先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 15

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[Translator : Well, I must say the author has the worst ‘chapter’s title naming’ ever in all those novels I have translated and read :v It was the same title from Chapter 1 – 14. Now, it’s this 娇纵 for another 14 chapters. Really now, really? Well, not that anyone cared since I didn’t put the title anywhere except at the TOC.]

To go down to JinHe from YangNing, it would be more convenient to take the water route. The cultivation in this world was different than what JiYuan read in some cultivation novels, like you can fly to wherever you want to go. Moreover….
It was said that the world’s most valuable head at the moment was Ye Junchi, it must be his. Nowadays, there were a lot of cultivators passing by, be it up on the sky or down on the ground. Some were in groups while some were solo travelers. In the air, there was no cover so if they used sword flight, it would be easier to bump into those cultivators.

JiYuan was thinking seriously how did he became ‘cruel and unscrupulous’, ‘fickle’, ‘poisonous heart’ and ‘utterly heartless’.
[T/N : Idioms used in the above sentence 狼心狗肺 , 水性杨花 , 毒蝎心肠 , 丧尽天良 . :v By chance if anyone got confused, JY was labelled with the descriptions above by other people when his name was issued the K.O.S order.]

Ye Junchi gave him some rare words of comfort, although it doesn’t sound right at all. He said, “Try to adapt, you will get used to it.”

JiYuan expressed that he doesn’t want to adapt nor get used to it.

Two people traveled far away from ChengYang mountain, and found a port. So, they consulted the boatman regarding buying a boat. JiYuan silently watched Ye Junchi bargained with an ordinary person and felt that the spectacle was too horrible to endure. As a dignified demon lord, the figure who would cause people to be terror-stricken at his name, actually casually chewing a stalk of grass not sure where he got it and was cutting prices with a human.

JiYuan : “… System, I found out that I don’t understand Ye Junchi.”

System : “Don’t panic.”

JiYuan blinked and heard System said, “I don’t quite understand him too.”

JiYuan : “….”

Eventually, Ye Junchi won with his smart mouth and succeeded in buying a small boat at the lowest price. When the boatman received his payment, he couldn’t help saying, “Looking at your clothing, you should be some young master from a rich family. Comparing to us, how could you spend so… ?”

He was really giving them some faces for not finishing the sentence. Ye Junchi smiled, the word ‘Interesting’ from his thought didn’t leave his mouth. At the corner of his eyes, he saw JiYuan holding his forehead while shaking his head. His(YJC) face turned slightly solemn and said, “We were driven out of the house.”

Ye Junchi said it like it was really the truth.

JiYuan’s mouth twitched, in his heart he said, ‘as long as you are happy’. Unexpectedly, Ye Junchi turned around and looked at him, then faintly sighed, “Our family couldn’t accept us.” [T/N : Lol] Earlier on, the boatman was already curious about the handsome youth who stood by the side with a calm and cold expression. So the moment he heard that, he immediately understood and meaningfully uttered an “Oh”. Noticing that the boatman has turned over to look at him with a strange gaze, JiYuan expressionlessly looked at Ye Junchi.

“…” He was really ‘tricking’ anyone he came across.

Ye Junchi liked to tease JiYuan until he show a flicker of emotions. Like cracking a small gap in the cold mask, and taking a glimpse of an interesting soul. He was also quite surprised with himself for taking an interest in JiYuan, plus he enjoyed it and never get tired with his actions. Because JiYuan does not ‘fast’ (no cultivation), they went to buy some dry food after purchasing a boat. Just as they passed by a stall selling masks, Ye Junchi casually glanced over. Suddenly, he reached out and picked a mask with ‘heavy colors’ and put it at his face. He smiled and asked, “How was it?”

At the same time, a few Daoist priests dressed in robe walked past them in a hurry, their face were gloomy. They looked like they were looking for something, their gaze were flying all over the place. Their hand was on their waist, holding onto the hilt of their sword; vigilant yet nervous. JiYuan looked on as they walked further away. Retrieving his gaze back to the mask, thick and heavy in colors, he doesn’t think much and faintly uttered a word “Ugly”.

Then from the mask stall, he picked up a mask carved into an image of a white rabbit, maliciously handed it over to Ye Junchi. Ye Junchi glanced at the slightly childish mask but unexpectedly didn’t say anything. As the result, he paid for the mask and took JiYuan back to the port. Following behind him, JiYuan silently rubbed his chest, felt that the days without having fruits to boost calmness were very difficult. Towards him, Ye Junchi was treating him with a weird tolerating behavior. It was not because of his blood, nor the whatever stars. He was 80% sure the reason must be the third one that System had refrained from telling him as a teaser.

Ye Junchi jumped onto the little boat and cut off the rope tying the boat to the port, letting it to begin drifting on the river. There was a river between YangNing and JinHe. Going downstream would need about half a month to reach, and they doesn’t have to control the direction. Ye Junchi leaned at the side of the boat, his slender long legs curled up, ‘bearing with the size of the boat’. He squinted his eyes, enjoying the cool breeze blowing upon nightfall, along the surface of the river. After a long while, he said, “What do you want to ask?”

There were too much doubts in JiYuan’s heart. Seeing that he took the initiative to ask, JiYuan considered for a while and asked one question that Ye Junchi would answer.

“Those Daoist priests?”

“The cultivation sect issued a K.O.S order on our name, I’m afraid that anyone would want to kill us now.”

Holding his own chin, his tone was relaxed that not a slightest fear of the K.O.S order could be heard, “As for you ah, not much people could recognize you. Unlike me, someone recognized me when we were buying dry food earlier. Just that he doesn’t dare to voice it out and secretly informed other people.”

“You have a deep enmity with the Daoist priests?”

Ye Junchi paused, inside the quiet and deep black eyes, there was a rare wave of emotion. Like blowing away the dust that covered the memories, and finding out that it was not what you want underneath the dust. He uttered a vague sound and said, “Mingxu temple has a good reputation, and their status was high too.”

Getting along together for some time now, JiYuan found out that Ye Junchi was not as bloodthirsty, or a mental killer as rumored. He really couldn’t understand what Mingxu temple did to provoke his wrath. The question was hanging at his mouth but when JiYuan glimpsed that Ye Junchi was having the same icy expression like last time, he swallowed it down. After some quiet moments, he asked, “Why save me?”

He was asking about the time when he was being forced-marry by ZhaoYang. From the social science classes System taught him, he knew what kind of a person ZhaoYang was. No one within a hundred families wouldn’t know. He heard that those young masters from elite sects and families, who were quite obsessed with original JiYuan wanted to help out when they heard about the forced marriage. But they were pressed down – first, they couldn’t afford to provoke the Zhao family. Second, even if they could afford it, it was not worth the oppression to save a good-looking but useless ‘vase’.

Ye Junchi smiled, “I was wondering when you would ask about this.”

He stared at JiYuan’s elegant face and said, “I told you this before that 13 years ago, the demon realm was in a chaos. The demon ruler was being sneak-attacked and died on the spot, his soul fled away and scattered. As the heir to the demon ruler, those ambitious people naturally would not let me go. The ‘roots’ must be completely eliminated…. I fled to the human realm. When I was at my last breath, I met a little girl.”

JiYuan could vaguely guessed something.

“A little young child, who looked cold and apathetic, not afraid even when looking at me who was splattered with blood…”

Ye Junchi’s tone was faint, “At that time, you were too young so you won’t be able to remember it now. I saw you turned around and ran, thought you wouldn’t come back. Didn’t expect you to bring your father with you, although the medicine used on me was not useful….”

It was not being the life-saver, but the slight warmth when ‘sending charcoal in snowy weather’1 had let Ye Junchi to reminisce it until now.

JiYuan choked with feeling for a moment, then emotionally said to System, “The death of the owner of this body was really not worth it….”

System sighed, “It’s all fate, he did not survive. It was your fate too, for you to come to this world. Don’t think so much and do your best in completing the tasks.”

JiYuan gave an “Oh”, then sat down at the side of the boat, quietly eating some dry food and fantasizing it as the roasted meat he didn’t get to eat last night.

Seeing him that quiet was a bit too much so System asked, “What are you thinking?”

Swallowing the dry food, JiYuan faintly answered, “Thinking about when I can go back and continue eating, drinking and enjoying my life.”

System looked at the progress bar of the tasks and lightly smiled, “2,222.”

JiYuan almost choked on his food, “… shut up, thank you.”

Going downstream for a few days, the weather has been calm. Upon reaching sunset, the ‘late summer, early autumn’ wind was a bit bitter and the weak chicken JiYuan shivered. As he was preparing to retreat into the boat’s hold2 so that he could listen to System telling him stories, he suddenly heard a scream ‘AH’ not far from them. JiYuan immediately turned around to look.

Not far from them was a boat. There was a person flopping in the water, while another person was being stepped onto at the side of the boat, painfully wailing something. Robbery, murder, arson, blackmail, a series of similar words flew across his mind. JiYuan stared at the scene and found out that the one stepping on another person at the side of the boat was actually a young maiden. Wearing an attire of bustling red, she has one leg raised up and stepping on a man. In her hand was a vine whip. Seemed to detect JiYuan’s gaze, she raised her head. It was an elegant, touching face. Her raised, slender eyebrows were slightly knitted while her delicate white little face was covered with wrath. Her pair of big eyes harshly looked over, a pampered aura was floating over even though they were not near.

System uttered an ‘Oho’ sound.

Although JiYuan was a ‘gay dude’, but that doesn’t prevent him from appreciating beauty. He silently looked over the maiden then suddenly remembered one thing, he quickly looked at Ye Junchi. Ye Junchi has put the rabbit mask on. The shadow cast over his gloomy eyes in the mask make his gaze even gloomier. The mask only covered half of the face, exposing a pair of pleasant red lips and a delicate jade jaw.
… just that the rabbit mask itself was spoiling the beautiful scenery.

As the little boat get closer to the young maiden, she swept over with a glance. She stopped for a moment at JiYuan’s face, her eyebrows raised up in confusion. Then, she kicked the man underneath her feet into the river. Her voice was like silver bells, “A bunch of lowlifes, dared to touch this great aunt!”
[T/N : She said 姑奶奶 but she was not that old. Remember what I said that chinese people like to call themselves older to express superiority? Psst, it was when JY announced that he was a virgin :v ]

The two person who was pushed down into the river burst into tears, they keep shivering while calling out ‘Great Aunt’. The girl coldly said, “Not leaving yet?”

Both men could only start swimming in the cold river. The moment they saw JiYuan, their eyes shone bright and they quickly swam over them.

“These two young masters, young masters please, we ask for your kindness… ”

The girl’s angry eyes were wide open, her whip flew over with a strike. Both boats were separated by 1 zhang (3.3m) and yet, the girl’s whip strike accurately on the men, their screams echoed. The corner of the maiden’s eyes was raised up, she denounced, “These two things who murder for money, actually dared to board a boat?!”

JiYuan squatted beside Ye Junchi, watching the show. Upon reaching this scene, he asked in a small voice, “Cultivators?”

Ye Junchi nodded.

JiYuan afraid that this girl would recognize Ye Junchi so he became quiet, not saying anything and wished the boat to just pass by silently. Never knew that the young maiden would looked at them after she settled those men, “Hey there, do you know JiYuan?”

JiYuan’s hand shook. When he changed to men’s clothing, he looked very different from when he wore women’s clothing. Only people who were familiar with him could recognize him, how did this girl get it right on the point the moment she opened her mouth?

Ye Junchi also turned around to look.

The girl frowned, “I’m asking you question, why are you not answering? Are you guys from YangNing? Have you seen JiYuan and Ye Junchi?”

JiYuan was about to deny it when Ye Junchi quietly replied, “Seen them. What, you wanted to kill JiYuan too?”

The girl’s big eyes got even bigger, “Bollocks! This great aunt is going to save ‘her’ from the hands of that demon!”
[T/N : The author used ‘him/他’ (masculine form) instead of ‘her/她’ (feminine form). Should be a typo. I’m changing it to ‘she’.]

“…” What?

Ye Junchi was stunned for a moment, then readily following the flow, “Oh? Save ‘her’? You are JiYuan’s … who?”

JiYuan was asking System about the same thing. The girl and System opened their mouth at the same time.

“Her Biaojie.”3

“Your Biaojie.”

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JiYuan : …
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  1. 雪中送炭 – Idiom, meaning provide help in someone’s hour of need. But seriously asking, who doesn’t know this idiom by just the figurative meaning? Please raise you hand. ↩
  2. Hold – It’s a cargo area for big ships so I assumed for boats, it’s a small opening for resting? :v PICTURE When I heard boat, I kinda imagined something like the one on the right, but since a hold is mentioned, it should be the one on the left? ↩
  3. 表姐 – Older female cousin via female line. Would be hard to write it in case she appeared at the same time with JiYuan’s other siblings. So she get to be written as ‘Biaojie’ instead of ‘Cousin’. ↩

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