Clarifications on some translation matter

Alright guys, time for a long-assed post. I felt like I need to write a detailed post regarding my recent problem with WoT raw.

#1 – I am Chinese but I can’t read nor write the words. I can speak and listen though.

#2 – Starting from Chapter 59, the raw is in picture format . Which means I can’t understand because I can’t read Chinese words. (Refer #1)

#3 – The font inside the picture raw is in calligraphy font. It was done to prevent people from trying to OCR it . Which means most, if not all, OCR program doesn’t work.

#4 – I found a site with copyable text . It is sxx.xx (I censored it because let’s try not to promote the pirate site, but I’m very sure y’all know which site I’m talking about since at least 2 of my readers suggested the same site to me).

#5 – The raw from that site has typos. Some make sense but some don’t, still typo nevertheless.

Possible Q & A
Q : Why don’t you use [insert OCR site name]?
A : I’ve tried at least 4 online free OCR site. None of them could give me a result with 95% correct words. If you want to suggest one to me, please try using the picture above (#2) and see if you could get a result with 90% accuracy first.

Q : Why don’t you use text raw instead of picture raw ?
A : I did, please refer #4. The picture raw is the real raw from lcread.

Q : What’s wrong with raw text from #4?
A : It has typos (refer #5).

Q : What’s wrong with having typos? / Typos are normal.
A : What’s wrong with you?! / Well, I don’t have to share your opinion regarding the typos, do I?

Q : Can’t you fix the typo while you translate?
A : If the typo doesn’t make sense, I might be able to spot it, but if it makes sense I will probably miss it because I can’t eyeball all 3k words/chapter against the picture raw each time (refer #1).
Adding extra Q & A –

Q : Do you know that the raw in lcread will be in picture format when you picked the novel?
A : No. I tried googling about it and nothing usable came out. The most usable one was Giraffe Corps’ site showing how to purchase VIP chapters from lcread. I did dropped a message asking if the VIP chapters are copyable but I didn’t get any response.

Possible solution suggested by readers :
Ratata – Use Google Doc’s OCR function

Why I am posting this?
I felt like some of my readers are confused with my current conditions and keep giving me suggestions that I already knew/tried. I am just human, it gets really irritating when I need to repeatedly give the same answer to every single suggestion.

I need the readers to read this so that they won’t give me that same suggestion all over again and me repeating the same answer back .