Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 : Beastmen? Transmigrated!

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Lin Mu was so immersed with his fish that he did not notice the animals not far away from him began to act restless. Lin Mu stared happily at the fish while it started to become ready to eat. Joyfully placing the grilled fish on a clean leaf and cutting it nicely, he has just started to eat the fish when he randomly looked up and stunned by what he saw.


A big wolf, a silver giant wolf that is almost as tall as an elephant!

Lin Mu was very angry, angry that when he could finally have a good meal, he suddenly found himself becoming food for others! Looking at the giant wolf and its green eyes, Lin Mu knew that he won’t be able to escape today. He knows that whether fighting with the giant wolf or ‘running a race’ with it, he has no chances of winning. So Lin Mu glared at the giant wolf in front of him while biting on the fish in his hand with infinite resentment. Not mentioning that he want to be a full ghost, how can he leave his hard-earned grilled fish to the enemy who want to eat him?
While paying attention to the giant wolf and eating the fish quickly, Lin Mu realized that the silver wolf was just sitting from a distance and watching him, not prepared to attack himself at all. It was not until Lin Mu finished his fish that the silver wolf stood up. Looking at this current situation, Lin Mu couldn’t help but ranted in his heart. Don’t tell him that this wolf is trying to give him his human rights, making sure that he dies as a full ghost? Lin Mu really admired himself for still able to think stuff like this in this kind of situation.

When Lin Mu mentally prepared himself and ready to die, he saw the silver wolf howling at the sky. Is it calling for its partner? The wolf even have the virtue to share food with its partner? When he thought of the fact that he is the food that will be splitted apart, Lin Mu can’t help trembling. If the wolf can understand human language, Lin Mu will definitely discuss with it to let them finish him off in one strike. He was really afraid of pain. After a while, Lin Mu felt the sky suddenly darkened and couldn’t help but look up at the sky. If he could, Lin Mu really wanted to let everyone see what he is seeing now.

There were more than a dozen of huge figures flying in the sky. The leading figure is a giant snake with more than 30 meters in length. Two pairs of huge black wings integrated as one with the black snake, pretty much like the Mayan Snake God described in novels. Then, there was a huge centipede more than 50 meters long but doesn’t have wings, which Lin Mu doubted how it could fly in the air. Next, a completely white tiger with a pair of huge wings, and its body bigger than an elephant made Lin Mu worried if its wings could withstand its body weight; afraid it might fall down and squashed him. Lin Mu looked at those flying lion, leopard, and wolf. . . . . . every each of them has a shockingly huge size. So, when a dozen of giant animals surrounded him in the middle, Lin Mu was puzzled because such a small him is not enough to even fill the gap between their teeth, obviously.

Fortunately, Lin Mu’s mind was thinking about this, otherwise a handful of huge creature surrounding him would cause him to faint from the fright. When each animal turned into a human around 2 meters tall in front of him, Lin Mu knew that there can be more shocking news on top of a shocking news.

“You are… ‘yaojins’(supernatural beings)?!”

Lin Mu exclaimed loudly to express his. . . excitement. Yes, excitement. He thought he would be shredded apart by these animals. Although he may still be unable to escape the fate of dying but no matter what, he has seen the legendary ‘yaojin’, so he didn’t wasted this life. After all, not everyone has the opportunity to see a ‘yaojin’.

Patrik looked at the excited little ‘female’, and his expressionless face couldn’t help frowning.

Lal, who has a head of flamboyant red hair, said to Patrik with a smile, “Yo yo yo, boss, what am I seeing now? A beautiful little female.”
Lin Mu is indeed very beautiful. His slender figure, fair skin, delicate facial features that were similar to his own mother, and his long hair makes him look elegant/pretty. His height of 170 cm is unusually small in front of these tall figures who were more than 2 meters tall.

“Hey, little female, can you guess who we are yet?” Lal looked at Lin Mu’s face getting red from excitement and couldn’t help teasing him.

Lin Mu looked at the person with red hair talking to him. He was very handsome, and his sunny image was a type that many girls like.

“I know ah, you guys are ‘yaojins’.”
“Yaojin? We are not yaojins, we are drifter beastmen.” Lal finished his words with a very scary expression. The people around him all had an expressionless face from his words.

“What is drifter beastmen? If you are not ‘yaojins’, then why can you change into human form?” Lin Mu was puzzled by Lal’s words.

Lal felt that Lin Mu might not be pretending to not know. After all, if a female hears that they are drifter beastmen, they would became very scared and their expression would looked like they wanted to eat them1.

“All beastman can transform themselves, don’t you know?” Lal wondered which part of a remote place the other party was from.

“Beastman?! You mean that you are beasts who can turn into a human?” Lin Mu prayed in his heart that this is not what he is thinking about. “What era is this?”
“Hehe, little female, which corner of the world did you emerged from? You don’t even know the era of the beastman? We are beastmen, who can transform into human, and you as a female, can give us little pups.” Lal said with an evil laugh, several beastmen laughed as well.

Patrik watched Lin Mu becoming sullen, he coldly told them to shut up. “We are going to stop here to rest today. Lal, you can go and bring our people to hunt now.”

Lin Mu didn’t care what they are doing, he just sat there next to his fire in a daze. Is this considered a transmigration? Then it’s probably no longer possible for him to go back. Thinking back of the forest he has never managed to get out of, isn’t all of it felt unfamiliar? Lin Mu doesn’t know how to describe his current mood, there’s fear but also relief. It is impossible to leave the world that you are familiar with and to come to this completely strange world without feeling fearful. But he managed to flee from the world where the people always wanted him to die. He felt very relaxed. He didn’t know how to face Lin Yu, and he didn’t want to face that father of his even more. Now that he think of it, he can be said have escaped from there.
When Lin Mu pulled himself out of his thoughts, he saw the beastmen busying with their own affairs. Collecting firewood, making fire, and cleaning their prey. Lin Mu was not interested in those bloody things, so he didn’t look at what animals they hunted. He just felt the size of their prey is very large.

Looking at his remaining fish, Lin Mu decided to grill it. While zoning out and turning the fish in his hand, Lin Mu suddenly saw a little guy next to him. A small chubby wolf with bluish-grey fur, and a white circle around its neck. It was staring intently at his fish; very cute little guy.

Lin Mu smiled, “Want to eat fish?”

As he asked the question, he couldn’t help reaching out and tried to touch the little wolf, but then he saw the little guy baring its teeth. Lin Mu was not afraid because he was very clear that this is not a normal wolf. So, he bravely ventured up. Its fur was very soft, and Lin Mu couldn’t help holding the little wolf in his arms, one hand rubbing its fur.

“Hehe, are you also a beastman like what they said? Can you transform and let me see?”
The little wolf didn’t bother with him, still staring at the fish skewered on the branch.

“Transform, and I will give you the fish. How about it?”

The little wolf turned its head and looked at Lin Mu, then rolled his eyes in his heart. This female is really silly.

Lin Mu felt like he was despised by the little wolf, and was very depressed.

“Casso is only 1 year old, so he can’t transform yet.” Patrik’s cold and clear voice rang behind Lin Mu.

Patrik thinks this female is very special, that his eyes can’t help following him around. He knew what this emotion represents, but drifter beastmen do not have the right to own a female.
Lin Mu looked up at the man in front of him. He has long flowing black hair which was casually scattered on his back. A pair of dark eyes on a cold handsome face that seemed to have a magical force one couldn’t help falling into it.

Lin Mu pulled his gaze back. “Then he…Casso, when can he transform?”

“The little beastman can only transform when they are 3 years old. You really don’t know?”

Lin Mu shook his head, how could he know?

Patrik’s eyes flashed in confusion. “Where did you come from?”
“I know where my home is, I just don’t know why I am here.”

Lin Mu cut the fish into smaller pieces with his knife and let the wolf eat it. He said, “When I woke up, I’m already in this forest. I haven’t managed to get out of this forest yet, but I don’t think I can go back anymore.”

He forced a smile, and when he thought to take a piece of the fish, he saw Casso licking its lips with an expression that he haven’t have enough.

“Oh… you ate so fast.” He rubbed Casso’s little head.

“Come and eat with us.” Patrik felt that whether what Lin Mu said is true or not, he decided to believe him first.
Lin Mu was pulled forward by the small Casso and he went with Patrik to where the rest are having their barbecue. Then, he saw Little Casso running towards a rough looking beastman.

“That is Casso’s Father, Damon.” Patrik sat down next to Lin Mu and explained to him.

Lin Mu smiled and nodded to Damon. Although Damon had no expression on his face, he nodded to Lin Mu as a hello.

After Lal cleaned the preys, he saw the little female sitting next to his boss and squeezed over to sit next to him.

“Hey, little female, where are you heading? Going back to your tribe? Also, which tribe are you from?”
“Don’t call me little female, I am not a female, nor I have a tribe.”

Lin Mu couldn’t stand the other person calling him a female, he is obviously a man. As for where to go next, he doesn’t know. He has been trying to get out of the forest before this, but now that he know that his world has changed, he doesn’t know where to go even if he managed to walk out of this forest.

Patrik watched Lin Mu’s expression become a bit depressed and wanted to stop Lal from asking again. Unfortunately, Lal is definitely not a bright one. “But you are a female to start with, tell me what is your name?”

Lin Mu couldn’t help but rolled his eyes. “Why should I tell you?”
“I’ve told you my name, so you should tell me yours. My name is Lal2, and this is my older brother Patrik.” He pointed at Patrik, who was sitting on the right side of Lin Mu.

Lin Mu really admired Lal’s thick face. Actually, Lin Mu doesn’t know that all beastman has thick face because being cheeky is a great weapon for beastmen to pursue females.

“My name is Lin Mu.” He said before taking a bite from the meat that Patrik handed over to him. “How come there’s no salt?”

Several beastmen who were eating stopped to look at Lin Mu.

“Is there something wrong?”

Lin Mu saw everyone looking at himself and couldn’t help but asked, “Don’t you have salt?”

“Only approved tribes are allowed to go to the salt lake to get salt. We are drifters, how can we be allowed get salt to eat?” Lal’s tone was filled with hatred.

“Why can’t the drifter beastmen be allowed to get salt?”

The other beastmen were eating quietly, only Lal self-deprecatingly replied, “Because drifter beastmen are some ominous beastmen, they rob other tribes, rxpe females, kill little beastman. Because we are drifter beastmen, we are evil. Of course we won’t be allowed to have salt.”

Lin Mu looked at the beastmen in front of him, and saw a young child. He should be the ‘female’ they are talking about. The child looked weak and was eating his food while leaning on the arms of a beastman. Lin Mu remembered that was the giant silver wolf.

“Have you done those before? You didn’t, right?” Lin Mu felt that these people were not bad guys.

“We robbed others before.” Lal couldn’t help curling his lip. After saying that, he resumed his eating silently, and didn’t speak anymore.
Lin Mu looked at Patrik, “I have some spices for barbecue. Do you want to use it? I will also eat it.”

Lin Mu understood that they must be very wary of him. After all, there are many people who wanted them dead.

Patrik looked at Lin Mu staring at him with a hopeful expression and replied. “If anyone wants to eat it.”

Lin Mu smiled and took the seasoning out from his backpack. Then, he cut some meat into pieces with a knife, skewered it, and sprinkled some seasonings to be roasted.

“I will help you.” Patrik took the skewer from Lin Mu.
Lal smelled the seasoning that Lin Mu took out. “That is a funny smell, I’ll try it.” He was not afraid of being poisoned by this little female.

Lin Mu was very happy with his dinner. Patrik was really good at barbecue, or it was probably because they only know how to barbecue. Lal was only one person who used his seasonings but Lin Mu doesn’t blame them for not trusting him. After all, they are right to be careful. However, Damon didn’t object little wolf Casso from eating it. Probably because Casso had already eaten Lin Mu’s grilled fish before anyone could stop him.
In the evening, they rested beside the fire and with the beastmen standing guard, Lin Mu felt that he could sleep well this time. Lin Mu was planning to take his clothes out to lay them on the ground when an animal skin blanket appeared in front of him. He looked at the tall beastmen in front of him.

“This is for you.” Patrik let go of the hide and walked away.

Lin Mu smiled and laid the blanket on the ground, before lying down comfortably. He closed his eyes and fell asleep after a while.

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