[Random] To put here or somewhere… that is the question

Sorry for the random title, I was trying to make it look philosophical 😛

Anyway, I just noticed someone came over to my wordpress from Wattpad. What’s surprising was the title of the wattpad page had ‘LMTY’ in it. 0.o   Well well well, I see someone is being ‘generous’ here.

Generous as in ‘It’s okay, no need to thank me, I’m trying to contribute to the goodness of the world. Feel free to bask in my glow. But remember I’m just trying to hitch a ride on this random series. This disclaimer not known to the translator will help me deflect all the bad comments‘.


Can you tell me what is the actual purpose of all the 65 chapters after this disclaimer page? Can they support me by reading from your wattpad? If no, what with this goody two shoes disclaimer?

Yeah, well eff that

I’m tired of trying to brain these wattpad-ers who think they are being nice for sharing good stuff IN THEIR ACCOUNT because like ‘Yeah, I need y’all to know that I’m the one to share this to you yeah. Y’all gonna follow me so that I can continue to bring you all these goodies that I didn’t do shit to make‘.

Now coming back to the title, I was planning to translate one short comedy series and already starting on it. Today, I’m reminded again of one of the reason why I stopped last year _(;3/

Guess I’ll just laze around more until amnesia hit me and I forgot about this wattpad grudge. It’s okay people, I see danmei being rapidly churned out, our danmei future is doing well.


PS : Some good thing happened in today’s chapter for Supermodel Ming Xiaoyu XD   High 5 if you know what I mean~
[EDIT] That copypasta has deleted the novel from his/her list (0w0)/ Yay~

13 thoughts on “[Random] To put here or somewhere… that is the question”

  1. lol. Well, that person probably knows the damage he/she is doing but just wants attention etc. nonsense people ~ _ ~ shameless.. ugh..
    Did he/she even ask for permission? ~ _ ~

    1. No, he/she didn’t ask for permission.
      Even if he/she did, I won’t grant it :v
      I only allow re-translation to other language.
      What makes it worst is this person copy directly my translation and deleted my hashtags … and the links to some meme source or explanation were ignored.
      People who only read from his/her wattpad will never know the origin of German orthopedic 😛

  2. There is no danmei everything is about fantasy book with ridiculously strong, lucky, divine beauty or heaven defying handsome man with a lot of harem members OP characters , well i guess a lot of people read them since there is a LOT of them but they annoy the hell out of me. don’t go, please translate the book. Well least i can do is to pray for an early amnesia. The punishment always fall upon us pitiful readers, we are the king of cannon fodder’s 😅 there is no need for these “helpful, little angels” you have your translations on novelupdates, so people surely would discover them. What is with this offline reading purposeses, if there is a request for that you could’ve considered it or found a solution. Please stop this “overly helpful ” attitude.

    1. ikr, seeing this person shared my translation , then it’s obvious that this person read the story … then why doesn’t this person understand that I hate copy-pasta idiots?

      1. Who knows how they can be so shameles. They are hurting the community. A lot of translatior trying ways to stop them from stealing or simply dropping the project. They take the joy out of it. And i can’t believe they’re still trying to justify themself with stupid excuses!!!

  3. The heck is copying for offline reading purposes? If you want to make it as offline.. just paste it in your own word and not upload it under your own account. 😡😡😡

  4. Really.. Hey, hopefully there will be lesser people who do that.. Im guilty anyway 😂, I’ve been copy pasting it on my own purposes 😂, but its for me only,Im quiet possessive of amazing novels. So Puhleasssse continue translating your projects!!🙌

  5. The hardest thing is when the aggregators are humans and not bots. It’s sad that Wattpad is becoming the host of these copy-pasted TLs. And readers can’t even report them. Only the original publisher can.
    I hope this doesn’t get you too down. Let’s just celebrate Ming Xiaoyu together! Happy birthday to the little mushroom. He’s now an adult (and he does adult things right off the bat whoa) XD

    1. Knowing that it is human shameless copy-paste instead of bots’ work is actually worst on so many levels! Because they are FULLY aware that they are not doing anything good for the translator at all! It’s for their selfish narcissistic purpose only!
      This is the main reason as to why I stopped using Wattpad because I realized that some of the stories I was cheering for were actually stolen! Commenting on the translator’s pages is amongst the simplest way to show our gratitude toward their hard work.

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