Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 4

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List of characters :
林沐 Lin Mu
帕特里 Patrik (Snake)
拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
卡索 Casso (Wolf)
达蒙 Damon (???)
米莎 Misha (female)

Chapter 4 : Leaving with them

The sun shone through the window, generously spilling into the house. Lin Mu raised his hand in front of his eyes, and stared at all the familiar things in confusion. This is obviously his own room. Could it be those memories were fake, that his best Big Brother didn’t crazily yelled about how he hated him, and that lush forest was just his own fantasy? And those so-called beastman were just the result from him being poisoned by reading too much novels?!

Lin Mu happily opened the refrigerator. At this moment, Lin Mu liked it(the refrigerator) a lot. He looked at his room happily while unscrewing the juice in his hand. However, just as he placed the bottle to his lips… it’s empty?! Confused, he looked at the bottle that was still full earlier and shook it down hard. A bottle of juice strangely disappeared. He then went to open the refrigerator in disbelief. The earlier scene where it was completely filled was gone.

“What is this?”

The unsettled Lin Mu felt like everything in front of his eyes are disappearing at a speed visible to his naked eyes.

“No! My fridge, my sofa, my bed…” Lin Mu desperately tried to stop it all but couldn’t do anything.
Casso was puzzled as he looked at the ‘female’ who shouted some inexplicable words while flailing his hand. He thinks this ‘female’ called Lin Mu is really weird, not only he is not afraid of the drifter beastmen (he clearly remembers that there was a female who fainted from just looking at them), he knows how to make delicious food too. Thinking of the fish that Lin Mu make last night, that kind of delicious taste, en, he wants to drool already.

Casso humph-ed in his heart, that Misha still sneered at him saying that he is going to be a glutton ghost. Don’t think that I didn’t know he(M) was feeling jealous because he(M) didn’t get to eat Lin Mu’s barbecue that was covered in strange spices. Father is right, females are very barbaric. He looked at the adults who are already busily preparing breakfast. How is this female still not waking up ah? I still want to eat delicious barbecue like last night. Delicious food is his main focus, so Casso shakes his small chubby body, leans forward, ready, jumped!

Lin Mu was struggling to sleep and didn’t want to wake up, suddenly felt a punch landed on his stomach.

“AH!” He groaned and woke up.

Looked at the beastmen’s busy figure, he sighed in his heart. So it was a dream ah. Feeling a bit low, Lin Mu still hopes that those sad things have not happened. He looked down at the chubby little guy on his body, and reached out to pulled up his two short front legs. Although he looked like he was gnashing his teeth, his eyes were smiling.

“You small meatball actually jumped onto my stomach. Do you know how fat you are, huh?”

Casso really wanted to roll his eyes at Lin Mu, but that would affect his image as a flying wolf too much. Thinking back of what his Father said before, males have to tolerate females, and males always need to know how to please the females, so he decided not to be petty with Lin Mu. Then he stuck out his tongue and licked Lin Mu’s face, because Father said that is called ‘taking advantages’. Although Casso didn’t know what was ‘taking advantages’, Father’s words won’t be wrong so he felt happy1.

Lin Mu was meng-ed2 by Casso’s cute look, really looked like a cute fluffy dog. So Lin Mu picked up Casso and rubbed strongly against his face.
If Casso knew that he as a dignified flying wolf was taken as a dog by Lin Mu, although he doesn’t know what is a dog, he will impolitely roll his eyes at him.

Patrik, not far away, watched as Lin Mu played happily with Casso, felt jealous at that moment. Thinking of his own animal form, the legendary evil figure, his eyes darkened. Which female who dare to approach him with his horrifying form? Patrik quickly tossed away those sentimental feelings in his heart and walked up to Lin Mu.

Lin Mu noticed Patrik heading to him and politely smiled at him.

Female giving him a friendly smile was something Patrik never felt before, so he was blinded by Lin Mu’s smile. Instantly he came back to his sense and he organized what he wanted to say in his mind.

“We will be leaving after breakfast, so you…”

He couldn’t say what he wanted to say, how to say, to invite him to go with them? How ridiculous is this? How can a fragile female choose to leave with a beastman who don’t even belong to a tribe? Moreover, they are the infamous drifter beastmen.
Lin Mu heard Patrik say they are leaving, and became a little flustered.
He saw that Patrik didn’t seem to want to bring him along. Will there be only him again? In this strange world, he is still alone all by himself. Lin Mu smiled bitterly in his heart, people are really a social animals. Loneliness always makes people feel scared. He made up his mind, in order not to let himself be left behind, Lin Mu decided to work hard, he didn’t want to continue walking blankly like a few days ago.

He cautiously asked, “Can’t you take me with you?”

Patrik was stunned by Lin Mu’s question. Is this like what he is thinking? Is he willing to follow him?

Patrik just looked at him and not answering him, so Lin Mu became more and more nervous, his hand holding Casso couldn’t help tightened up. Casso twisted his body uncomfortably and made a dissatisfied whine.
Patrik returned to his senses and saw Lin Mu looking at him nervously. Although the fact that Lin Mu is willing to go with him makes him happy, he still had to explain something to him clearly. Frowning, “Your life will be very hard with us. We don’t have a tribe, and we don’t have a fixed place to live. This kind of living environment is not suitable for females. Moreover, God’s Offering is coming soon. If we can’t find enough food, it will be very difficult in winter. If you are just worrying that you can’t get out of the forest, I can send you to a place with a tribe.”

“I am willing to go with you, I…”

Patrik interrupted Lin Mu. “Don’t rush to make a decision. Think about it first. We’ll talk again after breakfast.”

Although Lin Mu wanted to go with them, he can’t deny that a tribe is more suitable for females to live.

Lin Mu ate his breakfast without tasting the food3, and he seriously thought about Patrik’s words while looking at the beastmen who were eating their breakfast. They are drifter beastmen, and they are said to be a group of people with evil reputations. They don’t have a permanent home, they don’t even know if they can hunt enough winter food. Lin Mu knows that these people are not bad but they were expelled by other beastman. He looked at the coughing little female, they should not live like this, and Lin Mu secretly made a decision in his heart.

After breakfast, Lin Mu came to Patrik while carrying the Casso who squinted its eyes from being full. Patrik was instructing the beastmen to organize and pack their things.

“Patrik.” Lin Mu smiled at Patrik and said hello.

Patrik knew that Lin Mu has made his decision. Although his heart was very nervous, his face was calm and his eyes carried a proper questioning look.

“I have decided, I will go with you. I think you will definitely build your own tribe in the future.”

“Build our own tribe?” Patrik looked at the busy beastmen, that was their ideal dream. But it was not that simple to build a tribe.

“En, build your own tribe. You will need to find a place to settle down soon.” Lin Mu looked at Patrik, who was obviously recalling some memories.

Patrik looked at Lin Mu, “We tried building a tribe before, but we were expelled in the end. No tribe would be willing to have a drifter beastmen tribe next to their tribe.”

Lin Mu looked at Patrik with a puzzled expression, “We can stay away from them. Can we settle down if we found a suitable environment?”

“There is always a tribe in the right place. We still haven’t find one without yet. A cave suitable for living is not easy to find.”

Patrik looked at the dozen people who followed him. Although they were not many, but it’s not easy to find a cave that haven’t been marked by other tribe. They might be able to stay for a while, but in the end they would still be expelled in the end.

Lin Mu hopes it’s not what he think it is. Just when he wants to continue asking, Lal comes over and pulled Patrik away. Lin Mu watched the two mumbling something not far away from him. Lal would look at him from time to time with a hot gaze, Lin Mu couldn’t understand why.

And on the other side, when Lal heard that Lin Mu want to leave with them, he suggestively told his boss, “Hehe, boss, although I can see that you are interested in that little female, I will not give him to you. He might look a bit blank, but I decided to pursue him.”

Patrik looked at this excited partner whose hair flew messily in the wind, he just coolly said, “Don’t forget about your appearance.”

Lal was almost choked by Patrik’s words, he stuck out his neck and shouted, “What’s wrong with me? I looked very strong and charming, alright?”

“That doesn’t include your beast form.”

“My beast form is as charming!”
When Lin Mu once again saw the beastmen transformed, he couldn’t hold back the unstoppable excitement in him, his eyes brightly watched the tigers, lions and wolves in the scene. . .

Standing by the side, Lal saw Lin Mu’s eyes brightened and quickly got in front of him. “Lin Mu, how about you fly with me?”

Lin Mu looked at the smiling Lal. He thought of his(L) beast form, and quickly jumped away. Don’t joke with him, he don’t have any interest in centipede.

Seeing Lin Mu jumped away and looked like he wanted to stay away from him, Lal could felt his fragile heart hurting.

Lin Mu couldn’t bear to look at Lal, whose blaming eyes were saying ‘How can you hurt me like this’ but.. … he quickly pulled over Patrik who was standing beside him, “I just want to be with Patrik. This, do you mind?”
Lal looked at Patrik and looked at Lin Mu again, then he humph-ed and left. Is Lal feeling prideful now? Lin Mu resisted the desire to scratch his head.

“If you don’t want to, I can find someone else to carry you?”

Looking back at Patrik, “Why wouldn’t I want to?”

“I am a snake.” Patrik knew that his beast form was terrifying.

“I know that you are a snake ah. When are you transforming?” Lin Mu replied with a look of eagerness. Mayan Snake God ah! Not everyone can ride on it.

When Patrik saw that Lin Mu is not afraid of his beast form, although his face didn’t show it, his heart was very happy. Lin Mu is not afraid of him, so nice.
Looking at the huge snake body in front of him, Lin Mu was stunned speechless. He(LM) looked so small in front of him(P). Fine black scales, with huge black wings. Because Lin Mu stood very close to it, he found out that there weren’t any feathers on the wings, but was covered with scales that shimmered in the sunlight instead. Climbing up the snake, Lin Mu sat carefully at Patrik’s neck.

“Let’s take off.” The novelty of sitting on a large snake kept Lin Mu in a good mood.

Feeling the flapping of the wings, the body slowly lifted up in the air until the forest can be seen under his feet. Lin Mu can clearly see the whole picture of the whole forest, stretched neverendingly in his eyes.

“Patrik, where are we going?”

Beastman can still speak after transforming. “North, the direction with the least tribes.” A low voice answered Lin Mu’s question.

Is the direction with the least tribes, the worst direction for a good living environment? Lin Mu looked at the unknown distance. He didn’t know what his life would be like, but he would definitely live well. Looking at the sun behind him, he turned back to the front with a firm look.

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