Extra for LMTY

Hello hello, thank you for waiting~! <3 <3 <3

This Banana has finally finished translating the extras~! feeling touched
But first thing first, let’s not forget some appreciation from fellow readers here :
XY : pats It’s short indeed but there might be a new beginning, new novel (0w0)/
Lena : Lol, <3 you too ~ (=3=)/
Nina : Hiya, many thanks for your kind treat~! I will speed up my TL for the extras (>w<)/

Alright, without further ado, here are the extra yo~

Extra 1 : Part A
Extra 2 : Part B
Extra 3
Extra 4
Extra 5


24 thoughts on “Extra for LMTY”

  1. Kkyaaa!!! Saw this as i had been checking my emails for update on other stories i had been following. This like Xmas came early this year. Hohoho… Thanks so much for all ur hardwork. Gonna read this asap. XD

  2. It’s about 3 AM in my country when you posted this, but who needs sleep anyways. Thanks so much for them! (Time to binge read)

    1. oh, is there something wrong with your side?
      I tried reading it using other non-login device and I can read it yo.
      btw, I’m not going to translate it ya.
      it’s just a booster for interested translator to pick it up :3

          1. Still a bit of a bother, don’t you think? Websites should be easy to read. Having to do use a workaround when it’s just to read a story is too much. Idk why wattpad makes it difficult for people to read their stories.

    1. Hiya, I just pulled your comment from spam box. Sorry for the late reply.
      Thanks for the recommendation but I’m not taking anything at the moment yo, got some RL problems here.

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