw a small white figure running over. Lin Mu happily held Qiuqiu in his arms. “Where did you go, don’t you know to inform first before running off?”

Qiuqiu naturally couldn’t answer him, and just gave Lin Mu the things it held with its two front paws like it’s presenting a treasure.

“Mushroom?” And it is the ordinary oyster mushroom he usually eat, just that this one is much bigger, so it was really cute to see the small Qiuqiu holding a big mushroom with its two small forepaws.

“Can’t eat that.”

Patrik gave Lin Mu a scare suddenly popping out like that.

“It shouldn’t be poisonous. I ate this before.”

When he thought he could eat some roasted mushrooms, Lin Mu asked Qiuqiu happily, “Where did you found it these mushrooms? Bring me there.” Lin Mu looked at the mushrooms in his hands, they were very fresh. Mushrooms usually grown in clusters, so there must be more of them.

“Lin Mu, someone died from eating those before.”

Patrik saw that Lin Mu wanted to find that kind of food and stopped walking. He didn’t want Lin Mu to be hurt at all, let alone die, and Patrik was deeply afraid of that possibility.

Lin Mu can see Patrik’s worries and comforted him with a smile.

“I know that some mushrooms are poisonous, but some can be eaten. This one that Qiuqiu brought is a kind of oyster mushrooms, which is edible.”

Qiuqiu seemed to understand his general meaning, nodded as well. Lin Mu felt it is very interesting, and rubbed its small head.

“No.” There can’t be any accidents at all.

“Then, you can catch a rabb… uh, long-eared beast, and let it try. If it didn’t get poisoned, then I will eat it?”

Patrik’s brows slightly loosened up and he finally nodded.

Lin Mu naturally knows that those mushrooms are edible, so he was very excited to follow after Qiuqiu. When they arrived to the place where Qiuqiu got the mushrooms, it was not as Lin Mu expected because there were a lot of mushrooms in the area. Looking at Qiuqiu holding a bunch of mushrooms and gnawing on it, Lin Mu smiled.

Patrik looked at the cheerful meatball eating some mushrooms, his gaze looked thoughtful.

“Qiuqiu, I didn’t know you are a vegetarian. Hehe.”

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Qiuqiu just licked Lin Mu’s hand and continued to bury his head into the mushroom.

Lin Mu looked around and saw several mushrooms seemed to be similar to those he has eaten before. But then he saw that Qiuqiu didn’t even look at them so Lin Mu decided to pick just the oyster mushrooms only. After all, he cannot be sure. It’s not that he doesn’t have the spirit to experiment but he does not want to use himself as the ‘guinea pig’. He still thinks that staying alive is good.

When they returned to the resting area, a fire has already been started and the people has already started roasting the meat. Lin Mu put Qiuqiu beside Casso who was stuffing itself with food.

“Casso, you can’t bully Qiuqiu oh.”

Then he went to wash the mushrooms with Patrik. He could finally eat the vegetable because the rabbit that ate the mushrooms had no adverse reactions! When they went to the river, washing the mushrooms naturally became Patrik’s job, and Lin Mu washed his face at the opposite downstream.

Patrik looked at Lin Mu playing with water, he felt that this gentle smiling ‘female’ is the most beautiful female he had ever seen. What’s even more valuable was that he(LM) didn’t run away after seeing him.

Lin Mu looked back at Patrik’s focused gaze, and his heart trembled a little. He tried to ignore the waves in his heart. “Finished washing?”

As Lin Mu turned his head, Patrik quickly lowered his head and nodded at Lin Mu’s question.

Lin Mu took some of the mushrooms in Patrik’s hand, and sat down next to Casso beside the barbeque pit. Looking at Qiuqiu fighting over meat with Casso, it was clear that it(QQ) has no fighting power. Casso would push it away from time to time, but Qiuqiu doesn’t care and keep struggling (with Casso), it was very funny watching them.

Lin Mu smiled and pulled Qiuqiu into his arms. “I didn’t expect you to be an omnivorous animal. I will roast some1 for you later.”

As he said that, Lin Mu looked at Patrik sitting next to him, who has already started to roast the mushrooms for him; he gently rubbed Qiuqiu’s small head.

“This is for you.”

Lin Mu looked at the skewer in front of him. “Misha?”

Ever since Lin Mu joined them, Misha has never spoken a single word to him. He thought probably because he(M) was introverted, but after seeing him bullied Casso, Lin Mu understood that the real reason was he(M) doesn’t want to see him(LM). As for why, Lin Mu was helpless, so what is this situation now?

Lin Mu’s unexpected gaze caused Misha’s face to turn suspiciously red, “…not for you, for Qiuqiu.”

“Oh…” So that’s why.

“If you want to eat, you can eat too.” He ran back to his father.

Actually, Misha doesn’t hate Lin Mu that much, but ever since Lin Mu arrived to their group, most of the beastmen likes to peek at him, his father as well sometimes. Even worse, the greedy Casso would shake its tail and follow behind Lin Mu’s butt everyday. Damn, ain’t it just he looks very beautiful, so don’t think he(M) will like him(LM) like everyone do!

So can this be called ‘a child’s awkward heart’?

Lal looked at his freshly roasted meat and sighed, “How come my chance got snatched way?”

Cohen took the meat from Lal. “If you look at our Boss, you will know that you have no chance at all.”

Lal looked up to see his cold-blooded Boss roasting the thing called mushroom, which was to be edible, for Lin Mu. And when he was able to effortlessly gain Lin Mu’s brilliant smile, Lal saw the corner of his Boss’s mouth gently curved up. Although it was not obvious, he saw it anyway.

What a dazzling interaction ah.

When Lal wanted to bite furiously onto his roasted meat, he found out that his meat has been eaten by Cohen.

“You hateful white tiger. The next time I go to hunt, you go2.”

“No problem.” As he says that, he threw a large piece of raw meat to Lal, “Continue to roast, I am waiting.”

Lal flung the meat back to him, “I will roast you.”

When Lal and Cohen were fooling around, Lin Mu has already begun to enjoy the delicious mushrooms (the ones cooked earlier have been swallowed by Qiuqiu). Although the taste of roasted mushrooms without seasonings was not that good, but it’s better than the meat he got sick of eating. Lin Mu happily spared a skewer of mushroom to the Patrik who has worked hard, “Do you want to taste it?… En, although you are a carnivorous animal.”

Patrik took the skewer and ate the mushroom. He finished it in a few bites, even though Lin Mu couldn’t see whether he liked it or not.

The night is still very charming as ever, after chatting with Patrik for a while, Lin Mu fell asleep beside the fire hugging Qiuqiu, who was full from the food and drinks.

Patrik looked at Lin Mu sleeping next to him, and his cheeks looked a little reddish under the fire’s glow. He could see that Lin Mu has become thinner these days. He looked up at the direction of their destination. Although their destination is still unknown, but he firmly believed that he would build Lin Mu a beautiful home, he firmly believed.

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