先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 23

[T/N : Heard of the phrase ‘man and women shouldn’t have direct contact/男女授受不親’? It’s the modesty phrase the ancient chinese often use :3 ]

JiYuan tried his attempt for the final struggle, “….shouldn’t have direct contact with each other.”

Ye Junchi idly answered, “You are not a woman.”

“I am not a woman, so why are you being so intimate with me?”

Hugging and k*ssing, and way over level of consideration and care. Just because of the binding of his blood and also the minor act of his not-really-lifesaving years ago?

Ye Junchi was a bit surprised being asked by JiYuan.

…. ah, right. Why was I so ambiguously intimate, considerate and caring towards him?

In the past, he would just do what he felt like doing, never to think of why he did it. Both of them stared at each other for a moment, then Ye Junchi’s hold loosened. The person he had held for half the day suddenly left his arms, he abruptly felt an emptiness and a sense of loss.

JiYuan was caught off guard, and his bottom landed on the floor. His tears nearly came out from the pain, he cursed a few times in his heart. He stood without a sound and prepared to return to his own room. His butt was really hurting so JiYuan’s steps were slow. Then, he heard the sound of clothes rustling followed by the sound of water splashing. Just as his hand touched the door, a lazy voice came from behind, “Come here.”

JiYuan doesn’t intend to pay heed to Ye Junchi, that fall nearly ‘split his bottom to 4 parts’, the grievances in his heart make him want to hit someone. But when his hand pulled the door, it doesn’t budge.

Ye Junchi lightly said, “If you don’t come over, don’t dream of leaving this room tonight.”

Felt like this scene is kind of familiar ah….

JiYuan doesn’t believe in jinx, and pulled at the door with all his might.

Suddenly, the taskbar refreshed :

[Leave Ye Junchi’s room (0/1). Tips : Time limit 1 sichen (2 hours)]

JiYuan looked blankly at the taskbar, some of his faded memories became fresh again in his mind. Succumbing to the task, JiYuan could only dejectedly obey. He went around the partition screen and happened to see Ye Junchi’s back.

He leisurely leaned against the side of the bathing barrel. Upon hearing footsteps, Ye Junchi’s lips unconsciously raised up but his voice still indifferent, “Give me a backrub.”

Bored, JiYuan silently took the wet cloth at the side, and brushed away Ye Junchi’s long scattered hair off his back. However, the moment the hair was brushed away, JiYuan was shocked. Ye Junchi’s back was densely crisscrossed with hideous scars. It seemed to be old injuries from the past. Looking at it, JiYuan felt his heart tightened while System gave him some lesson, “The deepest scar is stab wound, and next to that is a sword injury. As for this series of scars over here, it seems to be from getting bitten by something. That side is from a whip, and also ….”

JiYuan listened to the list until his heart trembled. Quickly interrupting System’s little lesson, his hand involuntarily shook as he wiped Ye Junchi’s back with extremely light touch. Although all those scars were old injuries, he still felt that he must wipe lightly or otherwise Ye Junchi will get hurt.
What actually happened? Ain’t Ye Junchi the dignified demon ruler’s only son? Who dares to abuse him like that? Couldn’t be when the demon ruler died 13 years ago, Ye Junchi was betrayed and get caught, then tortured? His breathing was a bit quick, Ye Junchi naturally could feel the changes of the person behind him. After a moment of silent, he(YJC) suddenly turned and grabbed his(JY) wrist.


“… not afraid.”

JiYuan would like to ask him how he gotten those scars but he was not in the position to ask. So he abruptly stifled back those words, his eyes hanging down.

Suddenly smiled, Ye Junchi said, “Let’s not talk about that then. Ah Yuan, explain to me first. Why is the silkworm be in your hands?”

JiYuan : “…” Why you still remember that damned thing?

JiYuan calmly lied, “Didn’t you lost it somewhere? I saw it and picked it up. It looked kinda cute so I kept it.”

System : “Baby, can you put more efforts in your lie?”

Ye Junchi, smiling yet not smiling, “Cute?”

His other hand came out from the water and covered both his(JY) eyes, “That day, if I didn’t react quickly and get them out from your eyes, you would have long blinded. Still think they are cute?”

…. couldn’t continue from those words.

Throwing the wet cloth away to quit, JiYuan turned around wanted to leave. But Ye Junchi was holding onto his wrist, a gentle pull and JiYuan returned to the barrel with a bump. It seemed that Ye Junchi doesn’t intend to let him go easily today. Wet fingers slowly massaged the petal of his lips, Ye Junchi lightly said, “In this journey, we could only trust each other. I also wanted to trust you but Ah Yuan, what are you trying to do by stealing the golden silkworm?”

JiYuan felt a bout of headache. The golden silkworm was an important clue and he stole it. Ain’t that looked like he was helping those evil people hiding in the dark? Big brother is suspicious of him?

Ye Junchi spoke in low voice, his lower jaw getting nearer to JiYuan’s shoulder. One turn from his head and he would be able to bite on his(JY) fragile neck. Staring at the youth’s exposed snow white soft neck, his gaze deepened. But his tone was still not fast and not slow, “Our decision to travel northwards to JinHe, who revealed it out?”

JiYuan was without a doubt, the biggest suspect.

JiYuan’s throat felt dry, all the things he did was to fulfill the given tasks. He didn’t consider much when he did all those requested actions, he just doing it to leave this world anyway. Now that Ye Junchi suddenly asked about it, he really doesn’t know how to explain. The atmosphere in the room was a bit nerve-wrecking. The water vapor from the hot bathing water continuously rose up, blurring their line of sight. After a long moment of silence, JiYuan heard himself asking, “What benefits can I get from betraying you?”

“Benefits? It was quite plenty.”

Ye Junchi laughed gently, his tone was not sad nor cold, “The biggest benefit is to be able to kill me, exterminating evil on behalf of the cultivation world.”

Shivering, JiYuan said, “System, please tolerate a bit what I am going to say and do now. If I don’t burst into some explanations for him, there is a very good chance I’ll be thrown into the sea to feed fishes.”

System was sympathetic for him, “Alright, but Ye Junchi is not easy to be fooled. He tolerated you for a long time, tonight it’s probably because his ‘great aunt’ suddenly visited. So he doesn’t want to continue tolerating you….do not worry, I still haven’t forgotten the rebirth incantation I recited for you.”

Bastard, scram!

[T/N : Alright, non-chinese should be curious what is the meaning of ‘great aunt’. The chinese word is 姨妈 or 大姨妈, which is a slang for menstruation. So System is saying YJC has sudden hormone imbalance from menstruation, and became emotionally unstable. It’s kinda felt like a jab at us girls. 😛 ]

JiYuan was furious, then he felt something cold at his neck – the hand Ye Junchi used to massage his lips has shifted location, and down to clasp at his neck. His heart felt a chill as well, Ye Junchi really does things according to his mood. When he was being considerate, he would be like a gentle lover. But when he flipped over, he could be a poisonous snake which would fatally attack anytime. Stiffened for some moment, JiYuan whispered, “I was forced to steal the golden silkworm, as for the reason I temporarily couldn’t tell you. But I didn’t throw or destroy the silkworm, did I? I stayed beside you all day and night, there are none of those secret messages on my body, and I have no cultivation. Every move I made is under your watch, how could I exchange information and secret messages? Do you not believe in your own eyes?”

Not hearing any response from Ye Junchi, JiYuan could only speed up his speech, “And I never thought of killing you. You doesn’t treat me badly, and you are not the brutal and scary demon lord as rumored. I do not bite the hand that feeds. You are actually …. quite nice.”

Ye Junchi remained silent.

After a while, he(YJC) loosened his hands from JiYuan’s neck, and roughly turned his(JY) body to face him. He locked gaze with the youth’s pair of light and clear eyes, as transparent as glass, as if he could see the soul that interest him hidden deep in the body. The corner of his lips swiftly curved, he slowly said, “En, I understand. It’s not you.”

JiYuan felt relieved, then his lips suddenly felt something soft.

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Ye Junchi seemed to be thinking something, stared at him and asked, “Feel good?”

JiYuan was busy taking deep breaths that he couldn’t speak.

Ye Junchi turned his eyes a bit and laughed, “Anyway, I felt very good. Maybe I have fallen for you, little thing.”

JiYuan felt that his laugh was too evil, and there was no sincerity in his words. So he(JY) didn’t put those words in heart at the first place, he just secretly rolled his eyes and wanted to leave. But then, he heard Ye Junchi repeated that sentence in a low voice again, “…. maybe I liked you.”

System : “Oho…”

Suddenly alerted, JiYuan said, “Stop! I know what you want to say! Firstly, Ye Junchi wouldn’t like me and he is a straight guy. Secondly, I am someone who would be leaving….”

System coldly rebutted, “Which straight man would hold another man and gnawed with gentleness in a romantic atmosphere?”

JiYuan replied confidently like it was expected as a matter of course, “Ye Junchi ah.”


System carefully observed JiYuan, and found that he was sincerely saying that. It couldn’t help feeling pity in its heart …. so dense, no wonder he was still a virgin in his previous life even though he roamed the street (wasting money) for years!

After exchanging banters with System, JiYuan returned to his senses and found Ye Junchi staring at him with burning eyes. His gaze was so scalding that JiYuan wanted to dunk his(YJC) head into the bathing barrel. But taking the gap of their strength into account, he doesn’t dare to act on it. He just silently retreated two steps, “Anything else? If not, I’ll return to my room to sleep.”

Ye Junchi raised his hand and grasped JiYuan’s hand. Staring into that cold handsome face, he(YJC) wanted to see if there are any trace of the emotions that he wanted, to appear on it. After a long while, he rubbed his own forehead with a feeling of defeat. Sighing, he asked, “S l e e p here with me tonight? I did say I am going to hold you all the time.”

JiYuan coldly asked, “Are you a freak?”

“You have yet to see me being freaky”, Ye Junchi smiled, “Really not considering to s l e e p with me? Alright …. then wanna see your Tangjie’s long awaited wedding night?”

The moment he heard that, JiYuan quietly went over to him.

Ye Junchi raised his eyebrows, “The water has gone cold, you want to just let me stay in this cold water to accompany you watching the scene?”

JiYuan subconsciously nodded.

[CENSORED] Please click here for the full version.

Finished wiping the top part, JiYuan slowly wiped downwards. When his gaze flickered to glance down at the ‘place that shouldn’t be described’, his eyebrows couldn’t help twitching, “….you should really go back to soak in some cold water in the barrel, and calm yourself down.”

The author has something to say:

YJC : …. feeling so aggrieved ah I let wifey to confess but wifey ignored me QAQ Wifey, I know my wrongs, I’ll give you the roasted meat to eat…
JY : Hehe


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