[Random] To put here or somewhere… that is the question

Sorry for the random title, I was trying to make it look philosophical 😛

Anyway, I just noticed someone came over to my wordpress from Wattpad. What’s surprising was the title of the wattpad page had ‘LMTY’ in it. 0.o   Well well well, I see someone is being ‘generous’ here.

Generous as in ‘It’s okay, no need to thank me, I’m trying to contribute to the goodness of the world. Feel free to bask in my glow. But remember I’m just trying to hitch a ride on this random series. This disclaimer not known to the translator will help me deflect all the bad comments‘.


Can you tell me what is the actual purpose of all the 65 chapters after this disclaimer page? Can they support me by reading from your wattpad? If no, what with this goody two shoes disclaimer?

Yeah, well eff that

I’m tired of trying to brain these wattpad-ers who think they are being nice for sharing good stuff IN THEIR ACCOUNT because like ‘Yeah, I need y’all to know that I’m the one to share this to you yeah. Y’all gonna follow me so that I can continue to bring you all these goodies that I didn’t do shit to make‘.

Now coming back to the title, I was planning to translate one short comedy series and already starting on it. Today, I’m reminded again of one of the reason why I stopped last year _(;3/

Guess I’ll just laze around more until amnesia hit me and I forgot about this wattpad grudge. It’s okay people, I see danmei being rapidly churned out, our danmei future is doing well.


PS : Some good thing happened in today’s chapter for Supermodel Ming Xiaoyu XD   High 5 if you know what I mean~
[EDIT] That copypasta has deleted the novel from his/her list (0w0)/ Yay~