New pit! 我的室友可能不是omega/My roommate probably is not an Omega

Remember Banana said something digging another pit to jump? _(;3/ well here is it~~

Title : 我的室友可能不是omega/ My roommate probably is not an Omega

Author : ablfish

Where I got the Raw (not the publisher) :

Chapter : 25 mini chapters

Summary :

ABO / AxB / little sweet cookie
This article is a short story ~ little sweet cookie ~ will end very soon~~

I closed my eyes and slept until the next morning. Climbing up from my bed in a daze, I saw that my roommate’s bed is still neat and tidy, like no one has slept on it before. I first checked that no one is in the bedroom, then carefully locked the door before I pounced on his bed and took a big breath.

… really the same smell from last time! A very light aroma, pheromones will not lie! My roommate is an Omega, that’s right! Just that he is a little bit bigger and taller. I vaguely estimated his height by comparing the gap between his head and the door last night.

Me : “……………………………”

…what did this Omega ate to grow so tall?! He’s like half a head taller than me!! Not talking about those Alphas who have crazy growth spurts, my height itself is already very tall amongst the Betas! This Omega is even ten centimeters taller than me…

My self-esteem has suffered a hard blow…

Translator summary :

A super short story, full of fluff and some spices, on how a Beta falls for an Alpha. The summary above is actually a part of a chapter.

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