[Random] A rant for injustice review :v

Alright, I got a rant here.

Just got me so riled up when I randomly browsed NU page for this novel and saw a review by this person called cocolot. He/She claimed that the story was confusing with the amount of idioms, and that a sexy time scene in the future would be rxpe because JY have no free will. WHAT.THE.HECK? Apparently this person read up until chapter 11, which was after JY & YJC left LXY’s house.

I do apologize for my translation skill, if the idioms are confusing. You have no idea how many idioms I omitted in my translation, the ones I translated was because it’s funny/self-explanatory/has an impact.
But I do not agree with your claim of rape. Everything was kinda within System’s control/prediction, if you are talking about the bridal chamber scene. And you only read up to chp 11, what is this stupid ‘MC has no free will’ crap?!

If you say ‘I’m not reading this novel anymore because I couldn’t stand JY being ordered around by System’ or ‘I’m quitting because of the Ji family’, then fair enough. But I don’t tolerate this false accusation… What is this, I cannot…

You know what’s rape? I’ll tell you what’s rape. I was browsing and reading a potential danmei to be translated. It was all peachy and stuff, until the MC got poisoned and the old, wrinkly doctor forced himself on the Male lead , reverse rxping the male lead for the payment to save the MC. The male lead was so disgusted with his own dirtiness that he got some trauma. That’s rape. I was disgusted with the story and stopped reading. That’s why you don’t see something like that in my translation, because I read a bit in advance liao.

And you know what? If you stayed longer, you would be able to see that YJC liked JY and JY too (subconsciously) liked him. No rape or of that nature happened. I’m so going to read the rest of the paid chapters and prove you wrong. AAARGH, I HATE!!

The only lack of free will in the novel is that JY cannot disobey the tasks. As for himself, he already started to change the pre-set characteristics and behaving like himself. Plus there are no other people who would care so much for JY, what the Hell is the lack of free will?!

Anyway, whoever has an account in NU, I would appreciate it if you could leave a review for this novel, at least what you think about this novel so far. We did reached a third of the novel after all.
Thank you.