[Ongoing] Cleaning spacings between paragraph

This is my main site now so do update your bookmarks misc yo~

And one more thing, the free WP and self-hosted WP doesn’t agree much with each other so all my post got wonky format and spacing. Not to mention all links to my old WP are now broken. Will take me quite some time to fix everything so feel free to point out what I missed. (0w0)/

Use the search button for mean time. Or click on the tags _(;3/

[edit – 17th Jan 19] I used a plugin to replace the links, which replaced my old site’s URL with the new URL. Obviously, some customized links cannot be fixed using this plugin. So, please tell me the broken links you found so I can manually fix it~ Tenkiu~ (0w0)/

[edit – 1st Feb 19] I am spacing the chapters manually and slowly… Below is my progress :

Misc post – Done
(OR) Yin Yang – Done
Sharing Rain and Dew – Done
Let Me Tease You – Chapter 15 at the moment
Prince, You Are So Cheap – Chapter 30 at the moment
Those Year – Done
Way of Transmigration – Not yet Lazy ah, go check out ISOHungry Translation instead? _(;3/

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