Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 5.1

Hey guys, as mentioned earlier, Chapter 5 will be splited into 2 parts so here’s the first part yo~! (0w0)/

List of characters :
林沐 Lin Mu
帕特里 Patrik (Snake)
拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
科恩 Cohen (White tiger)
球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)
卡索 Casso (Wolf)
达蒙 Damon (???)
米莎 Misha (female)

Chapter 5

It’s been 10 days since Lin Mu decided to leave with them. Along the journey, Lin Mu saw a lot of wild animals of this world, every each of them looked ruthless and abnormal, which made him once again sigh at his extraordinary luck. In those days when he was walking alone, he didn’t encounter any beast that could endanger his life.

When it is almost the time to take a rest, Cohen the white winged tiger was sent out to scout for a place to rest. Patrik normally asked them to look for places where they are relatively safe and can replenish their water supply. Water is very important for people who needs to keep going from one place to another. In the past, they used to drink more water because they didn’t have any containers to store it. Now, because Lin Mu found a bamboo forest while searching for food, each of them has their own bamboo tube to store water, which is much more convenient than before.

According to the information brought by Cohen, they flew straight to the riverside. All those huge body began to slowly descend, and they turned into their human form the moment they touched down.

Lin Mu weakly struggled to get down from Patrik1. Traveling non-stop these few days has changed Lin Mu’s excitement into exhaustion. He weakly went to a patch of soft grass and laid down. On the grass, he relaxed his whole body and heaved a big sigh. The feeling of not able to lift up his spirit the whole day is really depressing.

After Patrik has arranged everything, he saw Lin Mu lying lazily on the ground. Patrik knows that Lin Mu has been working hard for the past few days. Every time he sees Lin Mu eating just a little bit of food, it makes Patrik worried. Thinking of the reason why Lin Mu was not able to eat more2, Patrik’s eyes were dark and he clenched his fists. He lowered his hand helplessly, thinking of his own people.

Lin Mu felt the area in front of him suddenly darkened and opened his eyes. “Patrik?” Then he sat up.

Patrik sat down next to Lin Mu. “How do you feel?”

Lin Mu heard his question and couldn’t help but pouted. “Not good.” Yes, not good, not good at all. Lin Mu hasn’t eaten any salt for 7 days now, which is a very uncomfortable thing for an earthling like him. Whenever he thought of the unsavory barbecues he had eaten these days, Lin Mu could feel his stomach aching.

The beastmen can replenish their salt intake by drinking animal blood. When Patrik forced Lin Mu to drink blood, Lin Mu finally understood why the beastmen drunk the blood when they cleaned their prey every day. But for Lin Mu, the result from forcing him to drink blood was he puked his guts out. Hence, for the little ‘female’ Misha to drink a cup of blood without changing expression, Lin Mu can only admire, but will never follow his example.

Lin Mu had a headache when he thought about this salt problem. Frowning at Patrik, he solemnly said, “I will not drink blood today, never!”

After a few days of getting along, towards this leader of the drifter beastmen, the legendary terrifying beast, he don’t have the slightest fear at all. Although Patrik’s expression was very blank like he has facial paralysis, and sometimes he somehow keep emitting cold air around him. which even the naughty Casso would be very scared, but Lin Mu was not afraid of him. Perhaps it is because Lin Mu thinks that he is a kind person.

Although Patrik had a headache from Lin Mu’s unwillingness to drink blood, he can only nod his head now.

Seeing the sun is setting soon, Lin Mu stood up and patted away some stray grass from his body. He turned to Patrik and said, “Let’s go, I want to go to find something to eat.”

Lin Mu can’t do it like them and just eat meat everyday. It was very bitter for Lin Mu to keep eating meat these few days. Although it is possible for him to eat fruit like a few days ago, his stomach has begun to oppose it as well.

“It’s not easy to make stir-fry to eat now, but getting some suitable vegetable to roast is still possible.”

Lin Mu was still a bit shocked by the fact that they know how to use fire to cook their food and yet didn’t know to use a pot.

Patrik nodded and said, “But you can’t go far.” Ever since Lin Mu almost got himself eaten by a small fanged animal while looking for fruit a few days ago, Patrik no longer allows him to search for food by himself, or go far from them. Patrik will never allow such thing to happen again.

“En, en, let’s go.” He pulled at Patrik’s arm and dragged him to hurry up. Lin Mu was happy to search for food, and did not see Lal’s resentful eyes from him and his boss being too “intimate”. “Little Mu Mu, you hurt me. ”

When Cohen passed by Lal, he was disgusted by his(L) expression , so he couldn’t help rubbing salt to the wound and said, “If you don’t hurry to go hunting, Laoda(Boss) will hurt you even more.”

Walking in the forest, Lin Mu felt that his spirit become much better. “Patrik, the air here is really fresh, and taking a deep breath makes people feel comfortable. Unlike my place there, every breath could smell a stink in the air.”


Patrik didn’t understand what was so special about the air here. He looked at Lin Mu smiling happily, and he felt that his smile was very nice. Although Lin Mu always say something he couldn’t understand, he still liked to listen to him(LM) talking to him, looking at his(LM) happy face. This is better than the sorrowful aura that he occasionally exudes. Every time he sees Lin Mu dazing by himself, Patrik will have a feeling that Lin Mu is unreachable. That feeling makes him feel restless.

Lin Mu chatted with Patrik as he walks, although every time he would only receive an ‘En’ or ‘Oh’ as the reply, Lin Mu still likes to talk to him. Perhaps it was because he thought as long as there’s someone next to him, he(LM) won’t feel lonely anymore.

“Ai, I still haven’t see the vegetable I want. It’s not early anymore, we should pick some fruit and go back. What do you think?”

Lin Mu’s question went unanswered, because Patrik suddenly flashed into a nearby bushes. Lin Mu hasn’t start calling for him yet, and he is already out. Just that, he has a little furry thing in his hand.

Lin Mu looked puzzledly at the little thing struggling in Patrik’s hand, and heard it making a low-pitched sound like ‘ji-o/唧噢’.

“What is that?”

“This is for you.” After Patrik handed the little thing to Lin Mu, he looked at the little thing that looked like a ball, and his brows were slightly wrinkled. “I don’t know what it is.”

“For me?”

Lin Mu looked at the chubby little guy, it’s about the size of a cat. Its fur is white and long, and it was furry all over its body. Round little body, round little head, round blue eyes and also small rounded ears. “It’s so cute!” Lin Mu vigorously rubbed the body of the little thing with his face.

Unexpectedly, the little thing stopped struggling and happily stretched out its little tongue to lick Lin Mu’s face. No doubt, Lin Mu is going to die from the meng/moe.

Patrik watched Lin Mu happily teasing the little thing, and sighed in his heart that females really do liked this kind of creature that has of no use (their meat was not enough to even stuff his teeth) but ‘cute’. Although, he couldn’t understand what is ‘cute’ at all. But one thing he knows right now is he is jealous that the little thing can lick Lin Mu’s cheeks without any problems.

Just when Patrik wanted to use his icy gaze to let the little thing feel his anger, Lin Mu has already given it a name, a very apt name – Qiuqiu3, and Lin Mu felt that Qiuqiu also liked it. Because when Lin Mu called him by that name, it intimately kissed his face. Though, Lin Mu only come to realize it after a long time later, that Qiuqiu was actually asking him to change the name which Lin Mu ignored and misinterpreted its eagerness. However, Lin Mu did not know about this at this moment so Qiuqiu’s name was confirmed.

Lin Mu held Qiuqiu in his arms, and the smile on his face has yet to recede. “Patrik, it’s not early anymore, and I don’t see any vegetation to eat. Let’s go back first.”

Patrik frowned and looked around, he couldn’t see even one fruit nearby. “En.” Patrik will have to figure out how to make Lin Mu eat more.

Lin Mu happily raised Qiuqiu, “Qiuqiu need to go with us oh.”

Just as Lin Mu is about to leave, Qiuqiu suddenly broke away from his arms and ran away.

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