Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 7

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List of characters :
林沐 Lin Mu
帕特里 Patrik (Snake)
拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
科恩 Cohen (White tiger)
球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

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Chapter 7 Sick, special medicine

After Patrik told everyone of Lin Mu’s thoughts, they suddenly felt that having their own tribe doesn’t seemed to be a distant dream anymore. Although the beastmen couldn’t understand what is a ‘house’, but that female said it is a warmer and brighter place than a cave, plus they can also obtain salt from the sea. Although some felt that it was unbelievable, but their boss already told them this, that the female knows how to do it; such an amazing female.

Lin Mu, who was basking in the sun on Patrik’s body, naturally did not expect that he had been labelled as an amazing female. Of course, even if Lin Mu knew, he would only feel complicated. He still cannot accept being addressed as a female.

Now that they have decided to find a suitable place to build a house, they don’t have to hurry to the north anymore. That kind of place where people are sparsely populated, and has less food is not a good place to live.

Lin Mu held Qiuqiu in his arms, who popped its head and a paw out of his backpack, and looked down at the scenery underneath.

“Patrik, where do you think we should build a house?”

“What do you think?”

Lin Mu thought for a moment.

“We should look for a hidden place, that is best to be surrounded by mountains. I am worried that if other tribes found out where we settled, they’ll come to make trouble. And there must be a water source in the vicinity.”

“Concealment is necessary. Although we are not afraid to fight with others, it is troublesome to attend to every provocation.”

“Yeah, I don’t know if there is such a place. Will there really be area that is not classified as other tribes’s territory?”

“Rest assured, not every place is claimed by a tribe as its hunting area. The beastman tribe generally hunts in a certain range centered on the place they live. Although the area that was claimed is not small, there is always places they won’t go. We will be able to find the place you said.”

Lin Mu thinks that sounds right. According to them, the people on the continent of Beastman are really pitiful. A tribe with four or five hundred people is already considered to be a large tribe, plus tribes will deliberately build their village further away from each other. In that case, they might really find a paradise of their own.

“Patrik, we have to settle down as soon as possible. We have to build a house before the rainy season, so that we can spend the rainy season safely.”

The rainy season which was said to go on for more than 20 days is a very troublesome thing. If they couldn’t arrange everything before the season starts, they would need to spend it in a cave.


Just when everyone was feeling happy that they don’t have to endure the whole winter in the cold north, something happened that made Lin Mu feel powerless. He looked at Misha, who was somewhat unconscious in Matt’s arms. Casso whimpered and laid down beside Misha’s foot. That unhealthy red color on Misha’s face and the coughing sound from time to time let Lin Mu know one thing : Misha was ill. Lin Mu squatted down, and put his hand on Misha’s forehead. His forehead was hot.

“He has a fever, probably from the rain a few days ago. Matt, Misha is ill. He needs to see a doctor as soon as possible.”

Matt didn’t know what a doctor was, all he heard from Lin Mu’s words was Misha is ill.

“No, he is not sick. Misha is not sick.”

Looking at the man’s bloodshot eyes, hysterically barking at him, Lin Mu was scared and almost fell down. Fortunately, Patrik was there to pull him up.

“Matt, be calm. What we should do now is to go to the witch doctor.”
Matt became a little calmer from Patrik’s cold voice. He held Misha tightly in his arms, as if he was worried that Misha would suddenly disappear. He whispered: “Misha won’t be sick, no, Misha promised that he will stay with me forever. He will not leave like Kevin. No, how can my Misha get sick??”

Lin Mu felt sad from looking at Matt, he seemed to have forgotten something. In ancient times, a small cold could take away a person’s life, not to mention the harsh living environment of the beastman world. Lin Mu looked at the beastmen around them, and saw deep fears and despair in their eyes — they had no witch doctors (in their group), because they were drifter beastmen. Looking at the equally worried Patrik, Lin Mu knows that the witch doctor he mentioned should be the same as a doctor.

“Patrik, can the witch doctor heal Misha? Then, let’s go find one.”

Lin Mu did considered his own medicines. However, these people are not from Earth, and their bodies are very different from the Earthlings. What will happen after they consumed his medicine? He really cannot be sure. Misha is different from his own race and he dare not take the risks.

Patrik didn’t answer, he just stared at Lin Mu, and Lin Mu saw a deep sorrow in his eyes that made him feel sad. Why does he feel helpless and desperate?

“Don’t be naive, the witch doctor will not treat Misha. In their hearts, we are evil beings; people who were abandoned by the beast god. How can they save the people abandoned by the beast god?”

Lal looked at the despaired Matt, and gnashed his teeth while lamenting that they are drifter beastman, drifter beastman! But why did they become drifter beastmen? Just because they looked different, they should get expelled and killed? Was it because they are different that they were abandoned by the beast god? He couldn’t understand, he really couldn’t!

Lin Mu can see Lal’s resentment and despair in his heart. He doesn’t understand that those witch doctors can really bear to watch a living person dying in front of them and not save anyone.

“We can beg them, we can… can also help them to hunt and ask them to help us heal Misha. We…”

“Leave me alone right now, I want to have a quiet moment with Misha.” Matt suddenly interrupted Lin Mu’s words.

“Alright, but… do put a wet handkerchief on his forehead.”

Really don’t want to try asking the witch doctor? All people do have a compassionate heart, right? Do we give up like this? Although a cold would go away after a week, but can Misha really endure it?

Lin Mu was taken away by Patrik before he could ask. Lin Mu looked at him and let him pulled him to the river. He(P) didn’t say a word. His deep eyes looked towards the distance, not sure what he is thinking. As time passed, Lin Mu’s patience lessened. Until the sun began to show signs of setting, Lin Mu couldn’t help asking, “Shouldn’t we give our all to try? Maybe there will be one witch doctor who is willing to save Misha.”

Patrik didn’t turn around and still looked into the distance: “Do you know what it means to be abandoned by the beast god?”

Lin Mu knows that it is the god they believe in, but as an atheist, Lin Mu felt that even if a Christian believer was abandoned by God, he can still live very well.

Patrik looked at the sky in the distance. “The people in this continent only believe in one god. The beast god is the highest supremacy of all people. He created everything on this continent. According to ancient legends, we are called the drifter beastman because the beast god has been forced to create use with the power containing evil attribute. We are the enemy of all beastmen, because we were born evil.”

“Legend?!” Just because of a legend, they were expelled?!

“The tribe leaders have passed this knowledge down from generation to generation. The black double-winged giant snake…so in their hearts, the drifter beastmen are evil and should not exist. Our existence is a taint on the beast god.”

There was a flash of pain in Patrik’s eyes. He turned and looked at Lin Mu.

“So, the witch doctors who believe in the beast god, how can they treat drifter beastmen?”

“But, Misha is a child, he didn’t do anything wrong.”

Lin Mu can’t believe a witch doctor could watch a child dies in front of his own eyes, plus Misha is a little female.

“Drifter beastmen never raises their own children. They steal other females and doesn’t take their own children with them when they leave. The females who gave birth to their1 children usually throw them away. Even a small female.”

Lin Mu’s brows wrinkled.

“Have you heard Matt mentioning someone called Kevin?”

Lin Mu nodded. He thought Kevin should be Matt’s companion.

“Kevin is a very small female, but because he likes Matt very much, he chose to be with us. Even if he is afraid of us. ”

“Then he…” Lin Mu thought without thinking, that this female should be dead already.

“Our life was very difficult, so Kevin became ill. We asked a witch doctor like what you said. For the witch doctor, Kevin has been abandoned by the beast god for seeking out the devil2, so how could they save him? We sent a lot of food, and Matt knelt three days in front of the witch doctor’s place but until the moment Kevin passed away, the witch doctor still did not agree.”

Lin Mu can imagine the scene at that time and how much pain the drifter beastmen have carried.

“Lin Mu, we also believe in the beast god, even when others say that we are the beastmen abandoned by the beast god. But we still believe in Him, we believe that He will not abandon us, because He let us come to this world. So we don’t want to do bad things like other drifter beastman did. But when Kevin died, I really regretted it. Those people were just a small tribe, we could have enslaved their beastmen like other drifter beastmen, steal their female, and use various cruel methods to force the witch doctor to heal Kevin, but…”

Lin Mu grabbed Patrik’s hand.

“Enough, Patrik, don’t blame yourself. Your choice is not wrong. If you really did it, even when Kevin has recovered, Matt will still feel the pain. And Kevin will definitely leave Matt. Listen, what you did was right.”

Patrik looked at Lin Mu and muttered, “Lin Mu, how about I send you to a beastmen’s tribe. A tribe without a witch doctor won’t last long, and you are a fragile female. I don’t want you to end up like Kevin. Let me send you away ba.”

Lin Mu slapped Patrik’s hand away, “What are you talking about!”

Lin Mu was angry, Patrik actually wanted to chase him away.

“A tribe is more suitable for females.”

In the end, he still have to send Lin Mu to a tribe, eventually everything is lost. Those so-called ‘staying together’ seem to be just extravagant hopes.

Lin Mu was furious. Even though Patrik was right, even though he knew that this person was thinking for him, Lin Mu still felt angry when he thought of the fact that Patrik wanted to send him away.

“You don’t have to send me away, I will leave!”

Lin Mu turned to leave. But he was pulled into an embrace and tightly hugged. Lin Mu struggled in anger, “Bastard, let me go. You actually wanted to drive me away, you wanted to drive me away!”

Patrik hugged the person who punched and kicked him tightly. His depressed voice sounded beside Lin Mu’s ear, “I don’t want you to leave, not at all. I have prayed to the beast god, so that you can always stay with me, even though I know that is a luxury. We have never once believed that we have been abandoned by the beast god, but we have been desperately staying alive. No home, no right to have a female, no children to continue our own bloodline. We don’t know why keep living, and we can’t find the meaning of being alive. We have been wandering, just keep getting rejected. Until I meet you, I feel that I can be redeemed. However, when we are happy to finally have our own house, and also we can have salt, Misha fell sick at this moment. All of a sudden, I believed that we were really abandoned, just like the beast god let Matt have Kevin, but suddenly took him away, and left Matt with more pain. And me, I felt hopeful but now, I suddenly realized that I had to send you away.”

Lin Mu blankly stayed in Patrik’s arms and was stunned by Patrik’s pain. Desperate? Yes, they have been living without hope. With much difficulty, they thought the beast god is still caring for them, but now they understood that it was just to give them more pain. However, “Patrik, not like this, no.”

Lin Mu thought of it and put his face on Patrik’s chest.

“Not like this. I have been living alone, not having a girlfriend, nor thought to make a family. It was just me working hard to let myself live comfortably. ”

Lin Mu looked up.” Patrik, I believe, as long as you work hard, even if you were really abandoned by the beast god, you can still build your own tribe. And, I don’t believe you are the legendary evil demons. When I choose to join you, I have decided that I must build my own home here.”

He said as he pulled Patrik’s hand. “I believe we can.”

Patrik looked at Lin Mu’s confident eyes. Although he knew it was tough, he felt that he couldn’t be negative anymore. Tightly gripping his hand, Patrik said, “I believe.”

As long as you are around.

Lin Mu turned away to escape from Patrik’s burning gaze and saw Matt still holding Misha under the tree.

Patrik followed his gaze and couldn’t help but sighed.

Lin Mu seriously looked at Patrik, “I have some medicines.”

“You are a witch doctor?”

Patrik felt surprised, but did not say anything. He believed that Lin Mu has his reasons for not taking out the medicine earlier, knowing that Lin Mu has a kind heart.

Seeing Patrik did not blame him for not saving Misha, he felt warm in his heart.

“I want to tell you that I am different from you. And in my place, people like me are males.”

The doubt in Patrik’s eyes fully expressed his incomprehensibility. How could Lin Mu be a male?!

Lin Mu didn’t want to explain more of his origins.

“Because our bodies are different, I don’t dare to give Misha my medicines.”

“You are different from us?”

“Well at my place, we don’t have beastmen who could transform, and no man can give birth to children.”

Patrik looked at the person in front of him. He always knew that Lin Mu was very different, just that…he is not a female? Patrik looked at Lin Mu’s slender body and handsome face in suspicion.

Lin Mu certainly knows what Patrik was thinking and can’t help blushing, “What are you looking at, I am a male at my place!”

“En, I don’t mind.”

Who cares if you mind it or not!

“Give him the medicine.”


Lin Mu was still feeling angry and couldn’t respond when he suddenly heard Patrik’s out of topic words.

Patrik looked at Matt. “Give Misha the medicine you have. It is still a hope.”

Lin Mu looked at Matt, he could still feel his sorrow from a distance.

Lin Mu’s stuff was placed together with Patrik’s belongings, so he followed Patrik to his backpack and started searching through it.

Patrik looked at the things in Lin Mu’s bag. He had already discovered that Lin Mu has a lot of things he never seen before, just like this thing in his hand.

“This piece of clothing is very soft, I don’t know what it is made from. How do you wear this?”

When Lin Mu took out the antipyretic, he saw Patrik studying his little underwear and quickly snatched it away. Lin Mu strangely felt his face is burning.

Patrik’s glance swept over Lin Mu’s body and was very happy with his own thoughts.

Lin Mu realized that Patrik has started to become a bit weird. When did this start?

Walking to Matt, Patrik told Matt about the medicine and asked him to decide if he would give Misha.

Matt looked at Lin Mu worriedly looking at Misha’s face , and finally nodded.

Lin Mu gave Misha the big kind of antipyretic, it is most effective when treating high fever. Lin Mu only gave Misha a quarter of the tablet. After all, he is a child and has never taken any medicine before. Taking care to the burning Misha eat the medicine, he directed, “Don’t let him sleep on the ground, use the animal skin to bundle him tightly. You better change into your beast form and keep him in your arms, to let him sweat. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.”

Lying on an animal skin, Lin Mu looked at Patrik next to him and asked, “Do you think Misha will be alright?”

“He will.”

Patrik’s calm and expressionless tone gave Lin Mu an unexpected peace of mind. “En, I believe that as well.”


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