我的室友可能不是omega/My roommate probably is not an Omega Chapter 4-6

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I closed my eyes and slept until the next morning. Climbing up from my bed in a daze, I saw that my roommate’s bed is still neat and tidy, like no one has slept on it before. I first checked that no one is in the bedroom, then carefully locked the door before I pounced on his bed and took a big breath.

… really the same smell from last time! A very light aroma, pheromones will not lie! My roommate is an Omega, that’s right! Just that he is a little bit bigger and taller. I vaguely estimated his height by comparing the gap between his head and the door last night.

Me : “……………………………”

…what did this Omega ate to grow so tall?! He’s like half a head taller than me!! Not talking about those Alphas who have crazy growth spurts, my height itself is already very tall amongst the Betas! This Omega is even 10 centimeters taller than me…

My self-esteem has suffered a hard blow…

Then, my roommate did not return to our dorm for around 10 days or half a month. Until I woke up one morning still dazed… I seemed to hear some noises? The scare had me sit up straight and I saw the back of a tall figure at the door, who looked like he is preparing to go out. It was my mysterious roommate who has been missing for half a month. He looked back at the scared me, and revealed a handsome face.

“Al, sorry to wake you up.”

I answered him with a blank face : “Ah…”

German explained : “I came back to sleep for one night yesterday. Today, I have to go for a training. It may take me 10 days to come back.”

Me : “Oh…”

He looked at me, then seemed to found something, his eyes briefly scanned over my face and body. Suddenly, he lightly chuckled.

“See you 10 days later, Al.”

“G… goodbye.”

He closed the door and went out.

I was still sitting on the bed. A moment later, I woke up then I jumped out of bed. Locking the door, I went to smell my roommate’s bed sheet again.

There still a faint Omega smell… just that something seemed to be mixed in the middle… a very light Alpha smell.

Shocked! The facts are obvious!

…that is, my roommate is not only an Omega, he has a partner as well! And he was marked!! That’s why he carried a smell of another person too!! What trainings? Those are all excuses!! He must have went out to live with his Alpha!! Which Omega would always go out for 10 days or half a month!!!

I am really witty~

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“Training? I heard that the 3rd years from Operation department have started their training, aye. An Alpha senior I know, always has to head outside every 2-3 days. So miserable.”

I took a swig of my milk tea and swallowed it in satisfaction.

“Jealous. There are not much Betas who can get close to the people from Operation department. But what do they do in their training?”

My ex-roommate busily typing on his phone beside me replied : “Survival in the wild, fighting training and oh, right! It is said that they have d-r.u.g resistance training as well, sounds so advanced.”

D-r.u.g resistance?

This is very consistent with…

Could it be German is really an Alpha?

The training part matched up. Whenever he comes back, he looked so tired. Was it because he was spent from the drill? And the pheromone on his body was from the d-r.u.g training? Otherwise… really, I have never seen such a tall Omega…

I told my ex-roommate about my suspicions but he laughed at me : “Isn’t it all first-years who got assigned to us? Besides, what kind of d-r.u.g could convert an Alpha’s pheromones into an Omega? You think too much. He is just higher than you, what’s wrong with that?”

Sounds right oh…
Ah whatever, ain’t it just fine to directly ask German when he returned?

He said 10 days so it was quite unexpected when he returned on the 5th day. That evening I was eating a takeout in the room. He came back dragging his feet, and there weren’t any blood on his face1. He nodded at me then fell asleep on his bed.

I was still sitting stupidly in front of the table, and there was a strong Alpha smell coming from German’s body. But there was also the familiar Omega smell, which stunned this Beta me speechless.

…what happened??

Could this be the… the legendary estrus period?

And in the past 5 days, German actually went out to find someone to mark him? That’s why the smells on his body are so complicated… aiya, so embarrassing!

I packed up the table, as I have classes in the evening. I can just ask him when I come back.

If he is really an Omega, he should stay with his Alpha during this period when he is still weak ya. Their pheromones together could accelerate metabolism, promote wound healing, and give him a sense of stability. Could it be he met a scum ‘gong’?

I couldn’t help but looked back at him. His half-body exposed outside had a very nice face. His facial features were deep and three-dimensional, his eyebrows were slightly wrinkled and his fringe was scattered across his forehead. His face was pale, giving a kind of sickly beauty, like the legendary vampire. After watching him for a long time, I couldn’t hold back my hand and I reached out to cover him properly with his quilt… he looked so uncomfortable! After I pulled his quilt over him, I even caringly tucked in the edges! So considerate, this is my style.

Perhaps he felt it when I pulled over his quilt, German opened his eyes and glanced at me. His gray-blue iris has the beauty that would amaze people. He slowly blinked his eyes and said, “Thank you.”

… Sure enough, he must have met with a scum ‘gong’. I patted his head to comfort him. He looked at me for a while before closing his eyes and continuing to sleep.


“Oh, he must be an Omega!”

My ex-roommate interrupted me impatiently in the class, while sending his message in his phone.

“Pheromones don’t lie!”

I wrinkled my nose and eyebrow with a confused expression. But I still, maybe a little bit felt that my roommate probably is not an Omega…
Although the facts are in front of me, but… I can’t say it exactly, maybe it is an intuition?

I went back to the dormitory in the evening, and German was still lying in bed. He looked no different from when I went out earlier. The sound of my entrance seemed to have woke him up. He opened his eyes and watched as I entered and put my things down before walked to his bedside.

“Are you better now?”

I looked at his chapped lips and gave him a glass of water. He weakly leaned in and drank from my hand.

… This weak gesture is really pitiful ah! Especially his thick eyelashes that hang down when he lowered his head to drink the water, and his ruddy tongue that subconsciously licked his lips afterwards…

That caused my heart to beat faster! This face is a foul, foul, foul! No doubt this seductive gesture must be from an Omega! And his skin is so pale and white! How did I managed to think that he is an Alpha before this?! Aiya!! *slaps own thigh* So at this moment, I should show my masculinity to him!

I sat down at his bed and looked at him solemnly. “It’s alright.”


“You just met the wrong person! You looked so good, but your Alpha still treated you like that, he really don’t have eyes! No! I mean he has no brain!!”

German‘s usual cold expression seems to have cracked for a moment.

It must be something I said wrong! I shouldn’t poke at people’s pains at a moment like this!!

“You looked so good! And…and your personality must be good too! You will definitely find an Alpha who really likes you in the future!”

It seems that the smell of an Alpha on German’s body is very strong! Instead, the Omega pheromone has become extremely light…

Couldn’t it be I made a mistake…?

I suspiciously got closer and took a deep breath.

“En.” German suddenly responded. “I will find someone who truly likes me.”


He didn’t deny it!! He is really an Omega!! I immediately shrank my head back to keep our distance.

It should be his Alpha is strong ba… The aggressive feeling from the pheromone was so strong oh! Plus his body is weak now, so there weren’t much Omega pheromones from him.

German is already very gong-like… so the person who can ‘gong’ him… must be more ‘gong’ than him!! Definitely more ‘gong’2.

There weren’t much people taller than German in our grade. One of the people I had in mind was the close to 2 meter ‘Big Bear’ from Operation department. He is a silly big Alpha, who is very good-natured. He also goes along with the Betas.

Then I imagined the scene of German under him… No!! I don’t feel so good all of a sudden…………………

German nek1d in bed, biting his lip gently, then Big Bear hehe-ed and bent down…

Oh arrgh, my eyes stung from the spicy scene!! Forget it!! Brain, stop this!!!


Table of Content

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