先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 14

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JinHe is a place with the element of water. According to what System helped JiYuan to convert, JinHe is almost similar to Jiangnan (China) from his original world.

YangNing was located too far away from JinHe, JiYuan’s body couldn’t tolerate standing all day long in sword flight. Fortunately, Ye Junchi was not in a hurry and JiYuan was not in a panic either, so they discussed a bit about the transportation plan. Tonight they would be resting inside this forest, then tomorrow they would travel further away from ChengYang mountain first before considering to either buy a horse or rent a boat. Finding dry woods was not difficult in the summer. Ye Junchi casually started a campfire, then leisurely leaned against a tree, his hands folded at the back of his head. Throwing a glance at JiYuan, he lazily said, “Go find something to eat.”

JiYuan eyed the dark forest, he felt like there were demons and ghosts looking at their direction with ill intentions. Suddenly feeling terrified, he inched a bit nearer towards Ye Junchi without batting an eyelid. His gaze lowered down, looking at the fire; pretending not to hear what was said just now.
Ye Junchi laughed, “I forgot that you are afraid of ghosts, really like a little girl.”

JiYuan maintained the last bit of stubbornness in him and gnashed his teeth, “…. I’m not afraid.”

“Oh.” Ye Junchi nodded and closed his eyes. His long lashes cast a touch of shadow on his face. Looking like he was very tired, Ye Junchi said, “Then, go ahead ba. I’m a bit hungry after a battle.”

JiYuan : “….”

System : “Thanks for your trouble.”

The owner of the body was not afraid of ghost, System was quite tolerating with him already. JiYuan could only ‘bite the bullet’ and stood up. He picked up a burning stick from the campfire, hesitatingly moved towards the forest. Ye Junchi who was leaning against the tree, looking like he fell asleep suddenly said, “Bring Gui Chi along.”

Stunned, JiYuan turned around to look at him. Ye Junchi’s eyes were closed and he was breathing evenly. His thin lips were lightly pursed, as if he never said anything. Just that, it was unknown how Gui Chi which was originally nestled in his arms, has somehow slid at JiYuan’s feet.

JiYuan was horrified, “I, I, I, I didn’t hear that wrongly?”

System : “You, you, you, you didn’t hear it wrongly.”

Overwhelmed by this favor from a superior, JiYuan silently picked up Gui Chi. With this sword that could suppress demons and ghosts by his side, he was not afraid anymore. While he was thinking of what could be eaten in the forest, he said to System, “I am shocked!”


“Although Ye Junchi make fun of me sometimes, his personality was better than what I thought.”

System : “Then, marry him ba.”

I was just commenting about it, no need so serious ba.

JiYuan was angered, he ignored that System who looked cold but actually not serious at all.

System waited for a while but didn’t receive any reply, so it gave a dry cough and earnestly said, “Baby, you should rejoice a bit here. For normal people, if they were to be tortured by your blood and need to act as a furnace for you, it would be already great if they don’t ‘bring you down to a mutual destruction’ or ‘beat you to half-paralysis’. Plus, Ye Junchi only harmlessly teased you. He treated you well, probably because of one, he needs your blood. Two, maybe related to what Luo Xiuyi said about Red Phoenix star and Happiness star. As for three….”

JiYuan silently perked his ears.

System : “Hahahaha, I can’t tell you now.”

JiYuan went silent for a moment, then abruptly said, “If you guys are sick, what need to be done?”

“AI couldn’t get sick.” System was a baffled.

“No, you are sick, have to eat medicine.” JiYuan continued icily, “Brain damage.”

System : “….” Little brat’s guts are getting bigger and bigger.

System has just mentioned little brat (小兔崽子/Little rabbit), and JiYuan glimpsed a small rabbit. He quickly pounced at it – but came up empty, and got a mouthful of mud. Beside his ears was System’s merciless ridicule. JiYuan wiped his face and rolled his eyes. Subconsciously rubbing his own chest, he was sad to find out that he had already changed to men clothing, no longer storing any fruits to eat.
He sadly squatted on the ground. After a while, he was ready to get up again to find food, but was swiftly being pressed down by a palm. A chill traveled from his back to his mind. JiYuan’s scalp became numb, his hackles raised up.

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah System what what I thought Gui Chi wards evil what is touching my head ah ah ah ah ah ah I am going to die ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!”1

System was even more nervous than him, “You, calm down!”

JiYuan : “Ah ah ah ah ah ah!”

System really wanted to follow him and ‘ah ah ah’ together as well, after a moment of silence, it said, “Maybe because you still haven’t return after a long while, your owner has come to pick you up.”

Not a moment after System’s cold voice faded, JiYuan heard the familiar voice behind him.

“You didn’t come back after so long, I thought you were eaten – why are you shaking?”

It was rare that JiYuan doesn’t collapse at these kind of moment, and he also maintained his coldness. When he heard the voice, he stiffly turned back to look at the tall, slender man behind him. Clenching his teeth to restore his calm, and waited until his body stopped trembling, he then hoarsely said, “Cold.”

Ye Junchi’s unfathomable eyes stared at the youth like white jade for a moment. Faintly smiling, not asking any further, he said, “Come on, let’s go back.”

JiYuan took the chance when Ye Junchi turned around to walk, to pat his calf then stiffly followed from behind. He said to System in an aggrieved voice, “I was about to cry from the fear.”

“…. why are your guts so small?”

JiYuan was feeling even more wronged.

“I was not sensible when I was a child. Gotten myself deceived by a few half brothers and sisters to enter a haunted house. I stayed there alone for 3 days. Even when I was rescued, I was scolded a round by them. The psychological shadow covered a huge area in my heart so I grew up fearing these things.” Pausing, he then added bitterly, “But those people just like to hold onto people’s weakness. Knowing that I have psychological shadow on these, they often watched horror movies during family gatherings. I couldn’t display timidness but I was scared to death, still I have to maintain the smile on my face….hmm, have to thank them. If not for so much training from them, even if I usually doesn’t OOC, I could have collapsed from the scare just now.”

Upon hearing that, System went silent for a moment and said, “Sorry.”

JiYuan was at a loss.

System : “Just now, I did found out that Ye Junchi was silently approaching, I didn’t inform you.”

JiYuan : “….”

Back to the campfire, JiYuan was surprised to see there was an unknown creature already roasting by the fire. The fat, tender meat was flowing with oil as it roasted. There was a sheen of shiny oil on the golden-colored meat, the smell of meat was filling the air. Not living up to expectation (as a cold beauty), JiYuan swallowed his saliva. But thinking that the original body was a vegetarian, he suddenly became heartbroken.

Ye Junchi flipped the grill that he casually assembled just now, looking like he was concentrating on the roasted meat. But at the corner of his eyes, he was watching JiYuan. Seeing the usual cold expression on the youth’s face, he(YJC) was a bit disappointed in his heart. It was really difficult to see any expression from that pair of light-colored eyes. As they get along these few days, he was sensitively aware that even though JiYuan looked indifferent as usual in the past, his character seemed to change a lot and became more interesting too. Unfortunately, the youth rarely reveal any inkling of his feeling.

JiYuan doesn’t know that he was being stared intently at. He was still thanking those unkind half brothers and sisters for giving him the skill to be able to stay quiet no matter in what situation.

After roasting for a while, Ye Junchi took the meat out from the grill and tore a small piece of meat to JiYuan. His tone was faint, “I know you are a vegetarian. But in this desolate mountain range, there are no wild fruits nearby so bear with it ba.”

JiYuan’s pair of eyes were swimming in tears. His hands trembled as he accept the roasted meat. With a devout feeling of commemoration, he bit on the meat in small bites. This kind of ‘bear with it’, please come every day. (T ^ T)

Witnessing JiYuan’s hands trembling, his expression slightly at loss and him eating in small bites seemingly hard to swallow, this series of actions has caused Ye Junchi to misunderstood. He thought for a moment, and took back the small portion of meat from JiYuan. Seeing the youth’s tear-rimmed eyes looking at him, a rare feeling of pity appeared in his heart. ZhaoYang liked to abduct various types of beauties, not discriminating on gender, as long as he could satisfy his maniac appetite. When he became tired of it, the fate of the beauty would be very miserable – if lucky, he/she would be given to his men. If unlucky, he/she would be thrown into his courtyard. Then, he would call upon his bunch of unruly friends, and start a gngbng. In the end, no one could survive that.
[T/N : Sorry for the interruption. I kinda censored the offensive word there so for those who are using a translator to read, just note that it’s an offensive word. And ZhaoYang totally deserved death more painful than ‘death by dismemberment by 5 horses’.]

Knowing that ZhaoYang took JiYuan, Ye Junchi immediately rushed to save him. After they returned to the palace, his mind was thinking back and forth. He felt that he has already shown his face (at the human realm), plus he already brought the person back with him. Might as well marry ‘her’ since as the demon lord’s people, no one would dared to touch. Staying inside the demon palace was absolutely the safest choice. Just that he doesn’t expect that ZhaoYang would die – JiYuan was very innocent, no matter what, he(JY) was the one being implicated. Ye Junchi immediately agreed to help out was because, other than some additional factors, he understood why JiYuan was so unlucky.

JiYuan ate half of the meat in tears, he keep sighing to System about how fragrant the meat was and how much he couldn’t bear to finish it. He didn’t expect that Ye Junchi would take it back. At once, he became stupidly stunned, and had an urge to hit someone.

Ye Junchi suddenly sighed.

JiYuan abruptly stiffened with nervousness. Then he saw a rare gentleness in the pool of ice inside Ye Junchi’s eye, his voice seemed to contain some sympathy, “If you couldn’t finish it, then don’t eat it. Sleep ba.”

JiYuan slightly opened his eyes, “….”

Big brother, you seemed to have misunderstood something???

System stifled a smile, “The original body couldn’t stand greasy meat, condolence to you ba.”

JiYuan’s heart died like burnt ash.

He took a last look at the roasted meat in Ye Junchi’s hand with resentment, then silently picked away some of the leaves on the ground, and laid down sideways. How wronged ah, even tears were about to come out…..
If the ‘gang of scoundrels’ friends from his original world were to know about this, they would most probably laughed themselves to death….
JiYuan’s eyes were swimming in tears, he was so aggrieved that he couldn’t sleep; quietly shrunk his body into a small ball. After a long while, his body suddenly felt a slight weight. He lowered his eyes to see a black robe, something he was familiar with these few days. The man’s figure was much taller and bigger than him, so his robe could be used as a quilt. A hint of rosin was lingering at his nose, making people feel at ease. JiYuan was a bit stunned, then his hair was being rubbed. In a low magnetic tone, Ye Junchi’s voice sounded beside his ear, “Sleep, I’ll keep night vigil.”

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