先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 13

[Translator : Alright, thanks to our reader phyrigia here, I googled about ‘jincan’ and found out that the golden silkworm doesn’t necessarily need to be in worm form. Copying from this page HERE , the poisonous insect (named as Gu) was made by sealing several venomous creatures (e.g., centipede, snake, scorpion) inside a closed container where they kill and devour one another. The survivor would accumulate all those toxin in its body and could transform into different animals: snakes, worms, earthworms, frogs, dogs or pigs. So in our story here, it took shape as a worm. And it flies :v WIKI 1 ]

The tone of the surrounding people was quite loud and fierce. Yelling for some time, their voice started to gradually weakened when they saw Ye Junchi with a ‘not my problem’ expression on his face. They subconsciously looked towards Zhao BuChen.

Zhao BuChen finally speak out, he has been suppressing his anger so not to lose control of himself. His face was twitching when he spoke, his voice was hoarse.

“Demon! What kind of deep-rooted enmity you have with my son? You killed my son and now, even came to disrespect his place of eternal sleep. Are you not afraid of retribution?!”

Those with eyes could see that the coffin was empty, they couldn’t help but sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Zhao… family Head Zhao, it seems that your son’s body is not inside.”

Zhao BuChen stared blankly. The moment he saw the coffin being dug out, he was so angry that he almost lose his consciousness. He doesn’t dare to look into the coffin but now that he heard those words, he peeked into the coffin of his little son. When he saw that the coffin was empty, his eyes suddenly turned black and the calmness he barely maintained in front of his sworn brother abruptly broke apart. He rushed out with his sword, his expression was extremely violent, “YE JUNCHI!”

As the head of a clan, his cultivation was naturally not weak. Immediately, a freezing cold sword was stabbed forward, the blade was glowing with faint blue light. It was heard that people from Zhao family has the tendency to coat their sword with poison so their ancestor passed down a warning; not to easily unsheathe their sword. Else, someone would die once the sword is unsheathed. Zhao family in recent years was getting more and more insolent. The number of times they unsheathed their swords has increased, so did the numbers of dead people. Most of people dared to be angry but doesn’t dare to utter a word about it, they could only swallow the anger down. Even for those who intended to take revenge, they couldn’t resist against this huge monster located on top of ChengYang mountain. The poison coated on Zhao BuChen’s sword was the most fatal type, even breaking just the skin would be a serious matter.

Ye Junchi pressed JiYuan’s head into his arms, then jumped backwards and kicked Gui Chi out. The black long sword quietly rushed out to clash with the sword in Zhao BuChen’s hand. With a sound ‘Ding!’, both swords were propelled backwards with a burst of energy. Zhao BuChen could only resist for a period of 3-breaths, then was shot down by Gui Chi with a bang.

Some of the people sucked in cold breaths. How high was Zhao BuChen’s cultivation? It was obvious to all of them. But even Zhao BuChen couldn’t hold a few rounds against Ye Junchi. So, among two hundreds of them, who could stop him from starting a slaughter? Yun WuXiu reacted to catch Zhao BuChen. Frowning, he asked a few times if he was okay. His gaze when he raised his head to look at Ye Junchi was a bit cold. He slowly said, “The human realm has not been in war with the demon realm for hundreds of years. It was the demon lord who started a massacre first, at Mingxu temple. This time, you took the life of the Zhao family’s young master, even breaking into his grave and snatched his body away. ‘Giving an inch and you’ll take a mile’, could it be you think that we humans doesn’t have any talented fighters and doesn’t dare to open war with you?”

Ye Junchi didn’t respond to what Yun WuXiu had said. His feet were suspended in mid-air, and there was a three-point smile on his face; not sure if it was ridicule or something else. He called Gui Chi back and toyed with the hilt of the sword with one hand. Then, he lazily looked at all four corners of the area. Wherever his gaze stopped at, the people at that location couldn’t help taking a step backwards.

Although JiYuan was still pressed at Ye Junchi’s chest, he has System to deliver live broadcast of the situation to him. Upon seeing the scene, he sincerely exclaimed, “Now I know how the legendary demon looks like.” (YJC being the bad kind of evil)

System : “Handsome?”

JiYuan thought for a moment, “Not as handsome as me.”

System : “…” Yeah, sure.

After a long while, Ye Junchi retrieved his roaming gaze. His head lowered down at the youth who was being pressed at his chest, he only saw his(JY) soft black hair. For no reason at all, he felt that the youth staying obediently in his embrace was kinda cute. He caressed his hair like a small pet, and said in a tone not salty yet not light, “What Mingxu temple did, Alliance’s Chief daren couldn’t be in the dark about it. I will say one sentence here, ZhaoYang was not killed by me. The body was already gone when we arrived.”

When Zhao BuChen heard that, he laughed in anger, “Then, it means my son climbed out by himself?!”

Ye Junchi raised his eyebrow, “Your abode is so easy to sneak into, how hard is it to steal a corpse?”

The gaze in Zhao BuChen’s eye was like he wanted to rush forward and bite Ye Junchi to death. Yun WuXiu held onto his shoulder, the corner of his eyes were cold, “What does the demon lord mean by that?”

“Hmm,” Ye Junchi seriously thought about it and said, “Someone imitated me and killed ZhaoYang. They stole the corpse because they were afraid I would investigate and reveal them.”

He said it so seriously and yet, all of the people present looked at him with a strange look. JiYuan studied the look thrown by these people and interpreted, “They were saying, god your mother are you playing with me?”

System said with a pleased tone, “Full marks.”

Ye Junchi also knew that no one would believe his words so he casually raised eyebrows and said, “Don’t believe me? Then I have nothing to say.”

Finishing his words, he turned to leave.

Those people present at the scene were people who heard about the news of Ye Junchi’s appearance at Zhao family’s residence in advance. Some were the Daoist priests from the perished Mingxu temple while some were family members or clan leaders of murdered victims, which they ‘guessed’ were killed by Ye Junchi. Their status or cultivation was not low. Even though they felt scared from Ye Junchi’s moves just now, they couldn’t just let Ye Junchi swaggered away from the scene.

Hearing movement from behind him, Ye Junchi raised his heroic eyebrow. He fished out the bloody red pills that Luo Xiuyi has refined for him from his bosom. He took a sniff from the pills which were still carrying a slight hint of blood. His gaze containing a smile fell onto the side of JiYuan’s neck.

“It doesn’t look as tasty as you, let me take a bite?” [T/N : Yes, please.]

JiYuan raised his head with an indifferent look, there were no emotions in the light-colored eyes. His hand reached out to take a pill and stuffed it directly into Ye Junchi’s mouth.

Acting like JiYuan just took an initiative to feed him the medicine, Ye Junchi smiled and said ‘Many thanks’ in a low voice. Then immediately, he turned around and swept out with his sword. Gloomy dark ray was emitted from the tip of the sword and a sword qi the shape of a waning moon flew out, clashing with the attacks by the spiritual swords and magic weapons from behind.
[T/N : Picture of sword qi HERE ]

A dozen of men activated sword flight at the same time, naturally Ye Junchi’s sword qi couldn’t block that much. The sword qi struggled for a moment then suddenly burst with a ‘Peng!’. A cloud of black mist started to fill the sky, silently swallowed those magic weapons. The people down on the ground couldn’t feel their link with the magic weapon anymore; their expression started to change.

Ye Junchi held JiYuan with one hand, the other hand wielding his sword; evading the people who was attacking from behind. Looking at JiYuan in his arms, he really wanted to pinch his earlobe but unfortunately, no free hand.

Ye Junchi : “Afraid?”

JiYuan looked back at him with a pair of cold and calm eyes, not a trace of fear in it.

System : “Stop shaking. I say, no one here can beat him.”

“Where did you get this ‘fan’s confidence’ from?”

System : “Your man.”


Ye Junchi keep dodging the attacks, even when he returned the attacks, it was just a flick of sword. The saturated fog was trapping the magic weapons; it has been hundreds of round but it couldn’t find the way out. The cultivators who originally planned to go all out to a bloody battle was stunned instead. Most of them have never seen Ye Junchi before. The only evil things they heard of Ye Junchi was the massacre at Mingxu temple three years ago. That massacre was the one that make people so fearful of Ye Junchi, but listening to what he had said just now…. it seemed to have a hidden situation? They were at a loss for some time. Why was this demon rumored to be ruthless, who killed without blinking, so merciful with his attacks?

Just as the crowd was wavering a bit, Ye Junchi immediately dodged three black nails flying directly at them. Looking at Zhao BuChen, the tip of his sword pointed at the graves below them. His tone was plain, “Family Head Zhao, your ancestors has been buried in this piece of ground for hundreds of years. Wouldn’t they be so bored that they need to come up for a breath of fresh air?”
[T/N : Translation for YJC’s flowery words – You sneak-attacked me? Do you want me to dig up all your ancestor’s grave?]

Zhao BuChen’s expression changed. Just now he was rejoicing at the fact that Ye Junchi only stayed in the air, and would not cause any disaster on the ground, he didn’t expect that Ye Junchi would use it to threaten him. A fierce fire was burning in his heart, he cursed out loudly, “Despicable!”

Yun WuXiu’s expression was also ugly, he tried to suppress his mood and be as calm as possible, “Ye Junchi, the debt between the living should be resolved with the living. Why would you involve people’s ancestral graves? Today, as long as you return my nephew’s corpse, we will let you leave.”

Surprised, Ye Junchi said, “What, couldn’t be you are thinking if you doesn’t let me leave, I wouldn’t be able to leave?”

Yun WuXiu was momentarily speechless.

Ye Junchi retrieved his smile, and coldly said, “Or do you want me to repeat my words just now?”

Most people at the scene had their magic weapons trapped by the cloud of black mist. As for the minority, they were being cautious and doesn’t dare to take action. Whoever had their gaze contacted Ye Junchi’s eyes couldn’t help getting cold sweat in their heart. This world is just like this. As long as the strength is strong enough, one person bearing one sword could go against a hundred of people and still win. No one could be the enemy, no one would dare to go against him. JiYuan was acting abnormal so System said, “You shouldn’t look down on those people down there. The main problem here is the location. Here is Zhao family’s ancestral burial site, who would dare to use their full strength to fight? In case someone accidentally split open people’s ancestor old bones, how could that person leave ChengYang mountain vertically?”
[T/N : Vertically means standing up while horizontally means lying down. Lying down means dead. Get it?]

JiYuan was expressionless, “Who was the one praising Ye Junchi just now?”

System acted serious and fair, its mechanical tone has a particular cold overtone, “I am an objective AI.”

Say anything you want.

In the end, Ye Junchi left ChengYang mountain without a single harm on him. The demon lord strut into their territory and left with a swagger. The Zhao family has been embarrassed in front of numerous practitioners and clans, at the same time they carried an infinite resentment. After all, the grave of their little son has been dug out. They could be considered to have good self-control by not vomiting blood right at the moment.

After an hour Ye Junchi and JiYuan left ChengYang mountain, the Alliance issued a Soul Destroying Order* on Ye Junchi and JiYuan – that means people who was named in the order would be a wanted person to be killed by the entire cultivation world in the human realm.
[T/N : For us modern people, we call this K.O.S – Kill On Sight 😀 Don’t know what it is? Click HERE . I learned this term from YuWo’s Half Prince novel~ XDXD]

Originally, people who wanted to kill Ye Junchi was numerous. Now that the K.O.S order has been issued, even those retired fame monks came out from their mountains (confinement). JiYuan doesn’t know about this shit, in his heart he was happily talking nonsense with System. After they left ChengYang mountain, Ye Junchi hasn’t been talking. When the day gradually turned darker, they found a place to settle down. Then he said, “We will go towards south.”

JiYuan puzzledly looked at him. Ye Junchi put his hand out in front of JiYuan and opened his slender white fingers. In his palm was actually a dead, rigid silkworm.

“This is called Golden silkworm. It was refined* by a clan in JinHe. These silkworm’s action are very fast, its body contain high toxicity and it could drill into a human body. When it was first introduced, many clans and martial artists tried their hand to imitate one. They nearly refined out a fake-genuine silkworm but the genuine silkworm has an unobvious black line on its body.”

Ye Junchi slowly opened his mouth, his expression was smiling and yet, his eyes were cold, “Going to investigate.” (answering JY puzzled look earlier)

A clue is a clue. JiYuan blinked and nodded, seeing that there was a black line on the dead silkworm’s body. As he nodded, he thought to ask, “Which family?”

“Jiang family at JinHe.”

The author has something to say:
Alright, stop playing with that stalk, how about we take a break…
( ˙-˙ ) JinHe Jiang family …. Jinjiang … I really didn’t mean it… I only noticed this coincidence after finished writing it….
[Translator : No idea why YJC said the silkworms were ‘refined’, it’s not like they have DNA manipulation lab but this is a world of cultivation. So, let’s push all the blame on mystical power and end the question~ XD [edit] Maybe the word ‘refined’ means trapping various poisonous insects together, now that I googled the info at the top]

#PillsShouldBeSavedInCaseOfEmergency :v

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