先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 22

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Translator : The names of the Ji people would be mentioned quite a bit here so let’s revisit the small family tree of the Ji family :v

JiXuan (Father) – JiYuan (son, MC)

JiWen (Second Uncle) – JiSan (cousin) ,

??? (Third uncle) – JiChen (cousin) , JiShen (cousin)

After settling with JiangXin, Ye Junchi slowly toured around the area back to the main hall holding JiYuan.
Upon passing through a cloister, they unexpectedly bumped into the people from Ji family, of all people. JiYuan was feeling scared, no daring to lift up his head to see but Ye Junchi stopped on his track and gave a light sound of recognition.
The people from Ji family at the moment were only the younger generation, that means it was only JiSan, JiChen and JiShen; with JiSan as the lead. They seemed to be in a confrontation with two young men standing on the other side.
One of the young men was dressed in luxury, his posture was slow. Looking at people from the Ji family, his eyes were full of hatred. His sleeves were embroidered with a small and exquisite sword pattern, it was the Zhao family’s pattern. The other person could be considered moderate, his face was handsome with grace and tolerance. But there was no family pattern on his sleeve so it was not known which family he came from.
JiSan’s face was scarily dark, he gnashed his teeth and gave the Zhao people a death glare. If wasn’t for him being pulled back by other people, one would afraid he already pounced forward and bit down a few times.
“ZhaoHe, don’t be so arrogant, ‘get an inch, want a foot’!”
Someone from the Zhao family actually came here? Ain’t the Jiang and Zhao family arch-enemies? This question from JiYuan only emerged for a short moment, as he immediately understood. Even in his previous life, no matter how much he hated someone, he would still send someone over on his behalf at necessary time, to save face.
Not sure how these people from Ji and Zhao family happened to meet, even if the Ji family have more people, they are still insufficient in front of the Zhao people. He doesn’t worry about JiSan, but quite concerned about the frowning and coughing JiChen at the side. Ye Junchi stood at a side behind a fake mountain, listening to the commotion at ease.
“Get an inch, want a foot?” ZhaoHe gripped his fist, coldly glaring at JiSan. “Who are you saying ‘get an inch, want a foot’? I am starting to doubt that you are comrades with that prostitute. She colluded with the demon race to kill my younger brother, even dug his grave out, destroying his soul. Everyone also wanted to get rid of this thorn in the flesh, what are you doing harboring him? Do you think my Zhao family and the Alliance is easy to bully?”
JiSan’s face became green and then white. The Ji family was just a not-big-not-small family in this vast community of cultivation. To be frank, they couldn’t afford to provoke the Zhao family, moreover the Alliance. Even if the Ji family suddenly disappeared, considering the power of the major families in the cultivation world, not much people would be saying anything at all.
JiWen (the 2nd uncle) doesn’t wanted to be enemies with the Zhao family from the start, he just wanted to quickly resolve the grudges between the two families. That was why he immediately captured JiYuan without a word – it doesn’t matter for a JiYuan to die, as long as there are lesser trouble, who cares what actually was the truth?
So the moment they come upon the Eldest Young master ZhaoHe in the Jiang residence, JiWen’s first reaction was to let the youngsters of the similar age to accompany ZhaoHe. ZhaoHe hated the people from the Ji family, so he won’t be polite and ordered the Ji youngsters all over the place. JiSan was an arrogant person to start with, so how could he bear it?
Until JiChen suddenly fell sick and ZhaoHe pushed him onto the ground, JiShen (the younger brother) couldn’t take it anymore and rushed up to throw his fist, JiSan for the first time stood at the same line with his cousins and chose to confront ZhaoHe.
The rest of the Ji people (those that JiYuan couldn’t recognize) was keeping a stomach full of anger, seeing that JiSan has stepped forward, they silently stood behind him and not inform JiWen (the uncle).
JiYuan silently listened for a while and understood what happened, suddenly felt a bit dumbfounded. Never knew that he(JY) got dragged into talks again and JiSan actually still came forward to defend his reputation. He(JY) seemed to vaguely understood what System meant by German orthopedic now!
Ye Junchi smiled like he was not smiling, went to ask beside JiYuan’s ear, “Ah Yuan, are they your cousins?”
The big brother got unhappy for no reason….
JiYuan expression was icy, and said, “Unfamiliar.”
Ye Junchi suddenly laughed out loud, “Let us go then, they seemed to ready for a fight. That Zhao Young master has equipped many good things on his body, and there is a fellow with unknown background beside him. The Ji people couldn’t go against them, so there are nothing good to see.”
Indeed, the sound of conflict was getting intense, the air was filled with the smell of volatile gunpowder (figuratively), and painful cough sound was mixed in the commotion several times. JiYuan paused, and heard JiShen reproaching in a low voice, “Your body condition is not good, why did you insisted to follow? I won’t carry you back with you so sick like this.”
“Worried in case you cause any trouble due to impulse.”
JiChen’s voice was mild and warm, his coughing caused his voice to be hoarse. His voice lightly brushing over people’s heart, people couldn’t help but calmed down.
JiShen paused and muttered a few words. His eyes were turning here and there, in his mind he was thinking where to hide JiChen if they really started to fight.
ZhaoHe coldly glanced at the brothers who were having good brotherly feelings. Thinking of the ZhaoYang who was without a complete body and bones, the anger in his chest were rumbling to the point it almost burst out.
Although ZhaoYang was a bastard, but he(ZY) was someone he grew up together with. They have deep feelings between them brothers. ZhaoYang has bad tempers but he was always gentle with him. He(ZY) always thought of him and did everything for his sake, who knew in the blink of an eye, his younger brother was gone.
[T/N : No, ZY is a bastard and nothing can change that. You tell how good he is to his victims and see how they reply. ZY deserved to die without complete corpse, and destroyed soul.]
ZhaoHe sneered, “It seems that you want to be enemies with the Zhao family – we are originally enemies, I really don’t want to be courteous with you!”
The man beside him who has been smiling but not talking, watching the commotion, finally opened his mouth, “Brother Zhao, don’t be impulsive. Here is Jiang residence.”
“So what if here is the Jiang residence? Yun Cheng, don’t stop me. A small Ji family, dared to climb all over people’s head. If not taught a lesson, they would really think they are some big shot!”
[T/N : So the other dude is called Yun Cheng, that means he is someone from the Yun family, one of the major 4 families.]
His words just ended and ZhaoHe abruptly stiffened, taking out his sword and stabbed it towards JiSan. His stance was fierce and merciless. Faint dark sword tip was obviously coated with poison, it wouldn’t be any good news if touched, even with just the skin.
JiSan sneered too, and pulled out his sword. Just as he was about to accept the challenge, he did not expect that sword(ZH) would suddenly change direction to the JiChen beside him. JiSan could have stopped the sword, but at this point, he hesitated a little – though the Ji family was not big, but their family branches was quite scattered. Between the Old First, Second and Third (their fathers), only the ‘Lao Da’ (old first) and ‘Lao San’ (old third) has good relationship, while treating the ‘Lao Er’ (old second) like enemy. JiWen was not some good-natured senior, the impressions he imparted on JiSan in the normal days cause him to be unable to feel any kindness for these cousins.
Just a moment of hesitation, the sword has already been hurled over.
JiChen was ridden with illness and his cultivation was not high. JiShen’s cultivation was excellent, but he has yet to acquire a sword for his own due to young age. Seing that poisonous sword approaching, his expression abruptly changed, immediately pulled JiChen to evade to the side. This scene became even more prickling to the eyes, ZhaoHe continued brandishing his sword.
The two brothers were battered and exhausted, being chased by the sword. JiShen was unarmed and defenseless, he doesn’t dare to fight against that poisonous sword (with his bare hands), so they could only keep evading.
Ye Junchi indifferently glanced over, ready to take JiYuan away from these people. But after he took two steps, his lapel was grabbed. His footsteps paused, looking down with smiles, he asked, “What is it?”
JiYuan tensely pursed his lips, saying “Help me … save JiChen and his younger brother, it’s the two person ZhaoHe is chasing…”
Although JiYuan doesn’t have much feelings toward his family, but he still would ‘return favor’ from being helped previously. Plus he have good brotherly relationship with JiChen. Asking Ye Junchi for help this time … shouldn’t be OOC ba?
Indeed, System did not say anything.
The youth’s expression looked quite nervous, dispelling a bit of his icy color. His eyelashes drooped down and covered the light-colored eyes. That handsome face was snow white, his soft and red lips were particularly eye-catching.
“Save them?” Ye Junchi smiled with an unknown reason, “Don’t you hate the people from Ji family?”
“That doesn’t include them… JiChen tried to save me once.”
JiYuan subconsciously bit his lip. Ye Junchi usually do things according to his moods. Promising to help him to look for the murderer was because he have his reason. For now, it was very uncertain if he would lend a helping hand.
“Hmm, I can agree to save them.”
Ye Junchi’s eyes fell on his lips, the luscious red lips and pearly white teeth was very distinct, only he knows how soft and sweet are those lips from this person currently in his embrace. He smiled even deeper, his words slowly drawn out, “Let me kiss you once, then I’ll help them.”
“….” What?
JiYuan stupidly asked, “System, did I heard it wrongly?”
System : “You can use your body to experience.”
As soon as Ye Junchi finished his words, he straightaway acted. Not waiting for JiYuan’s answer, he bowed his head and bit his(JY) lips.
System cheerfully said, “Bent over! He bent over! You have succeeded!”1
JiYuan : “….”
The kiss was brief and short. Ye Junchi just tasted a bit, his head didn’t turn, just his fingers moved.
While back at that side, JiChen and JiShen has been forced to a corner. JiShen’s eyes were red, blocking in front of JiChen, he viciously stared at ZhaoHe, like a desperate solitary wolf.
ZhaoHe sneered, but as he was about to swing his sword, a crisp sound ‘ka cha’ was heard from that faint blue sword. He froze for a moment, then turned to look, only to find out that the body of his sword suddenly filled with numerous small cracks.
In a short period of a breath, the sword silently shattered into small pieces and fell onto the ground. ZhaoHe’s expression underwent a big change.
His sword was made by a long famous swordsmith, even his father need to spend some effort to break the sword. Now it suddenly shattered, could it be there are experts watching the scene in secret? Since the person on the other side could shatter his sword just like this, that means killing him(ZH) would be as easy as pie. Continuing to find troubles with the Ji family was clearly not a good idea. ZhaoHe’s calm face gave a glance at JiShen, he just felt even more disgusted with the Ji people. He coldly said, “Count yourself lucky, Brother Yun, let’s go.”
Seeing ZhaoHe left with that man, JiChen and JiShen felt relieved at the same time. Just now, ZhaoHe was obviously has the intent to kill. When it really comes, JiShen could only use his life to gamble, he was not necessarily could win.
JiYuan also felt relieved. Knowing that JiChen is safe was good, he didn’t turn back to see, just looked up at Ye Junchi and said, “Let’s go.”
This ‘granting whatever is asked for’ …. really not matching to the identity as a demon.
Back to the inn, JiYuan was wondering when Ye Junchi would let him down. Unexpectedly, Ye Junchi flamboyantly walked into the inn holding him. Towards the female innkeeper’s astonished gaze, Ye Junchi said without changing his expression, “So cruel, insisting that I must hold him.”
JiYuan: “…” Your conscience won’t hurt?
Ye Junchi bowed his head down, smiling at him, clearly answering ‘No’.
After requesting for hot bathing water, Ye Junchi continued holding him up the stairs. He kicked open the door and went into his room.
JiYuan gradually felt uneasy. Big brother said ‘I will hold you when I walk, hold you when I eat, hold you when I bath, hold you when I sleep’ …. he couldn’t be serious ba?!
System : “Congratulations, it seems that you are going to live like a princess from now on.”
“Please shut up, thank you.”
Up until someone came up to send the hot water, Ye Junchi still wouldn’t let JiYuan down, just like he promised. JiYuan’s eyes were brimming with tears, he finally understood. Ye Junchi was serious, he was really going to hold him all the time when he said he would. God his mother, ‘words carry enormous weight’2 was not meant to be used on matter like this!
The author has something to say:
YJC : …don’t care anymore about what glamor it’s all fake fake fake ha ha ha ha ha I want to speak!!! My wifey is soft to hug and fragrant want to hug forever not letting go ah!!!
JY : … System, here is a freak…

  1. In case someone get confused, System is celebrating that YJC is turning gay, lol. ↩
  2. 一言九鼎 – Idiom, one word worth nine sacred tripods ↩

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